Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Help Not Wanted

Cultural Enrichment News

For those who regularly read the cultural enrichment news, this is a familiar meme: male medical personnel who happen to be infidels are forbidden to minister to Muslim women by their husbands or other male relatives. Their filthy ape-and-pig hands must not touch the pure flesh of Muslimas.

But this incident in Australia has an unusual twist: it was a fellow white paramedic, and not the woman’s husband, who upbraided the good Samaritan and told him to leave. In other words: pre-emptive self-Islamization. Or voluntary dhimmitude; take your pick.

According to The Herald Sun:

Private Ambulance Crew Claim They Were Abused Trying to Help Baby

A PRIVATE ambulance crew who stopped at a major accident where a baby’s life was in the balance claim they were abused and ordered to leave the scene.

Rian Holden chanced on a Melton crash scene where eight people were injured after their people-carrier flipped on Sunday.

He said that he and his partner stopped to help Ambulance Victoria crews, who gladly accepted.

Mr Holden said paramedics were struggling to attend to all the injured — with both a mother and her child in a critical condition.

The private operator, who runs Event Medical Solutions, said he followed instructions of paramedics, helping move the child on to a spine board and administering first aid to others while his partner sat with an injured Muslim woman in traditional dress.

But Mr Holden said problems arose as he took the blood pressure and pulse rate of the injured woman.

Ambulance Victoria operations manager Paul Holman had ordered him to leave.
- - - - - - - - -
“It was in bad taste,” Mr Holden said. “We copped a gob full of abuse. It makes you not want to do that in future.

“It’s all because he has a problem with me. Everyone was helping and we rendered basic first aid.”

Other trained medical professionals stopped at the scene, including two nurses, while bystanders sheltered the injured from high winds.

As helicopters transported the critically injured mother and child, police were asked to ensure Mr Holden left the site.

Mr Holden has written to Police and Emergency Minister Bob Cameron and to Ambulance Victoria chief executive officer Greg Sassella, demanding an apology.

But Ambulance Victoria’s Mr Holman said he was only short with the private operator because he had the welfare of patients on his mind.

He said one of the injured men was becoming irate that Mr Holden was treating his wife — that created a culturally sensitive situation.

“I don’t know him (Mr Holden) at all,” Mr Holman said.

“These people are Muslim. I asked him to get out of the ambulance, thanked him and asked him to leave.

“I was probably short because I had eight critically ill patients. I wasn’t in the mood to have a long conversation.

“He was asked to leave politely. And I did get the police to make sure he left.”

Mr Holman said he was concerned about Mr Holden’s credentials but insisted he had not been rude to him.

Who ministers to injured Muslim women in all-Muslim countries? Are there enough female paramedics to take care of them? Or do ambulance personnel just leave them by the side of the road to bleed to death?

Or maybe they give the husbands instructions: “Make sure that she doesn’t swallow her tongue. Now tie the tourniquet just above the knee…”

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Hat tip: Sean O’Brian.


Homophobic Horse said...

It's not self Islamization or dhimmitude, it's a misplaced no nothing tolerance.

People as stupid as that armed the Bosnian Mujahadeen.

Nilk said...

This article reads like the ambo was feeling threatened by the woman's husband, hence telling the paramedic to leave her alone.

It's no secret that the muslims get antsy and aggressive when it comes to kaffirs and their women.

On a side note, I grew up in Melton, and still have family and friends there.

It's a damned shame this crap is happening there.

Actually, it's a damned shame that it's happening anywhere.

Zenster said...

Who ministers to injured Muslim women in all-Muslim countries?.

Who says that Muslim women even get adequate treatment in the first place? It is a well-known fact that women from cultures with a high modesty factor (e.g., Asian and Southeast Asian regions), have a much higher avoidable mortality rate due to reproductive tract cancers and breast cancers. The inability to even talk to a male doctor inhibits these patients from mentioning early self-detected symptoms and thereby obtaining early diagnosis and preventative treatment.

American doctors are seeing this trait in Hmong and other Asian immigrant communities. There is currently a program of self-awareness that is being implemented to overcome these cultural disparities.

Are there enough female paramedics to take care of them?.

In a overwhelmingly male-dominated culture like that of Islam it is safe to presume that there is most likely an even greater paucity of female practitioners within Muslim majority nations than the already poor ratio that exists in the West. Furthermore, personal limitations such as individual mobility and economic constraints make it even more probable that Muslim women will most likely not get the medical attention that they need.

While not medical in nature, a fine example of Muslim disregard for women's health manifested in the aftermath of a severe Pakistani earthquake. After a 2005 quake in the Himilayan region, women had to remain behind in tents during the onset of a bitter winter because their menfolk did not want them to be seen by lowland strangers or the foreign aid providers.

It was all right if they froze to death just so long as they weren't rendered impure from being ogled by unknown males.

This is but one facet of how Islamic customs create immensely negative health conditions for women. The inability to leave home unescorted has a similar impact and the policy of Abject Gender Apartheid enforced by shari'a law in general only bodes the worse for Muslim women everywhere in the world.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

"The inability to leave home unescorted has a similar impact and the policy of Abject Gender Apartheid enforced by shari'a law in general only bodes the worse for Muslim women everywhere in the world."

And for kuffar women in the west to in coming years as islam grows ever stronger here which means those customs will be imploded on us as well. There are more muslim doctors and dentists than ever before. Of course they won't treat filthy apes and dogs as us and the authorities are going to support them. So white males and females will also have to wait longer before getting correct treatment in the future. After all the new master race and their bootlicking dhimmies are only happy to comply. The New Nobility is all that matters now. The sooner the rest of us get extinct the better.

WAKE UP said...

Civilisations are not conquered, they commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

There are more muslim doctors and dentists than ever before. Of course they won't treat filthy apes and dogs as us and the authorities are going to support them.

I'd be far more worried about those Muslim doctors trying to harm we "filthy apes and pigs". Think of it as medical jihad.

laine said...

Even their doctors can turn into ticking time bombs anytime e.g. those medicos in the inept car bombs trying to immolate themselves and Glasgow airport. Al Quaeda higher-ups also have a medical degree.

All that 21st century education squandered to advance the cause of an 8th century barbaric creed.

And what is the Arabic/Muslim version of the Hippocratic oath? "I promise to do as much harm as I possibly can to any infidel patient and his city?"

Anonymous said...

People of this culture do not find it demeaning to be modest and have that modesty protected by the men in their culture. So to think that the paramedics only concern about this situation is how he was spoken to in regards to his treatment of the woman seems ludicrous as it's not the point. It was a critical situation, there is no time for niceties or political correctness. You'd think that as a paramedic he would be concerned about the patient. It seems like his priority in his job is how he is received by others.