Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cultural Enrichment at the Techno-Parade

Cultural Enrichment News

One of the editors at the French blog F. Desouche just sent us this note:

Our site at the moment is the only big — or somewhat big — French site speaking of what happened yesterday at the “techno-parade”, an electronic music event in Paris.


The event, sponsored by Paris officials and many associations, was to be an official celebration of “ethnic and musical diversity”. All the official media are blacking out what happened on that day at the Place de la Bastille: the usual storming of the manifestation by gangs of black and Arabs, stealing and beating people (see the videos on our site).

The facts are being talked about on forums, etc., but officially, on TV, radio, and other media, the day was a “splendid success’ and no mention is made of the violence.

For those of you who understand French or just want to watch the videos, see the post at F. Desouche.

The editor added some further background:
- - - - - - - - -
For the last few days in France things have been getting darker: in Angers (western France), 200 youths attacked policemen to defend an illegal Tunisian guy (the scanned article from a French newspaper is a pure hallucination) and we’ve just learnt of a train being heavily vandalized by 100 youths of Muslim background in Nice.

At the same time, the propaganda for the joy of “diversity” and “interbreeding” (métissage) is reaching its peak.

Sad times.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.


Cyrus said...

It must be a sad, sad existence that leads to joy over the demise of your own culture and country. I pity the people promoting metissagison.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Do not pity them. They will be the first dragged to the chopping block once the mahoundians take over. What goes around...

Cyrus said...

I only pity them in the sense that it's an incredibly terrible, empty existence - from my point of view anyways.

Zenster said...

Please watch the videos cached at the web site. There is one shirtless guy who chases after his assailant and repays him with a few head-shots. He is my hero for the day.

Try to imagine what would happen if the indigenous French people in attendance swarmed all over these invaders and sent several dozen of them to the morgu... er, hospital? Do you think any of them would be so swift at assailing another large group in public?

Most revolting of all is the French MSM's total disconnect in their reporting. It is criminal.

WAKE UP said...

Those thuggees shouldn't even BE in the West - they don't understand it, they don't get it, and they can't handle it. And their absurd belief system tells then that therefore they should destroy it.

There is no solution but deportation, ring-fencing and attrition.

laine said...

You can't turn a member of a barbarian primitive culture into a civilized European, especially when your Left hand is simultaneously encouraging him to retain his backward culture.

Afonso Henriques said...

I didn't want to comment but after seeing the shirt less guy I have to say that he's my hero too, Zenster.

But Zenster, and Americans in general:

You notice how he was surrounding by some 8 or more Third Worlders. If he felt to the floor, he would be mercilessly kicked and would get out of there only badly hurt.

He mannaged to stay up beccause he seems to be rather well built: He's tall and somewhat muscular, he is well above the average.

Also, notice that once you give a punch or you simply push them you are exponentially raising the chances that they will hit you.

Think about it, many of them carry knifes, from those +10 arms, only one small knife would do a lot of damage.
Europeans usually do not carry weapons.

In the end, its not cowardy when "we" do not fightback. You only have to know that the shirtless guy was lucky to get out from there alive.
Some times, the "ethnics" know who your friends are, where you live, who is your family and who your girl is.

But it is also true that a gross majority of those "criminals" are cowards. I'd say you just have to know to discern the tough bad men from the cowards.

I have personally been in a similar situation recently where there was a large crowd and sudently some groups started to throw chairs at each other and stuff. The people was in panic and they all started to run away from there. I was initially scared by the sight of some 50 people running in my direction but after three seconds, my first instinct was to go slowly and carefully but rapidly to the front lines to see what was going on.

When I was shorter I was sometimes threatened by people who would isolate me and claim they would stabb me with a knife. I never saw a knife but it was scarry.
One time a boy putted his hand in his pocket and moved his hand like as if he had a knife against my stomach and legs. Intitially it is very scarrying but after realising he had nothing in his hands and after the adrenaline, it was ridiculous and I opened my way though pushes.

It is very difficult for "us" to respond like that shirtless guy did. Most of the times it can be suicidal.

Thrasymachus said...

A cartoon from Le Monde in July of this year...
The speech bubble reads, "Tomorrow, sunny as usual."

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

My seat-of-the-pants impression is that these "cultural enrichment" incidents are now coming hard and fast one after the other. It would appear that we are reaching (or have already reached) a critical mass of ULTRA-VIOLENT THIRD WORLD BARBARIAN THUGS in our midst.

Afonso Henriques wrote,"Europeans usually do not carry weapons."

In order for Europeans to survive, this will have to change.

EscapeVelocity said...

It is very difficult for "us" to respond like that shirtless guy did. Most of the times it can be suicidal. --- AE

It is suicidal not to respond.

This is the price of liberty. Eternal vigilance.

Europeans cant understand why Americans put up with gun violence.

