Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Dead Rat in the Kitchen

Our Norwegian correspondent Zylark has a follow-up report to Fjordman’s recent account of a violent incident involving homophobic Muslim immigrants in Oslo.

A Dead Rat in the Kitchen
by Zylark

The drama continues…

Norway is in the midst of an election campaign, so the recent Muslim gay-bashing episode is a gift basket of opportunities for politicians who dare to chip away at the wall of political correctness.

A short recap of the episode: last Sunday a gay couple strolling peacefully along holding hands was assaulted by a Muslim man in his forties. The assault happened in Grønland, a district of our capital that has a majority Muslim population. The Muslim in question approached the couple, asked, “What is that?” whilst pointing at their hands, and later exclaimed, “I don’t like it, this is a Muslim part of town!” whereupon he immediately after assaulted the couple.

Most politicians of course give us the old song and dance about cultural differences, how we should try to understand the poor assailant and his less-than-favorable life experience. That this was an individual episode, and by no means part of a larger picture in which Islamic notions of supremacy are front and center. That this can all be solved by showing more tolerance and singing kumbaya. In more direct terms, what they are saying is to bury our heads in the sand and pretend the tendencies we see are really just some silly mirage.

The one Islam-critical party we do have, the Progress Party, is of course not part of this deception. No surprises there. What is more surprising is that individuals from other parties also seem to have opened their eyes somewhat. Understandably, quite the few of these are themselves immigrants. They know radical Islam when they see it. It is why they fled to begin with.

One such brave individual is Akhtar Chaudhry from the Socialist Party. In no uncertain terms he stated that “we can not endure such a Talibanization of Oslo and Grønland!” Given that the Socialist Party could just as well change its name to the Multicultural Party, such a statement is akin to letting Christopher Hitchens give the sermon in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London on Easter Sunday. It does not go down well with the believers…

So the reaction was more or less anticipated. Today, a representative of the Social Democratic Party, Hans Christian Lillehagen, decided to put Chaudhry into the shame-corner for stating the obvious and factual.

To VG, our largest newspaper, he stated:
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“I was shocked! To me this is even less credible than when Siv Jensen [Leader of the Progress Party] warned of stealth-Islamisation and sharia tendencies in Norway last winter. It is worse than that. Think of the oppression the Taliban stand for in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They set off bombs on election day and cut the fingers off those who vote, to give a couple of examples. It is as far from Norwegian reality as you can get. I think of those who had to flee to Norway from the Taliban regime, what they may think when hearing this.”

It never entered Lillehagen’s mind that what the Taliban stand for is Islamic law followed to the letter. A law that forbids many things, democracy being one, freedom for women another; and as for gays — well, it is not so much frowned upon as an immediate death sentence.

He has failed to look at how Islam is practiced in the world today. Nowhere in the Muslim world and Western Muslim enclaves do you find even a semblance of a tolerant culture such as that found in our Western societies.

His biggest failure is separating the measures enacted by the Taliban from their ideology. Islamic ideology leads to puritan supremacist totalitarianism, just as sure as day follows night.

But it gets better. He continues:

“This is what we’ve grown to expect from the Progress Party, not from the Socialist Party. By his statement, Chaudhry intensifies the hateful tendencies. When he talks about Talibanization, he does not know what he is talking about. It might have been meant in good faith, but it was entirely wrong and not serious.

“Instead of a value-based debate on how to fight prejudice towards minorities, the opposite has occurred. One minority has been set against another. It is not as if gays and Muslims are two irreconcilable minorities!”


But they are. Islam has no room for gays; it is quite explicit about this.

Furthermore, it is not as if this is two minorities are engaged in combat. It is one minority enforcing their ideals of supremacy on another by means of violence and the threat of violence. It is not about prejudice against a minority, or pitting two minorities against each other. It is about defending our tolerant culture against those seeking to destroy it.

Chaudhry knows this; he lived in a “Muslim paradise”, and did not like it much.

The irony, of course, is that Lillehagen is himself gay. Arguing out of personal incredulity, he seem to forget that the Islamic Council of Norway (a subsidiary of the Muslim Brotherhood) has declined to issue any statement on the death penalty for gays now for years. He seems to forget how gays are treated in all Muslim countries. He seems to forget that assaults such as the one we saw in Oslo are quite common throughout all major European cities with a sizeable Muslim population.

Other immigrants and their descendants have few problems with our societies once they get over the language barrier. Only Muslims seem intent on seditious behavior, with their parallel societies, abject hatred for all things Western, and supremacist enforcement of Muslim law and traditions wherever they feel they are in the majority.

There is a dead rat in his kitchen, but Lillehagen is so stuffed up with politically correct Multiculturalism that he cannot smell the stench.


Tom said...

What does M. Chaudhry want ? a "moderate" islamic republic ?

These kind of people are the most seducing form of islamisation in Europe since the average European would just accept them due.

In my opinion, "moderate" islamic republics and dhimmitude seem to be more and more plausible.

laine said...

There is a sizable minority of gays, especially gay men who indulge in "rough sex" with some overlap with another group who risk AIDS with unprotected, often drug-fuelled promiscuous sex. They routinely risk infection, injury and death.

To these pathologies one must now apparently add enabling a religion/ideology that despises gays and is dangerous to them.

Lillehagen may be one of those who needs to feel menaced to attain his peak sexual experiences, a classic masochist.

Judging by gay voting patterns, it would appear that Pim Fortuyn and Bruce Bawer are a minority and probably a small minority among gays, those who recognize the danger of Islam to their community and speak up against it.

So-called feminists are equally blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to the greatest oppressive force against women in the world today.

No wonder many observers are now concluding that liberalism is a mental disorder, erasing even the survival instinct.

laine said...

P.S. Add Jews to the two groups above who through their leftist activities promote the demise of their own kind, in their case Israel's Jews to start but why diaspora Jews reckon they themselves will remain unmolested is another logic-busting mystery.

Cultures have died before. Though not a historian, I am unaware of large populations colluding in their own demise with the invaders. This is a new mental aberration, at least on this scale, leading me to the tentative conclusion that leftism, socialism eventually leads to mental breakdown, probably from decades of logical incoherence sapping the compensating abilities of the brain. It blows a gasket, and the owner is left functionally brainless, but still blundering about like a headless chicken doing untold damage, with their carcasses piling up in the moat and in front of the gate so invaders can just walk across. That these terminally diseased chickens end up first on the spit is cold comfort to the non-brainless whom they've also endangered.

Kevin said...

Pity. I used to love going to Europe. I'd no more travel to Amsterdam or Paris now than I would visit Dubai.