Monday, September 28, 2009

Send It to Rio!

A Drudge Report link [which may not stay up overnight] says that the local Fox station in Chicago has been ordered not to run that video again…the video that shows only one in six Windy City citizens want the Olympics in their town.

They’re telling the city, loud and clear, “Send it to Rio”:

The website is anonymous, but it sure has the facts: the cities that host these games end up in debt for years. Montreal was thirty years paying off the accumulation. And that was during the good times.

The Olympics have become too big, too grandiose, and way over Chicago’s kool-aid budget. The city has already cut hours, pay, and holidays for its employees and services. And now it wants to host the Olympics??
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Oh right: the opportunity for graft and corruption like there’s no tomorrow. Chicago excels at graft and corruption. In fact, if that were an Olympic category they’d win hands down. They make Boston and Detroit look like amateurs. One can’t be too sure about New Jersey, though. The sheer numbers of Mafiosi in Jersey would make it a contender anywhere.

Good for whomever hosted this blog. Only four more days until the decision is made. Will it be Chicago or will Chicagoans be heard. Lord have mercy on Mayor Daley and President Obama if they think there won’t be serious repercussions if they rahm this through.

Sometimes blowback isn’t worth the candle you’re trying to keep lit, boys. So sit in the dark.

Y’all be sure to visit that website. It’s mostly images and moving bars of statistics so I can’t excerpt it for you. There is a place on it that permits you to mail the IOC, plus reams of information on Chicago’s horrible financial problems, not to mention the headaches other cities endured in their Olympic adventure. You should go over just to see the wasted buildings.

Someone has done their homework and we ought to read their report.

Let’s give them an A+ and bullet-proof vests.

In the current economic climate, the Olympics may have passed their ‘sell-by’ date. I pity whatever city takes it on, but Chicago citizens definitely don’t deserve this travesty.


WAKE UP said...

Auckland, New Zealand, is facing the same thing in a year or so with the Rugby World Cup. Already one can sense the official panic in the air, and the baleful effect this impending event is having, influencing absurd, short-term, impractical civic planning decisions (which I prefer to call delusions).

Tuan Jim said...

Yeah, the London olympics are going to be a real mess...billions poured down the hole for a couple of weeks...

Eliéte Rocha said...

Send it to RIO!


Henrik R Clausen said...

You convinced me - Rio makes sense.

OTOH, bankrupting Chicago may be just what is needed to flush out the incompetent elite and get someone new to run the show..?

Nah. Bankruptcy is too grim for the average citizen. No good.