The answer is, because the alternative is what you in Europe are now suffering.

You are either willing to die for liberty or you are underserving of it and it will be taken from you, one threat at a time.

Afonso Henriques said...

"Afonso Henriques wrote,"Europeans usually do not carry weapons."

In order for Europeans to survive, this will have to change."

I am not seeing it coming. I think the process is the same that we see in Latin America: Classism related to race.
I mean, when third worlders are 20 or 40 percent of the population (the next generation) the class division will be sharp. Europeans in the higher classes will be more racist - as parties like Vlaams Belang or BNP became "mainstream".

Segregation will ensure and it will be possible to see a Lebanon or a Yugoslavia happen.

But Last Patriot, if you are serious, please tell me: How can "we" "carry" weapons.
Many of us have weapons at home, from knifes to fireweapons.
Do Americans really "carry" weapons?

Those of us who carry weapons do it because we are already excpecting something to happen.
It wouldn't be pratical to take the identification card in one pocket and a gun in the other. And those who carry weapons, already carry them to use them or threaten to use them.

That's why the Hells Angels and such are so... "important".

P.S. - Sorry, my english is awfull.

Anonymous said...

Escape Velocity : Americans cannot understand why Europeans cannot use weapons.

Europeans may not (by and large) own weapons. If they do, they may not use them. If they do, and survive to tell their side of the story to a judge, they will most likely do some time, even if they acted in self-defense.

Prisons are filled with 60 to 70 % Muslims.

-- What are you in for ?
-- I stabbed an Arab.


Our own policemen, when surrounded by dozens of hostile youths, take great care not to use their guns, even when they are assaulted, beaten up and shot at. Both because a policeman's gun is no longer a deterrent for those crazy hoodlums, and because they know that the media, the government and the courts would trash them for this, not support them.

Drawing a gun in front of a tank is not bravery. It's stupidity.

So please spare us this sort of armchair posturing. We know the drill, and it won't help one bit.

On the other side, if you could persuade Mr. Obama not to insist for the admission of Turkey in the EU, or to show some backbone towards Saudia Arabia, that might help. Just a little bit, and just possibly.

Besides, I'm not seeing any American using the considerable firepower he's legally free to own in order to stop his own government encroaching his own liberty.

I'm not seeing any American using any of his legally-owned firepower against Hispanics stealing whole parts of his own country and turning them into quasi-autonomous, secessionist areas.

Maybe it's because they are cowards.

And maybe it's because, for all practical means, guns don't enable ordinary citizens to do that nowadays.

I'll let you decide.

That's exactly the situation we are facing in Europe. We don't have just ordinary criminals to fight with a non-existent right to bear arms and a neutered police busy handing us speeding tickets.

We are facing hordes of invaders, supported by our own governments, which took care to tie our hands behind our backs beforehand.

Private gun ownership may be a useful deterrent against ordinary criminals. I won't take sides on that. I'll do say, however, that for this to work, you need a court system willing to uphold the right to self-defense. America has it, Europe does not.

As for defending one's political liberty, it's a myth. A useful myth, worth having when based on past history, as in the United States or Switzerland, but still a myth, as proved by my two examples.

Make Obama eat his words to Muslims in Cairo by the means of an armed militia of proud free Americans marching on Washington, exercising their God-given Second amendment rights, and I'll begin to listen to your advice to Europeans.

Or, easier still, you might try to eradicate your domestic drug trade with the help of those million guns owned by law-abiding Americans. How come they did not manage to pull this one off ?

EscapeVelocity said...

America cant save you from yourselves bro.


The Great Satan

We all have the Western Left to contend with. Unfortunately, you Euros drew the line way too far to the Left.


We have our problems too, and keep up the good fight.

Its interesting to note that the Euros and the Western Left continuously kneecapped and sneered at the Americans during the Cold War as well.

Its the same ole song and dance.

Keep sneering down your nose at us, as you slowly swirl the toilet bowl, if it makes you feel better.

EscapeVelocity said...

I had a much longer post...but it was eaten by the oddities of the posting system.

But I did want to post this...

2nd Amendment March on Washington

The march in D.C. will take place on Monday, April 19, 2010 on the grounds of the Washington Monument.

We just had a bunch of "racists" March on Washington as well. The 9/12 Tea Party.

Zenster said...

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left: In order for Europeans to survive, this will have to change.

I don't even walk my wolf-hybrid without bringing along my Puma General model 270 folding hunter (lower blade in linked image). This blade out-performs every single Buck, Gerber and Case knife I've ever owned. I bought it for $50.00 on eBay and consider it to be the ideal folding blade for regular everyday carry.

For dress ocassions, I wear a Puma 972 Game Warden in a custom belt sheath.

I never go anywhere without a blade. Whether I am traveling in Europe, Mexico, Asia or just to the corner grocery store there is always a knife on my belt. Going about unarmed is a alien concept.

