Friday, September 25, 2009

Iraqis in Denmark, Part 5: Retired in Denmark, Mayor in Turkey

This is the fifth in a series of reports by our Danish correspondent TB about the ongoing scandal of Iraqi refugees in Denmark who defraud the state pension system.

For the earlier reports, see part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

TB includes this introduction with his translation:

Another revealing article from Ekstra Bladet.

Actually, the problem is so enormous that it will never become possible to try all these people. Every week Ekstra Bladet has yet another story of this kind. Last time they revealed that most of the staff employed at the Iraqi embassy in Copenhagen were receiving some kind of social benefit while having full-time jobs at the embassy.

It’s just one rotten layer after another. Every time they take a small look beneath the surface the stench is unbearable. It’s like a parasitic disease…

The brief article and video from Ekstra Bladet are below. Many thanks to TB and Vlad the Subtitler for the English-language version of the video:

Uncovering: Retired in Denmark, Mayor in Turkey

The retired Danish-Turk Muzaffer Yüksel (MY) has for a number of years enjoyed a retirement pension from the Danish state. Now Ekstra Bladet can reveal that during the same many years he had a significant income in Turkey.

The Video:

A complete English transcript of the video is below the jump.
- - - - - - - - -
00:01 Henriette Skov Andersen (SKA): We are in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.
00:03 SKA: Here on the second floor lives the 71-year-old Danish-Turk MY.
00:07 SKA: He is a completely ordinary retired person, looking like any other citizen.
00:12 SKA: You do not know who he is?
00:14 Woman: No! Never seen him before.
00:15 SKA: You have never seen him before?
00:16 Man: Never!
00:17 SKA: You do not know who he is?
00:17 Woman: No, I haven’t a clue!
00:20 SKA: You do not know who he is?
00:21 Man: Not a clue.
00:22 SKA: But MY is actually far more famous than the citizens in Nørrebro know.
00:27 SKA: He is far from just an elderly gentleman whose only source of income is the pension from the Danish state.
00:32 SKA: Actually the man lives a double life.
00:37 Old man in barbershop: I voted for him!
00:38 Young man at barbershop: We are very happy with him!
00:41 Thomas Gøsta Svensson (TGS): In reality MY is the mayor and ‘city king’ in the Turkish city of Pinarbasi, where the inhabitants know the 71-year-old Danish-Turkish mayor very well.
 Inhabitants of Pinarbasi, Turkey:
00:52 Old woman: That is a picture of the mayor.
00:55 Another old woman: Yes, that is the mayor.
00:59 SKA: A job which provides him with a salary of between 10 and 12 thousand Danish kroner a month.
01:02 SKA: An income which MY has not declared to the Copenhagen Municipality or the tax authorities.
01:07 SKA: And for that there is a very good reason, since his income in Turkey would mean a reduction in his paycheck from the Danish state.
01:13 SKA: Ekstra Bladet arranges for a surprise visit to the mayor’s office in Turkey.
 Hidden Camera, Mayor’s Office in Pinarbasi, Turkey.
01:20 SKA: MY does not want to be taped but he admits that he has not declared his extra income.
01:28 SKA: It has now been revealed that MY has not declared to the Danish authorities that he also is the owner of six houses.
01:33 TGS: According to these documents, MY owns the yellow house there where he lives.
01:40 TGS: Then he also owns the house in here… but that is not enough for the 71-year-old Danish-Turkish mayor.
01:45 TGS: He is also in the process of building the light blue house in here.
01:50 SKA: On top of the income from renting out the houses and his mayoral job, Ekstra Bladet learns out that MY for many years has owned and run a farm..
01:57 SKA: A farm that only last year yielded some 260,000 Danish kroner, according to the Danish consulate in Turkey.
02:06 Old man from barbershop: He is a retired from Denmark.
02:09 SKA: MY has for several years committed social fraud and had a retirement pension far beyond what he rightfully deserves. Read all about in Ekstra Bladet today.


Zenster said...

Isn't it time to jail these tax frauds? Then hold them behind bars until they liquidate such properties that they own abroad until the Danish state is fully recompensed for the illegally obtained pension monies that have been stolen.

Then they should slingshot these Muslim criminals straight back to their delightful Islamic utopias with a no-fly warning posted at Interpol.

This is just another case of Muslims extracting their jizya from us kufr. They do it with their welfare fraud. They do it with their polygamous families. They do it with their halwa networks. They do it with their zakat. They do it with their heroin smuggling. They do it with their care intensive birth defect-ridden children and they do it through increasing crime statistics wherever these Inbred Bedouin Tapeworms™ (hat tip Jedilson Bonfim), manage to latch onto the Western socialist teat.

All of these activities represent new drains upon the state coffers even as these miscreants continue to help finance jihad against us. Enough!

Cyrus said...

These incidents high light one thing for certain. Why are people who never pay into the system allowed to take out?

bewick said...

Isn't it high time that the West adopted Pakistani rules (and likely that of many other Middle Eastern States). Namely that any significant criminality, which this is, be rewarded with withdrawal of naturalisation (citizenship) and then deportation? After, of course, clawing back any proceeds of the crime.

It totally amazes me that "asylum seekers" fleeing from their homeland are able, once established, to feel quite able to return frequently to their "homeland" where they claimed that they were in fear of their lives. I read of Iraqis, Iranians,Somalis, Sudanese, Pakistanis, Yemenis, Palestinians, Lebanese, Egyptians, and so on and so on who do this with impunity. Doesn't this totally give the lie to their original "refugee" status? That is, the original application was fraudulent and should negate any subsequent conferrment of "citizenship" deriving from the fraud.

Time for action and the introduction of VERY fast track legal structures which allow just one appeal and just a month to win or lose. If ever returning to the "feared" homeland then re-entry to the host nation should be barred - and all the extended family deported.
Ooops - the PC brigade will say that that is racist. Well it isn't. I make no distinction - it should apply to all including the indigenous citizens of the "West".

I (and the UK is as bad or worse than others) have had enough of being defrauded of my taxes.

bewick said...

PS - by "indigenous citizens" I actually meant indigenous US, French, German, Romanian etc citizens who claim asylum in other Western States. Not that that happens very often but it might. Soon though Europeans may very well be seeking asylum in the US and Australia and New Zealand unless the stupidly Politically Correct US and European politicians awake from their long slumber. Africa is long lost as a safe destination.