Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carbecues Continue in Uppsala

Uppsala car fire

Our Swedish correspondent CB has reported recently on the culturally enriched vandalism, arson, and violence in Uppsala. Here’s a brief follow-up from today’s news, translated by CB from Uppsala Nya Tydning:

New car fires in Uppsala

The arson in Uppsala continues. Around 21.30 hours Tuesday [September 15th] evening the fire department were called to a parking area at Tiundagatan, where two cars had been set on fire.

The front part of one of the cars burned severely in when the fire corps arrived at the scene. The other car, which stood some meters away, wasn’t equally badly damaged. It was burning around the gas cap.

Earlier the same evening the fire department was called to a forested area between Granitvägen and Eriksbergsskolan, where a pile of newspapers was burning. That fire was rapidly extinguished.

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Afonso Henriques said...


Lol! What an amuzing name. It even sounds French!

Speaking of French I just had this random thought: Shouldn't the DJ David Guetta be Daa - vy Gue - taa, French sounding?

Unfrench Frenchman said...

Guetta is actually an Arabic name of North-African origin, meaning "cat". The whole name would sound like "dah VEED geh TAH" in French pronunciation.