Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Celebrating Eid in the Netherlands

Cultural Enrichment News

Ramadan 2009 has come and gone, and our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a brief report about the celebration of Eid ul-Fitr in the Netherlands. The following three culturally enriched excerpts are translated from articles in De Telegraaf.

First, from Amsterdam:

Free transport for Muslims in Amsterdam

Muslims in parts of Amsterdam on September 20 were provided with free taxi rides so that they would be able to visit family members during the Islamic Sugar Feast [Dutch euphemism for Eid ul-Fitr].

The municipal [majority Socialist] government decided on this measure to prevent disorder at roadblocks. Amsterdam had a car-free Sunday on September 20, and that is exactly the day of the end of Ramadan, on which Muslims en masse visit each other’s families. On that day almost the entire area within the A10 highway ring was prohibited for motorists.

[Note: On the same day Jewish citizens celebrated Rosh Hashana, but there were no free taxi rides for them.]

The next story, also from Amsterdam, is about trouble at the movies:
- - - - - - - - -
Sixty young people thrown out from Amsterdam cinema

On Sunday evening the police evacuated the entire Pathé de Munt cinema in Amsterdam. According to a spokesman, about sixty people, including several dozen youngsters, caused inconvenience. The police eventually arrested three people for defamation, disturbance of the public order, and destruction.

The youngsters were guilty of conduct “that you do not want to have here if you want to watch a film undisturbed,” a police spokesman stated. Officers who were alerted therefore evacuated the entire cinema at around half past eight in the evening. The audience left the building through the side entrance and were then directed to the nearby Rembrandtplein. For the rest of the evening the cinema stayed open to visitors.

It is unclear whether the youngsters were in the cinema to celebrate the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Traditionally, many Muslim youth go to the movies then. This has previously led to problems in Amsterdam cinemas.

According to a spokesman, the Pathé cinema had deployed extra security. “This happens every year during the Sugar Feast.”

In Rotterdam, there was more trouble at the movies:

Also problems in the Pathé cinema in Rotterdam

In Rotterdam this Sunday evening, the police cleared out dozens of youngsters from the Pathe cinema at the Schouwburgplein [in the city center]. The group threw popcorn around, made noise, and by doing so made it impossible for other visitors to watch the movie. This happened in more than one screening hall.

After being moved out of the cinema, the youths continued being a nuisance in the square in front of the cinema, where they insulted the police and threw objects at them. One [enriched] “Rotterdammer” was arrested for defamation.

The Pathé cinema then closed at 20.30 and stopped screening all movies.

At the Sugar Festival many Muslim youngsters traditionally go to the movies. This has led to problems in the past in cinemas: “The Muslim youths go out then en masse, so it seems logical that here and there some small incidents might occur,” a spokesman for Pathé said.

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ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

The world seriously needs a Life of mohammed movie. Well aware that it would only lead to further trouble I don't care. It should then be showed every ramadamadingdong, every day for a month, not in the cinemas but on every free televison channel. So what if the raging mahoundians smash their own tv-sets? Let them whine all they want about it. One of these days they will brutally find out that they have outstayed their welcome in dar al-harb. I look forward to that day.

urbanadder22 said...

Robin Shadowes said . . . "One of these days they will brutally find out that they have outstayed their welcome in dar al-harb."

And when that day comes, whose side will the police be on?

We know whose side the government will be on. (Any government where the country has been overrun by the scum.)

Who will be on our side?

(Do not answer. Rhetorical question. I know, you know, best if the rest do not.)

laller said...

I find the cinema stories interesting. A similar incident happened at a Copenhagen cinema on Sunday. If one were a conspiracy theorist, one might start thinking they're coordinating their..."poor behavior".

S said...

The Taliban burn down cinemas. Because showing the human form is haram.

Anonymous said...

Cinema wars on the French front :

On Sunday, September 20, three movie theaters have been closed in Marseilles (south of France), following violence and vandalism due to the end of ramadan.

The regional daily La Provence published an announcement saying that the theaters Les 3 Palmes, Le Prado and Bonneveine would be closed on that day.

On the doors of Le Prado, there was a sign announcing the closure because of violence "due to Eid". Apparently, nobody thought necessary to explain what Eid is anymore. Marseilles is a massively Muslim city.

Laller : in "conspiracy theory", the second word is irrelevant. Islam is but a giant conspiracy in itself.

WAKE UP said...

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.