EscapeVelocity: It is suicidal not to respond.

This is the bottom line. I understand that the European States punish people for responding to physical attacks but until Europeans begin making it clear that attacking them comes with a stiff price tag attached, they will continue to be hunted by Muslims like some much docile game. The terms Eloi and Morlock ring a bell?

All that the Muslim mind responds to is physical violence on a level that meets or exceeds their own. Anything else is laughable to them and treated with scorn and derision. Islam must be paid in its own bloody coin. No culture that has ever survived invasion by Muslims did it any other way.

Europe's current situation is a direct result of imagining that it is possible to negotiate with Muslims.

Unknown said...

technoparade or Kalergi plan?

EscapeVelocity said...

I think much of Europe is screwed. France, maybe the UK, Belgium, parts of Germany.

The thing is that the cities (the power centers of industry, economic activity, transportation, communications, etc) will be controlled by Muslims and the country folk wont be able to stand up against them, even in a Civil War....demographics playing a part as well.

So I see mass immigration to the Anglosphere nations, and to Eastern the indigenous folks become assylum seekers and flee their homelands.

Because they wont stand up now, and they only become weaker in position by every year that passes.


Its possible that some of Europe becomes balkanized, where the Euros still hold power, their will be Israeli security measures put into place, apartheid walls, security checkpoints and the like.

Look to Israel for your future.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

If the police would stop me on the streets and search me and they find even the smallest of knives they would hurl my a** into the slammer so fast I wouldn't even have time to blink. If it had been a gun I wouldn't see the light of day for several years ahead. Of course if enrichers are arrested with weapons it is a whole different game. Then we have to count in that it is their "culture" to be armed and such. I think this was planned several decades ago as to disarm the general population. To make us completely defenseless against whatever they have planned, a police state or a caliphate or whatever their end-game is.

Sean O'Brian said...

What happened to the four comments per person rule? E.V. has written enough material for a new post.

Anonymous said...

Escape Velocity : If you think I'm "sneering down my nose" to America, you need to go back to school and learn to read.

I'm getting fed up with those stupid flame wars on conservative or far-right blogs, where anonymous unknowns try to to belittle everybody else by pretending, at little cost to themselves and with no need to prove anything, that they are the bravest souls.

I tried to share some information about Europe which obviously might be of some interest to a few people on an international blog such as this. You don't appear to care. You'd rather turn this into an arrogant exercise of trans-Atlantic bashing. Not my cup of tea.

Discussion closed as far as I'm concerned on this thread.

EscapeVelocity said...

Robert, thanks for sharing information.

I am not your enemy. Never have been.

WAKE UP said...

And thus are we divided and conquered. You two (EV and Robert) should step back and see what it looks like from way down here in the Pacific (where it's only a matter of time before your troubles will be replicated here) - we DESPAIR at the lack of fight being shown, given the honourable history of both Europe and America, and feel helpless as we keep up with the "news".

Come ON, guys - change your governments, and expel both them and the troublemakers they have imported.

Dymphna said...

@Sean O'Brian

What happened to the four comments per person rule? E.V. has written enough material for a new post.

What happened is that I wasn't following the comment thread. I am so distraught by the killings this weekend in a town near us (Farmville VA) that I've been walking into walls. Literally.

The Baron told me about the problem so I came over and deleted enough to bring the comments down to four.

Maybe Escape Velocity didn't know.

I thought the Baron had put that limit in the rules at the top of the comment box, but I guess not. At any rate, he is adding it now.

I apologize for not moderating the comments. Today has been an overwhelm. Hannah Arendt talked about the banality of evil. It is anything but banal.

Evil is a destructive contagion.

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

Robin Shadowes said,"If the police would stop me on the streets and search me and they find even the smallest of knives they would hurl my a** into the slammer..."

Robin, you are quite right. I have tried over the years, as best as possible, to keep up with the laws regarding self defense in other countries, as well as here in the US.
First, because it is an interest of mine, but second, because I am acutely aware that we (the different parts of Western Civilization) will ultimately sink or swim together. I have been dismayed to see that the situation seems to have only gotten worse and worse over the past 35 years.

"...I think this was planned several decades ago as to disarm the general population. To make us completely defenseless..."

Indeed, it was. Your (and our) political "leaders" are our worst enemies. Quislings, every one of them.

I fear that we race headlong toward
(as El Ingles has called it here on GoV) a "non-electoral discontinuity." Then your weapons will become neccessary. For now, best to keep them buried.

Skalman said...

Robin is absolutely right regarding the situation in Sweden. Selfdefense is not regarded as a virtue here, rather the opposite. The masses haver been taught for decades that the "justice" must settle all disputes and selfdefense/revenge is not allowed. This is however changing.

Morre and more people are reaching the conclusion that they have to defends themselves or perish meaning that the hope is not completely gone. In the face of annihilation most people have a tendency of sobering.

