Thursday, September 24, 2009

Education is Haram

Our Swedish correspondent CB has translated an article about an educational crisis among the children of Sweden’s Muslims. Some of the required activities in school are “haram”, and therefore the students more and more often don’t participate.

First, a prefatory note from the translator:

This is an article about the cultural battle that we in the West are fighting every day against Islamic concepts.

The daily fight looks like this: Some Muslim immigrant parents are concerned about certain subjects or activities in school and ask for special treatment for their kids. Sometimes it’s about swimming lessons. It might be not wanting their kids to shower in front of other kids, or even not wanting the kids see their own nakedness. At other times it’s the food in school. Nice as Swedes are in the school world, we try to accommodate them — not realizing that we are accommodating a ready-made system that is regarded by its followers as vastly superior to Western culture.

Swedish schools have looked the other way on this issue, and during recent weeks we have seen the results of allowing kids to drop out of school with incomplete grades and be locked out of the job market: the car-burnings and various other arsons and vandalism in Swedish towns by kids with no future, susceptible to criminality.

The legal demands on all children require participation in everything in school, and that should apply to all Muslim kids too. There should be no exceptions. And Swedish authorities should promptly abandon multiculturalism for assimilation, and convey the clear notion that if you come to Sweden, you come here to become a Swede and nothing else. You may keep some of your customs, but no ideas prompted by shari’a will ever be accepted as a norm governing public life.

Lastly, a clarification for all our non-Swedish readers: I seriously doubt that Mrs. Maja Lundberg advocates children being naked at school and holding hands — since that would have very poor support indeed among Swedes. We should see that as hyperbole to emphasize a crucial point, that children must not regard their bodies as impure or something similar.

Below is the translated article from Aftonbladet:

Schools must fight — against the word haram

To not hold hands.

To not dance and sing.

To not sit beside a girl or boy in school.

The little word haram is about to disrupt Swedish schools.

So, what does the word mean?

Haram is a word in Islamic jurisprudence that means forbidden or sinful.

A concept with great pervasive force. At least in a school where most of the children have an immigrant background.

There is much that can be called haram: Swedish culture is haram. Christmas trees and lit candles are haram. To speak about Jesus is haram. That boys and girls play together is haram. Physical training is haram. To take your underwear off and shower is haram. To be homosexual is haram.

But the word haram can also determine what a child is allowed to learn.

According to a new survey, parents forbid more than one out of ten pupils in the Stockholm area to participate in lessons on biology, sex and living together, music, swimming and athletics.

Another survey: 27 percent of the girls and 17 percent of the boys don’t participate in all classes.
- - - - - - - - -
A prohibition with consequences. Children who are forced to skip the mandatory education will not get any final grades.

And then the risk are that they can’t continue their studies and will end up unemployed.

During the school year 2004-2005, four out of ten students with immigrant backgrounds left the 9th year with incomplete grades.

In the spring of 2008, almost every other 9th year student in Rinkebyskolan was failed in some of the core subjects Swedish, English and math.

What happens with these children? the teacher Maja Lundberg asked in the TV program “Skolfront” [School-front] which was aired last week.

Maja Lundberg is one of the few teachers who stands up for immigrant children’s equal right to an education, and said, “Swedish schools are in a crisis. The special treatment of immigrant children enhances segregation”.

And Maja Lundberg has been fighting the word haram every day:

“I’ve told the children that school is a religion-free zone. That boys and girls have the same value here. I’ve said that our bodies aren’t sinful and that the concept of haram doesn’t exist at school. I’ve said that the children’s beliefs belong at home with their parents, and that they are free in school. Here they can be naked and hold each others hands.”

— Monica Gunne

Hat tip: Steen.


Anonymous said...

Note the part about not going to music lessons. It's the first time I read about this.

Swimming classes, biology, sex education for heaven's sake, we know the drill.

But this confirms we are dealing here with the most extreme form of islam, where music is forbidden. Nobody should be surprised : it's in the Coran.

Then again, you have to thank islam : piracy is destroying the music industry anyway. No need to wring our hands about it anymore ; sharia will come handy as a justification, and put an end to its misery.

It's fascinating to observe how the living, cancerous tumor of islam is plugging its deadly tentacles into all the weak points of Western civilisation.

We were foolish enough to think that we could lower our moral standards to such a level that stealing music was not really stealing anymore ? Well, look who's coming down the road to take advantage of that...

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Of course education is haram since islam must be the stupidest religion ever created. Our norse mythology/asatru is miles ahead of islam both philosophically and poetically. Even the animistic beliefs of America and Africa are far more spiritually advanced than mahoundianism - any day. What has islam to offer more than loads and loads and loads of utter BS?

Robert said...

Sweden is a totalitarian dictatorship controlled by self-hating white socialists who enforce Political Correctness in all state schools.
No self-respecting parent with morals would want their children imprisoned within the Swedish school system.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Robert Marchenoir: "We were foolish enough to think that we could lower our moral standards to such a level that stealing music was not really stealing anymore?"

To equate "stealing music", presumably P2P file sharing and the modern music industry with morals is clumsy. If anything is to destroy western music it will be the modern music industry and copyright, soon it will be crimminal offence to whistle a tune.

Draconian libel and copyright laws are a trojan horse of censorship and control and are a threat to western freedoms.

What moral right does the deluded Queen of Gaza, Annie Lennox or some other talentless lefty have to spy on and access private internet communications.

S said...

Islam regulates every part of life. They will never stop until everything in their life is islamic.

