Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Targeting the Disabled in Hamburg

Cultural Enrichment News

I’ve written previously about violent cultural enrichers who attacked a mentally retarded person, and also a group that assaulted a disabled person in a wheelchair. These are not isolated incidents, but part of a general pattern.

Muslim immigrants bring with them a tribal background, and their offspring often become predators who hunt in packs. Like lions picking off the aged or ailing stragglers in a zebra herd, they select the weakest and most easily defeated targets among the infidels. Non-Muslims are held in contempt — they are perceived as having no common humanity. To the “youths” they are simply resources there for the taking, to be exploited when the opportunity arises.

And so it was in Hamburg a couple of days ago. Many thanks to Kitman for translating the following article from the Hamburger Morgen Post:

Beating Attack on Law Student

First they kicked him to the ground, and then they just kept on kicking him in the head over and over again.

In the middle of Hamburg, the severely handicapped American exchange student Joshua S. (28) was almost beaten to death. Motive: They assumed he was gay.

Sunday morning at around 1.40 AM: Joshua S was out on the town with a friend, Neville (22), an exchange student from South Africa. They had been out partying and wanted to go home. They share an apartment in the Osterstrasse. Joshua S. was born in Texas, studied law in New York, and is now finishing his degree at the elite university Bucerius Law School in Hamburg.

They passed over Hansaplatz and through Zimmerpforte. Four muscular youths were sitting in an entrance. “They were around fifteen years old, southerners [a euphemism for cultural enrichers, often Turks]” Joshua recalls. All of a sudden the harassment began. “Eh, are you gay or what? F***ing faggots!” The two friends aren’t fluent in German, and did what they were supposed to do in that type of situation. They walked quietly away without looking at the youths.
- - - - - - - - -
But to no avail. “Suddenly someone kicks me in the back,” Joshua recalls. Then things started to happen really fast. He fell to the ground. The attackers kept on kicking him in the head over and over again. “I told them to stop,” but they didn’t stop.

Neville ran down Kirchenweg to get help. But Joshua could not escape. One side of his body is paralysed after an accident in the New York subway four years ago. He hobbles. He has a titanium disc under the skin of his skull. “It probably saved him from some injuries,” his girlfriend Anna-Sophie B. assumes. “The perpetrators obviously saw that he had a walking disability, but attacked him anyway.”

As the attackers kept on kicking him, he began to pray out loud, in German. “I hoped that it would make them leave me alone.” Wrong: It wasn’t until Neville returned, accompanied by a third person, that they took off. After stealing Joshua’s iPod, that is. Joshua was brought to the AK St. George hospital severely injured. His right eye is so swollen that he can’t see out of it.

The police are searching for witnesses. Anyone who saw this brutal assault should make a report to Polizeikommisariat 11 (Steindamm 82, tel. 428651110).

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Cyrus said...

There have been a number of reports now where the perps have been described as "15 years old". What's up with that?

Zenster said...

I can only hope that some male or female karate experts will be sufficiently motivated to form decoy same-sex couples that walk through areas populated with these violent enrichers. Maybe things will calm down after several groups of them start showing up in emergency rooms with dislocated or broken limbs.

Nothing will change until Islam is paid in its own bloody coin. There is no other form of remittance that Muslims understand.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Oh and I forgot to mention, muslims also invented karate. How could I forget that? Silly me!

ellamontgomery said...

Likely if the Muslims start to get their treatment in return, the Muslim interest groups will start screaming "Islamaphobic violence" and they had done nothing to instigate it. They were the victims of which the media will promptly report it as so. And the mean, nasty kufars get punished as examples, etc., etc., etc.