Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blood Money for a Blood Libeler

Below is a follow-up report and translation by our Swedish correspondent CB about the recent revival of the blood libel in Sweden’s largest newspaper. CB includes this introductory note:

Here’s an interesting update on the Swedish blood libel that Aftonbladet peddled last month about the IDF as virtual organ harvesters. It’s a bizarre irony that the same newspaper — which proudly stated just days ago that they would not be party to xenophobic hatred, and thus would refuse election ads by the Sweden Democrats — has apparently become party to xenophobic hatred against Jews. And that in a part of the world where Jews can get into serious trouble.

Will we now see an advertised editorial about the dangers for a newspaper of going fishing in murky waters, where Aftonbladet will use Donald Boström’s article as an example?

Here’s the post from Gudmundson, translated by CB:
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Blood money

Donald Boström, who wrote in Aftonbladet about the alleged Israeli theft of Palestinians organs, has received the Algerian Journalist Association’s honor prize, according to Al Arabiya an equivalent of $5,000. He is on a tour which will also make stops in Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

In Algeria Boström met with several high representatives of the Algerian state, such as Prime Minister Abdelaziz Belkhadem, who praised his journalism.

That shows that Boström is a big inspiration for the Arab world’s journalist corps. For example, Algeria has its own organ-theft story now, the spread of which is investigated by the state’s representatives as part in the brainwashing of the oppressed population (Algeria is in 121st place in the index of press freedom). Al Manar [original in English]:

The organ theft scandal in Israel is likely to have a domino effect as similar crimes by Israeli organizations in the Arab world have been unearthed; an international zionist conspiracy to kidnap Algerian children and harvest their organs.

The story was first reported by Algeria’s Al-Khabar daily which revealed that bands of Moroccans and Algerians have allegedly been roaming the streets of Algeria’s cities kidnapping young children, who are then transported across the border into Morocco. From the Moroccan city of Oujda, the children are then purportedly sold to Israelis and American Jews, who then harvest their organs for sale in Israel and the United States. The organs are said to fetch anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000.

Dr. Mustafa Khayatti, head of the Algerian National Committee for the Development of Health Research, has linked the crime to the group of pro-Israeli US politicians and rabbis who were arrested recently in New York. But Khayati warned that although “these Jewish organ trafficking gangs have been arrested, other such gangs remain active in several Arab countries.” The Iranian Press TV linked the gang to Israeli Rabbi Levi Rosenbaum who was recently arrested in New Jersey for his direct role in illegal human organs trade.

Most likely Åsa Lindeborg is feeling proud that her culture page’s story — which she herself admits doesn’t hold water — now feeds into anti-Semitism in the entire Arab world.


Zenster said...

People who willingly facilitate the very worst aspects of both Islam and anti-Semitism (yes, there is a difference), manage to slink beneath the already staggeringly low bar set by Islam in general.

In a sane world it would merely be amusing to watch Islam's usual circus of swallowing Blood Libel camels whole even as it chokes on cartoon gnats. Sadly, this is not a sane world and feeding the insatiable Muslim appetite for any and all justifications of its depraved barbarity is a capital crime that needs to be punished as such.

Donald Boström’s acceptance of the the Algerian Journalist Association’s honor prize represents a sell-out of, not just Western culture, but modern civilization as a whole. Boström has voluntarily tarred himself with the brush of this world's common enemy and should be subjected to the same treatment that any other rabid animal would receive.

Arius said...

Well said, Zenster. I would add that this is so over the top with a foul smell that it reeks of mental pathology.

I have been convinced for some time that the West is seriously mentally deranged. There are warning signs everywhere I look. Not just in Sweden, but also in Norway, Finland, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Denmark, and the list goes on in Europe. The US is now joining in with the stealth Muslin at its head, a country that is turning inward against itself with a collapsing center.

This has happened before, in the 1930's, and look what it led to. Millions dead and a huge shift in world power. It seems the lessons from that round didn't stick so we have to go through something much worse this time.

Recently I have started to think that I will have to immigrate out of the US (like my father did to the US in 1920), but where does one now go? There is no America to seek for safety. There is actually no place in the Western world that is not rotting from within (like the US and Europe). Perhaps Australia, even though a socialist government the country is huge with a small population.

Fjordman said...

Arius: Every single white majority Western country without exception is hit by the Multicultural suicide virus; this is why I fear that the coming Multicultural World War will be in the shape of a Pan-Western Civil War. It may well end up being more destructive than WW2 and perhaps shift global power to East Asia for a long time. Still, some countries are slightly less bad than others, Australia being one of them.

Anonymous said...

