Saturday, August 29, 2009

Swedish Gang Supports Hamas

Our Swedish correspondent CB sends this brief report on a Swedish immigrant gang known as “Support Hamas”

It’s questionable how much one should make of this at the moment, but it’s worth following Support Hamas in the future to see if they develop into something more than a Sharia-gang; that is, a gang with Islamic motives and a specific agenda to support the terror organization it derives its name from.

But the fact that a gang chooses Hamas as part of its name does signal some admiration for the real organization. At least for Hamas’ methods of getting their way, one can assume.

Here’s CB’s translation of a post on Gudmundson’s blog:
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Sharia-gangs for real

Sharia-gäng is the Danish word for organized crime with a background in Arab or Muslim immigrant groups. In Rosengård they seem to have taken it to its logical conclusion.

Kvällsposten/Expressen reports about which criminal gangs that were visible during “Reclaim Rosengård”:

“There were three gangs involved. Lions family, who were against the reclaim, and Black cobra, and a gang called Support Hamas who was for,” says one person.


Zenster said...

Is anyone else reminded of the typical halfwit retarded American neo-Nazis that would have been jammed into deathcamp-bound cattle cars well ahead of any Jews?

My money is on how these Swedish "Support Hamas" thugs would last no longer than an arrhythmic heartbeat in the company of genuine Hamas killers.

Such soft skinned, European-bred Muslim nancyboys would serve as little else than momentary party dolls for the hardcore, genocidal terrorist gangsters of Hamas.

Too bad this can't be more easily arranged.

Cyrus said...

Likely they'd just be vested up and sent on their way to damage more Israelis