Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Inside Hijab

Well, the forces of (Muslim) women’s liberation have fought hard for their inalienable right to wear the burqa, and now the larger culture is reaping the fruits of their success.

Actually, this is an example of gender equity: men have the same right to wear a burqa that women do!

And while they’re in it, they have the right to conceal weapons, threaten people, and scoop up cash, jewelry, and other goods until their jizyah needs are satisfied. According to The Daily Mail:

Burqa-clad man armed with gun and axe steals £150,000 designer watches

Police are searching for a burqa-clad man who helped steal designer watches worth £150,000 in an armed robbery yesterday.

The man and two accomplices, armed with a handgun and an axe, burst into Michael Jones Jewellers on the High Street in Banbury, Oxfordshire, at about 2.20pm.

They threatened four members of staff, a man and three women, with their weapons before making off with Rolex, Cartier and Breitling watches.

A man was waiting outside for the three suspects in a black Audi, which was later found abandoned.

Staff at the shop told police the offenders, including the one wearing the burkha, were all male.

The other two were wearing dark clothing and had their faces covered. All are thought to be Asian.

The incident is the latest in a spate of ‘burqa robberies’ where thieves conceal their identity with the full-body garment typically worn by Muslim women.

Detective Inspector Steve Duffy, leading the investigation, said: ‘Thankfully, nobody was injured during the robbery but obviously the staff have been left very shaken by what has happened.
- - - - - - - - -
‘The getaway car was found abandoned shortly before 2.45pm in Western Crescent in the Hightown Road area of Banbury,’ Detective Inspector Duffy said.

‘I appeal to anyone who was in Banbury town centre today and has any information, however insignificant you think it may be, to contact police immediately.’

Last month, a man dressed in a black burqa entered First Choice Travel in Broadwalk, Dunstable, and threatened two female workers with a knife before stealing cash and escaping through the back door.

In a similar robbery this month, a man, again dressed in a black burqa entered Thomson travel shop in George Street, Luton, and threatened female staff with a knife and taking a large amount of cash.

Police have since released CCTV footage of both incidents, which could be linked. However there are differences in the height and build of the burqa-clad thieves

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ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

They're just mahoundian trannies claiming their rightful jizya from the dirty kafirs. *rolls eyes*

Zenster said...

With chronometer predictability, Muslims overreach themselves as usual. As with the proverbial scorpion and frog, it is the nature of the Islamic beast. Muslims simply cannot help themselves as they promptly set about abusing every single privilege that they so stridently clamor for.

Islam is a pluperfect example of the old saw:

"When your only tool is a hammer, all your problems begin to look like nails.".

Islam's only operational strategy is violent looting and, therefore, all of its modes will center upon extracting the maximum unfair advantage from whatever limited array of tools that Muslim culture has bequeathed its adherents.

Unable to build cannons, they turn cars into Vehicular Explosive Devices.

Unable to build fighter planes, they instead fly fully loaded passenger jet airliners into occupied skyscrapers.

The proper result of Islam's single strategy is immediate pushback against access to the same tools they have abused. It is only out of moronic Political Correctness that the burqa is still allowed on public property.

The burqa's already monstrous function has been expanded to serve in the exact same role as the baggy clothes that street thugs favor to conceal illegally carried weapons and stolen property. It is cold comfort that, unlike baggy clothes, the burqa is less likely to catch on as a popular fashion statement.

I suppose it is only when people start getting murdered in these burqa-based crimes that sufficuent public furor may eventually see them banned as they should have been when the first convicted terrorist used one to flee the country.

Anonymous said...

Just as guns do not kill but people do, it is the same with burqas. Banning the burqa is pointless, but removing Muslims will cure the problem.