"Recently I have started to think that I will have to immigrate out of the US (like my father did to the US in 1920), but where does one now go?"

Exactly. It seems there's no place to hide anymore.

It startles me that many Westerners are currently thinking of emigrating in each other's countries.

Frenchmen used to dream of settling in the United Kingdom (many of them did, before the financial crisis). But many British want to get the hell out of their own country, and quite a sizeable number of them went to France !

Some time ago, a well-known Dutch executive decided to emigrate to France, because he was burglarised once too often, and the courts wouldn't protect him. But many Frenchmen are thinking of leaving their country precisely because of that.

Many French people used to think of the United States as the refuge of last resort ; and here is an American actually thinking of fleeing America...

So I'd like to ask Arius : why would he leave ? As you see, I have a personal interest in the answer.

Reading those news everyday, I feel more and more like a Jew in Europe in the 1930's. Some got out in time ; others didn't.

The common answer I find whenever this conundrum is discussed on conservative and counter-jihad blogs is the following : 1) individual violence will get you nowhere ; 2) voting will get you nowhere ; 3) emigrating will get you nowhere ; 4) only mimicking our opponents will do : we have to develop new community links between ethnically similar and like-minded people, in order to bypass our countries' official structures, which will be more and more alien and hostile to us.

Rocha said...
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Rocha said...

Robert Marchenoir,

Fjordman sugested Australia, i would suggest Latin America. Apart from the Bolivarian menace in some of the countries the race card is somewhat weaker here and theres not a substantial immigration to the continent. Is it perfect? No! Aren't we suffering of the malaise? YES! But what will kill us is not ACIDS (Acquired Cultural Immune Deficiency Syndrome) but the immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Rocha, are you there yourself ? Which country ? Don't tell me you're advising... Brazil ? From our side of the pond, it looks like the epitome of interracial violence !

That means I'd need to start learning Portuguese... or Spanish, depending on the destination... Then again, speaking Spanish might be a legal requirement if I chose to re-emigrate up North into the United States in a few years' time... Not wanting to rain on Arius's parade, but we have to face facts, haven't we...

Rocha said...
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Rocha said...


I know what it looks like. But here what REALLY matters is wealth, not race. The violence it's against "rich" people. So if you are a rich black you could easily be the target. But apart from Rio de Janeiro the country is not what people sometimes think it is (Brazilians in general think Rio as Something else because of the violence). São Paulo is somewhat dangerous too but here there are places not to be instead of places to be. But there are other countries too. Argentina and Uruguay are fully european (As are the 3 southern Brazilian States, São Paulo and Minas Gerais have larger minorities), Chile is a good choice too.

Picking a middle size city (from 200,000 to 500,000) your chances of violence decreases dramatically while retaining a good market to work, in any of these countries.

About learning Spanish or Portuguese if you make an extra effort you could end learning the two, since the languages are pretty similar. If you have to learn one Spanish is better since you could use in several countries.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I have no intention of fleeing at all. I would only get home sick anyway. So eventually I will have to stand my ground, to kill or be killed. If it comes to the latter I will at least try to take as many mahoundians with me as possible.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Rocha (and Fjordman). Maybe I'll end up in Urugay or Agentina like an old Nazi. I was listening to Jean Raspail, a French writer-traveller, a few days ago on the radio. He's a lover of Patagonia and went there again a short while ago.

He said he spotted some Israelis, criss-crossing the wilderness and taking many notes. The assumption was that they were government agents, studying the place just in case it was necessary to find a backup in order to move their whole country to another part of the world. Indeed, our position in Europe might seem rather cozy compared to Israel's.

By the way, Jean Raspail wrote in 1973 a fiction called "Le camp des saints". One day, a flotilla of old boats, overflowing with Third-world refugees, is spotted in the Mediterranean, sailing towards the French coast. They clearly intend to set foot, uninvited, in the country.

The government quickly realises that they have but two options : letting them in, and accepting that the country be lost to them eventually ; or... bringing up the army, and shooting down every one of those poor wretches before they reach the coast.

People who read the book say it is surprisingly prophetic, considering what actually happened since. Even though you can still buy it, it would certainly be impossible to publish such a story for the first time nowadays in France.

Fjordman said...

Robert Marchenoir: I don't blame people who move, the thought has crossed my mind as well. But as for the moment, I don't have any plans to move anywhere. Why should I? I live in my country, where my ancestors have lived since the end of the last Ice Age when northern Europe became inhabitable to humans. I am every bit as much a native here as Native Americans are in the Americas. Why the hell should I leave? These Somalis and Pakistanis and Kurds have no business being in our countries in the first place. Send them home! Let's also remember that they come from vastly inferior cultures. I don't see why we should play musical chairs by moving from one Western country to another, either. They're all sinking, just at different paces.