Personally I always carry a knife. Not for selfdefence but as a tool. If the police search me and find it I know I will be prosecuted but I just don´t care. I´ve carried a knife for thirty years and will continue to do so no matter what "the law" says.

And when it comes to possessing firearms it is not at all very difficult to obtain a license even for semiatuo pistols. I intend to get one(9mm) within a year.

I believe the trend is increasing when it comes to people arming themselves. Legally and illegally. This being my impression from Sweden but I believe it to be a trend in the rest of Europe as well. Anyone believeing we are all docile creatures willingly walking towards the slaughterhouse will wake up and find themselves to be fundamentally wrong.

So, as I´ve stated before, dont rule us out just yet...

Afonso Henriques said...

"So I see mass immigration to the Anglosphere nations, and to Eastern the indigenous folks become assylum seekers and flee their homelands."

Escape Velocity, are you serious??

The most non white Western European country (France) is probabily as white as New England. Your president is Mr. Obama and you still think that people will live Londonistan to go to Mexifornia?

You're in a worst situation than us. Really.

Zenster, here it is forbidden to CARRY a knife with a blade that surpasses the 15 cm I think. Maybe 10.
And if you carry a knife in "good will" you will probabily be barred from entering in many places.

Sean O'Brian said...


"Mexican Catholics and African American Protestants are much much preferred to Islamics.

You will soon figure this out."

I don't why you keep breaking the rule that a person may only leave four comments in each thread. Nobody else does this. I doubt if there is anyone here who is confused over the degree of difference between Catholicism, Protestantism and Islam.

My response re Mexican Catholics...

You might recall that after the immediate fall of the Soviet Union Cezchoslovakia broke up into two separate countries - the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This was known as the Velvet Divorce.

The initial disagreement was over a naming dispute. In the newly independent country the Slovaks demanded that the country return to its original name Czecho-Slovakia, adopted by the Treaty of Versailles in 1918. (The hyphen had been dropped out only in 1923).

A short-lived Czech and Slovak Federal Republic was set up in April 1990. In July 1992 Slovakia declared itself a sovereign state. In January 1993 Czechoslovakia was replaced by two independent states: Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Both countries are majority-Catholic.

(Source: The Breakup of Czechoslovakia)

My point in saying all this is to demonstrate how two peoples who are not enemies (and certainly not engaged in a religious conflict) may split off from each other. Simply the fact of significant enthno-linguistic differences rooted in strong identity can be enough to pose a serious challenge to the territorial integrity of a state.

Dymphna said...

A reader who has escaped our velocity said:

So I have no idea why there is a 4 post limit. But it seriously limits the usefulness of this site.

And he thinks a four limit rule infringes on free speech.

It's a source of wonder that people think blog comment threads are public thoroughfares to be trampled at will.

They’re not.

These threads are the responsibility of the blog owners, who have the right to set rules as they wish.

Anyone who needs to make more than four comments in a given thread needs even more than that to open his own blog so he can write to his heart's content on…whatever.

The usefulness of this site is shared among many commenters and posters. It’s not confined to one person's whims.

There are several other avenues that various bloggers have taken in regard to commenting rules:

1. some refuse to permit any commenting at all.

2. some hold each and every comment for "moderation" by the blog administrators -- i.e., they eyeball what you have to say before it appears on their site.

3. Others limit comments to emails sent to the blog administrator who may then put them up, sometimes edited.

4. Others operate by the whim theory: your comment goes up depending on their mood. And can be taken down in the same fashion.

5. There are the blogs which require you to register before you can comment. I don't join those because I already have too many passwords to remember. But I can see their reasoning.

6. An aberration is the strange, tentative commenter membership at LGF. An "abandon-any-speech-that-doesn't-conform-exactly-to-*my*- thinking-of-the-moment" kind of blog. Anyone who ever took Psych 101 knows that this constant changing of the rules of the game is called schizogenic behavior. If there were a Hell, it would look like LGF’s comment section. Yes, it is sad.

7. And then there is Gates of Vienna, where the Dragon Lady limits commenters to

(i) civil discourse.

(ii) These civil comments are also limited to 500 words as a courtesy to the thread's readers. I get emails complaining of having to scroll and scroll past MEGO essays.

It's a case of less is more. I've had to whittle my own comments to fit this rule. IMHO, it makes us better thinkers & writers. Succinct!

(iii) In order to prevent flame wars comes the four-comments-per-thread rule. It has helped keep the threads focused.

The problem area with this last rule is mine. Staying on top of the threads isn’t always easy. Thus, when people email me re flagrant disregard of the rules they notice in any given thread, it helps a lot.

N.B. I had to work on this comment to bring it in under 500 words. Whew!

costin said...

Baron, the Techno Parade is back. Some things just stay the same.