Thursday, September 24, 2009

Killed for Wanting to Live Like a Westerner

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The brutal murder described in the article below was not an “honor killing” per se, at least not in the way the term is usually understood, since the victim was not related to her killers, nor had she shamed their families.

Nonetheless, she didn’t want to live like a Muslim, and for that she had to die.

Many thanks to Gaia for translating the article from the Belgian news service

Claudia was killed because of the veil

(24/09/2009) ©D.R.

The police found the car in Anderlecht and have located the place in Forest where she was the victim of three fundamentalist brothers.

BRUSSELS The investigation into the murder in Brussels of the 32-year-old Claudia Lalembaïdje from Schaerbeek — killed by three Pakistani fundamentalist brothers because she refused to wear the veil and wanted to live as a Westerner — is making great progress. The place where she was abducted and killed by her kidnappers is located in the area of Brussels, Neerstalle in Forest. “She arrived here on foot and left in a suitcase.”

Her car, a Citroen C4 registered VNW-096, was found in Anderlecht, close to the canal. The forensic police found invaluable information there, including a small piece of the plastic identity card of the victim, whom the autopsy revealed had been strangled or asphyxiated after having undergone the worst. Two brothers Raza Syed are held in Saint-Gilles, where they deny the crime and say they were set up. The third is still at large.
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DH has received mail written from prison by one of the suspected murderers: “I did nothing to Claudia.”

The most recent victim in Belgium of an honour crime, Claudia disappeared last June 14 in the Helmet district in Schaerbeek. Her body was fished out of the Scheldt at the Trith-Saint-Leger canal (in the north of France, close to Valenciennes) floating in a bag on the 29th. Her hands were tied behind her back and her feet were tied.

According to our information, the three brothers had already killed a woman in Pakistan, and for that they had left the country, where they were being sought, to install themselves in Europe and to find three women to marry there, three stool pigeons, in order to regularize their situations under the Schengen Agreement. One of the brothers, Ali, seduced Claudia quite simply by helping her to park her C4 at the Porte de Namur. Claudia, who had the figure of a model and had worked for an agency in Brussels, fell passionately in love.

After killing her, the murderers cut up her identity card and threw the pieces away, all except a tiny fragment that the police force recovered on the carpet of the C4 found abandoned close to the canel in Anderlecht. This small piece of evidence will prove invaluable at the trial in Court.

Gaia asked me to include one line of her own commentary:

Disgusting bastards! I hope they rot in Hell!

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Leos Tomicek said...

Now that's some enrichment here.

Anonymous said...

Now we're talking business.

I remember some Belgian Muslims a year ago, who only managed to beat up a homeless man who was drinking a beer in the street during ramadan. Pathetic, Westernised sissies.

Hopefully, the standards are now being raised with a little help from our Pakistani friends. Real men, for a change.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

These girls or women who wants to live like westerners are among the few who would get fully integrated if they would get the chance. Contrary to their male peers they have both ambition and are many times also good at school actually studying and doing their home work. So in a fair and sane world these females should be allowed to stay while the rest of their clan should be deported back to their country of origin. Without these scum always shadowing their lives, it is most likely that they would not only work and pay taxes but also marrying into western families and eventually finding some happiness in their lives. And the rest of the clan can continue with their backward retarded mahoundian lives somwhere in the MME.

laine said...

Is "asphyxiated after having undergone the worst" code for being gang raped?

Want to bet that these three curs escape deportation to Pakistan because they may face capital punishment or life imprisonment for their previous murder in jails that don't pass the European luxury hotel standard for repeat rapist-murderers?

The Western Left coddles the scum of the earth with no concern for victims past or future.