Virginia Woolf wrote in 1929 that women need "a room of their own." Well, 80 years later it is whites who need a room of our own, and if we cannot have that in Europe, which is our cradle, then I don't see where else we can have it. Western civilization is European civilization. It was created by Europeans. While others do not necessarily have to be hostile, you cannot in my opinion completely separate our cultural heritage from our genetic heritage. If you want to preserve the former then you also need to preserve the latter. This was once considered common sense.

Unknown said...

The jews are the lucky ones, I think - they are the only people who still understand the necessity of borders and a country of one's own - that is: some of them.
The naive thought of doing away with borders, states and nationalities so that we may overcome the urge to ever go to war again rules in Europe, and will before long cost us our ancestral lands and society, our independence, and the protection of our laws..

Monsieur Calguès said...

Switzerland, Singapore and Eastern European nations would seem like the best places to go if you decide to swap countries. Although even Switzerland has recently started to become infected with leftist idiocy. At least in Eastern Europe you would encounter a lot of like-minded people who learned lessons the hard way, through experience.

The best thing is to amass guns, gold and non-perishable food, and be ready to make a quick exit as order may collapse quite suddenly. And secure a rural location to flee to when things get out of hand. It probably makes more sense to relocate to rural or low-population density areas in your own country than packing up for one where you don't speak the language or have contacts.

Afonso Henriques said...

""Recently I have started to think that I will have to immigrate out of the US (like my father did to the US in 1920), but where does one now go?"

Exactly. It seems there's no place to hide anymore."

I feel the same. But because I am Portuguese, the pain is twice as big.
Just one generation ago, we could have gone to North America, Brazil, Argentina or Uruguay... even Cuba has recieved us in large numbers. Some of the few whites that live in the Caribieans are Portuguese...
We had the vast African continent to settle.
We could go to France, Switzerland, Netherlands... and if you wanted... London always features in our literature classics since the XVI century.

Australia and more surprisingly, Thaiti and other polinesian islands also have recieved Portuguese people.

We here have a saying:

"O Português tem Portugal como berço e o mundo como sepultura" - The Portuguese has Portugal as a craddle and the world as a burrial ground.
Even in India we had some influence!

Now, if I want to immigrate, there's not one place I think is a clear destiny.
Brazil seems warm. Norway seems challenging. London seems fabulastic. Moscow seems cold... although promissing. Angola seems a big oportunity but...
And the big and old U.S.A. simply does not look attractive any more.

We have to create an alternative for white immigrants to the U.S.A. It *will* happen. I think the destinies will be:
The first Eastern European Nation that shows some balls, probabily Poland.

That's nowhere to hide indeed.

Afonso Henriques said...

I now I'm late and nobody's hearing this but I have to go against my Brazilian friend here:

If you want to learn Portuguese/Spanish (Castillan) you MUST NOT learn Spanish first.

You have to start with Portuguese - better from Portugal than from Brazil. Or if it is from Brazil try to learn from someone educated and from Rio de Janeiro - because it will be easier for you to understand Spanish.

The rythm of the Portuguese is slower and more "serious" while the rythm of Castillan is musical and faster.
This will make Spanish sound like a Portuguese song but will make Portuguese sound boring and difficult.

Also, Portuguese is an extreme evolution from Western Latin. That means that you have some Portuguese words that do not exist in Spanish. But those Portuguese words also have synonims that are easily identified when a Spanish speaking person says that.

(For instance. A spanish speaking person will say "cear" to reffer to diner. A Portuguese will say "jantar". But in Portuguese, "cear" is a late diner. So if you know Portuguese enough, you will understand the Spanish but don't matter how much Spanish you know, some Portuguese words you will not understand)

Also, Portuguese is very archaic in its forms (like Spanish) so there's not a big difference in the way sentences are made.

P.S. - If you want to learn Spanish first still, well... do it! But you better learn the Spanish spoken in Central-North Spain (and Madrid) because that will serve as a better base to understand all the other Spanish. Don't go learn Spanish with the first man South of the border if you wanted to understand easily the Spanish spoken in all the Hispanic world.

Unknown said...

If you are an openly racist non-European, you are called 'ethnically aware'.

If you are an 'ethnically aware' European, you are called a racist.

Its called a double standard. It is unsurvivable if you are of European heritage. We are forbidden from finding strength in one another, so that those who band together against us can prevail.

Bottom line is, those who procreate will inherit the future. Guess who is procreating, big time? Guess who is paying for it.