And since everything in islam is regulated whenever a demand is made the other religions lose since they are not regulated. After all, if one religion has requirements and the others don't, who will get their way?

Little by little. Push for this, then push for that. Never give up.

Death by one thousand cuts.

Until the entire west lives by islam rules. That is the final goal.

Move in, push out those that don't practice islam, take over. Start again in another area. A simple plan.

Anonymous said...

4Symbols : copyright protects freedom of expression. If everyone is entitled to steal the contents of your writings, make money from them and skew them, how does it help freedom ?

As for stealing, last time I checked, stealing is stealing. Whether it is from Annie Lennox or the King of France. Pretending that stealing is excusable provided one would steal from a Leftist is... very leftist, precisely.

Besides, why would you want to steal, and therefore listen to, music by someone you hate, as I understand you don't like Leftists ? That sounds quite... Muslim to me : steal from your enemies.

If you may steal Annie Lennox's music, I may steal your online banking account, car and house. Simple as that.

Also, I don't know what Mohammed had to say about file-sharing (meaning file-stealing), but I do know he used to chop off hands for stealing. His chums still do. Are you willing to take the chance ? Do you really want to encourage them to do so ?

Djihadists thrive on the notion that they have the real solution to crime and disorder, including crime committed by Muslims. Taking the side of lawlessness is therefore helping the islamisation of the West.

Anonymous said...

S wrote: Islam regulates every part of life. They will never stop until everything in their life is islamic.

Exactly. Therefore forcing Muslims to "integrate" will lead to dissimulation, till their population is sufficiently large until such an act is not necessary. The only solution is to stop Muslim immigration as a first step. How to get to a political and social position where such a policy can be implemented, is the real question.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

"They will never stop until everything in their life is islamic."

The way everything is regulated in detail is ridicolous. Even visits to the bathroom is regulated in fine detail. You're not allowed to bring with you a newspaper or a cell phone. The idea is that it is an unclean place and you should have going on about your business as fast as possible. You have to control your thoughts too because there are angels watching you taking notes of your thoughts bringing it on about on judgement day. So watch yourself! Then it is prescribed that you wipe yourself with the left hand for the right one is for eating and should therefore never touch for private parts. Toiletpaper is not good enough for the mahoundians, that is a filthy kuffar invention after all. No, you'll have to do it by the hand alone, a special toilet stone or by sprinkling water.
Even when taking a shower there are things to think about. One must cover their awra (that is the naughty parts of the body). For women it is most part of their bodies while the male mahoundians only have to cover the part between the navel and the knees. So even when you're alone in the bathroom taking a shower you must cover your body. How silly isn't that? And when finished, you have to step outside the bathroom with left foot first uttering the word "Ghufranake!"
So that is just one aspect of life alone. I can assure you that every other is also covered in either Mein Qurampf or the hadiths.

If you think this kind of bizarre lifestyle is something for you, then by all means, go ahead and convert. Just bear in mind that it is too late to change your mind once you have uttered that silly shahada of theirs. Because then you become an apostate and has to be killed.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Robert Marchenoir:

Nowhere in the post did I advocate lawlessness or stealing from Annie Lennox or anyone else.

I think you confuse freedom of expression and copyright as interchangeable and the same, What I pointed out was that the libel and copyright laws are becoming draconian to the point that freedom of expression could be subverted and those same laws could be stifling competition and innovation.

Copyright does not only apply to music, the rights to the motoons could be bought and draconian copyright laws used to ban there reproduction or dissemination via P2P, freedom of expression and copyright is not the preserve of the oligopolistic music industry or the one way street for over protected and self-righteous musicians.

Taken law to absurdity, extremes, and affording select groups in this case musicians over protection is the way of jihad. Banning anti-jihad books with libel law is now the islamists favored weapon.

The freedom loving musicians who demand tougher copyright law will put yet another weapon in the hands of the jihadists.

Given their track record I do not think the recording industry or any of its collective repertoire is in a position to lecture anyone on morals.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Since music is deemed haram according to salafism/wahhabism/taleban, they are digging their own grave. When islam wins there will be nomore music industry simply because music will be HARAM on the pain of death. Quite literally.

Anonymous said...

4Symbols : I agree with you that libel laws are becoming a problem for freedom of expression. However, that has nothing to do with copyright.

Why would the authors of the Mohammed cartoons want to sell their copyright to someone unsympathetic to them ?

Actually, my understanding is that they have given it for free. As far as I know, they have not asked for any fees from the newspapers that have republished them.

The key notion there is that it is the author who decides. He can decide to sell his rights, or give them for free, or he can forbid anyone to publish his works. But it is his privilege.

In French law (an European law as well, I think), the author even retains a moral right over his works after he has sold them.

For instance, if you buy the rights to a book, you are not permitted to alter it. If a painter sells a painting, the buyer has not the right to paint alternative bits over it. He could be prosecuted for that.

I am aware of a French town which had commissioned (and therefore bought) a sculpture. It was put up in some public place. When, some time later, the town wanted to move or destroy the work (I don't remember which), it found that it would face prosecution by the artist if it did.

Finally, this is not a war of morals. Whether the music industry has good morals or not is irrelevant. Laws applies to everybody regardless of their morals. It's still illegal to steal from a murderer, however you might disapprove of his morals.

Baron Bodissey said...

Robert --

Actually, Kurt Westergaard reserved his copyright. He hasn't gone after most of the people who reproduced it without permission, but he forced Geert Wilders to remove the Turban Bomb from Fitna and produce a revised version.

As for the other artists, their cartoons have not become as famous, so I don't know about them. One of them has since died.