Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swedes With Bomb-Belts in Pakistan

I reported on Thursday about a “Swedish” Guantanamo alumnus and two of his cronies who were apprehended in Pakistan in late August. Now comes word that these three “Swedes” were part of a group of twelve foreigners who were planning operations against Western embassies in Pakistan.

Our Swedish correspondent CB has translated the latest from Expressen:

Reports tonight: The police found a bomb belt

The police found a bomb belt, maps, and detailed information about Western embassies when the terror-suspects were arrested.

The Danish embassy in Islamabad could have been the target for the group, an intelligence source reveals.

Altogether twelve persons from different countries were apprehended. The arrested men themselves claim they were on their way to South Waziristan. But intelligence sources suspect that the target was totally different. According to Expressen’ information, a threatening picture directed at the Danish embassy can be connected to someone in this group.

“That is what made the police suspect that they were planning or helped others plan terrorist acts,” says one intelligence source.

Money in foreign currency
- - - - - - - - -
At the arrest, CDs and literature were found, as well as large amounts of foreign money. Pictures purportedly of the Swedish men and their confiscated items were shown as early as August 29th in the newspaper Daily Khabrain.

There is also information about a bomb belt among the property of the group, designated for a suicide mission.

A local police source in Dera Ghazi Khan tells about the apprehension to Svenska Dagbladet: “It was a routine mission, since foreigners arouse attention these days. Dera Ghazi Khan or Traimoon isn’t a tourist attraction.”

Aisar Al Shawabke, spokesperson at Örebro mosque, and an acquaintance of Mehdi Ghezali, met Ghezali as recently as a couple months ago.

“We are surprised and shocked. It feels unreal that this can happen again.”

“A calm and tempered guy”

He describes Ghezali as a calm and tempered guy.


“The years he spent in Guantanamo changed him. It affected him psychologically. He became quiet and unobtrusive.”

Aisar Al Shawabke doesn’t want to speculate about what has happened in Pakistan.

“But, from what one has heard, there don’t seem to be any strong suspicions.”


Zenster said...

He describes Ghezali as a calm and tempered guy. But: “The years he spent in Guantanamo changed him. It affected him psychologically. He became quiet and unobtrusive.”.

Perish the thought that becoming "quiet and unobtrusive" might be a direct response to the penalties imposed upon those who are "loud and obvious".

Such subterfuge is so obvious that one is obliged to wonder what, if anything, is a source of mystery in this article. Ghezali wanted to kill lots of people and adopted whatever guise, ruse or outward demeanor that facilitated such acts.

How is this, in any way, different from the practice of taqiyya? Ghezali, quite simply, employed Islam's time-tested and proven methods for killing the maximum number of kuffar. That he did not succeed is of no consequence.

In fact, even an unsuccessful terrorist attack should draw the same penalties and prison time as one that succeeds. However ineffective such deterrents might seem they will, at least, keep murderous thugs off of the street and impose harsh sentences upon those who entertain such notions.

The end result of not doing so has been made more than clear by Mr. Ghezali. Too bad he managed to avoid some sort of life-threatening condition in Gitmo. Maybe the window screens and mosquito netting need to be removed.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Should our treacherous politicians manage to whine enough or somehow convince the pakistani government that these scum should be transferred back to Sweden, then I fear they will get only a few months in jail and then walk free on the streets again. Thus I hope this will not happen and that they will be convicted in a pakistani court accordingly to the sam sharia laws these scumbuckets themselves promotes and hanged high. Let us get rid of these thugs once and for all. They have already caused us enough grief.

Latest news is that one of our bestseller authors, Jan Guillou has in his latest column taken Ghezali under his wings. Guillou is one of many mahoundian huggers in my country.

laine said...

They should have tagged the Guantanamo grads like wild life and followed their peregrinations.

We have their word for it (and hey, when does a Muslim ever lie to a kuffar) that they were to a man innocents trying to attend a cousin's wedding who were swept up by the heartless American war machine. That rifle in their hands was just to fire off a congratulatory volley at the nuptials.

During their years of fattening up at Guantanamo and contemplation of their peaceful religion on their nice new prayer rugs with Korans delivered by infidels wearing white gloves so as not to soil them, they "became" jihadis.

All the liberal lawyers working for their release should have taken one into their own homes. Legal beagles squawking about CIA tactics keeping Americans safe should get two jihadis and a poorly trained pitbull.

S said...

The reporter doesn't ask what he was doing in the area to get swept up in the group that went to Guantanamo.
Funny how all these asylum seekers don't have any problem traveling back to the area that was too dangerous before. And who is paying for this adventure?
Countries that accept asylum seekers should make it so their benefits cash withdrawal cards don't work in the country from which the asylum seeker fled.
Better yet don't take them in at all. Got a problem in Pakistan? Go to Iran or Afghanistan or Egypt. You won't have to deal with kuffar.

laine said...

It is insane calling Muslim terrorists "Swedes" or "Americans" or "French". They have loyalty only to the Muslim world wide community, the umma. They despise the Western countries they live in, even if they were born there. They are voluntarily aliens in an alien land, come to colonize for the umma.