Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Persecution of Mohammed Omar

Our Swedish correspondent CB has translated an article from Världen Idag (one of Sweden’s Christian newspapers) about the former poet and now radicalized Muslim Mohammed Omar.

First, this introductory note from the translator:

Mohammed Omar is at it again — and now he promotes a Muslim lauding Adolf Hitler and for some reason feels persecuted in Sweden.

Mohammed OmarMohammed Omar is apparently working hard to speak for all Muslims and become one of the leading Islamists in Sweden. If not the leading one! He does have a public platform like no other Muslim, and the support of Swedish public media, so he might pull it off.

This article is about Omar’s desire to create an anti-Zionist people’s movement, where he hopes to be able to activate thousands of youth. He claims that the movement will only function intellectually, but we all know what happens these days when somebody activates youth in anti-Zionist movements. It turns ugly, arson ensues, property is smashed, and people get hurt while the police are onlookers.

Once again we see Muslims and Islamists aligning themselves with Nazism. As Knut W. Nygaard says: today it is politically correct to bash Israel in Sweden.

It’s welcome to see that some Social Democrats have reclaimed their honor and established a pro-Israel association. Especially at this time, since they have a party leader who participates in Hamas demonstrations. Even the Christian wing of the Social Democrats wants closer contacts with Hamas. The question is for how long the Israel-friendly members will have a platform in their party.

The fact is that in Sweden people in public employment have been fired for supporting Israel in their leisure time, but people denying the Holocaust get radio and TV time. So, Nygaard is correct; this is reminiscent of the 1930s!

And now for CB’s translation of the article in Världen Idag:

Omar invites convicted Anti-Semite

The poet Mohammed Omar has invited Ahmed Rami, convicted of racial agitation [hets mot folkgrupp, hate speech], to speak at a study circle in Uppsala.

Omar lauds Rami as a martyr and now wants to gather thousands of youths in an anti-Zionist popular movement.

“Israel’s dominion in Sweden” was the subject when Rami spoke at the first lecture, says UNT [local newspaper in Uppsala].

The purpose of the lectures is to “reveal” Zionism as a threat against freedom of speech in Sweden, explains Mohammed Omar when Världen Idag phones him.
- - - - - - - - -
Do you support what Ahmed Rami has said and done?

“I can’t make a statement about that, because I don’t really know what he has said and done. But I support his right to express himself.”

So, you have invited a lecturer who has been convicted of racial agitation, without even checking what views he has?

“I don’t think you need to know everything. It’s enough that I know some things.

“Salman Rushdie was convicted for racial agitation by an Iranian court. But that hasn’t stopped people from inviting him to conferences. They see that as a merit. By the same token I see it as a merit that Ahmed Rami has been convicted for criticizing Judaism. It elevates his status among Muslims.”

Do you mean that all Muslims support Ahmed Rami?

“The majority of them support Rami. The only ones who have anything negative to say about him are either bought or hypocrites. But all true Muslims admire Ahmed Rami. We see him as a martyr; he has shown what a destructive influence the Jews have in Sweden.

The study circle in Uppsala is arranged by Mohammed Omar and the association Friends of the Uppsala Mosque. According to Omar the association has 258 members, most of them between 15 and 25 years old.

The circle, according to Rami [should be Omar — translator] will continue non-stop for several more years. Besides Ahmed Rami, he and other lecturers will participate as speakers.

“We hope to be able to activate thousands of youths against Zionism. This will be the beginning of an anti-Zionist people’s movement. Our work will be solely intellectual, through enlightenment and the education of people.”

The previously acclaimed poet Mohammed Omar has been under fire since the beginning of the year when he denied the genocides in Cambodia and Sudan. He also partially questioned the Holocaust.

Ahmed Rami became famous in the 1980s as the legally responsible editor for the local radio station, Radio Islam. There Rami made statements denying the Holocaust and praising Adolf Hitler. In 1989 he was convicted of racial agitation and sentenced to six months in prison.


ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

This guy is a half-breed, iranian father and swedish mother. According to himself he converted in his teens, so he has of his own free will decided to adopt the worst of the two cultures. He also decided to erase his swedish birthname Jonas so he must be ashamed of that side of his family or maybe he just as a mahoundian see the swedish culture as weak and therefore as despicable?


Re: Ahmed Rami

In the light of what lain said in another thread:

... don't Jews behave internationally the way Muslims do i.e. regardless of what country they live in, a large majority vote and act predictably according to their culture/religion? (I would say culture for Jews since many no longer consider themselves religious). The vast majority vote left and push governments left to multiculturalism etc...,

it must be said, that no other person has so admirabiy collected, put together and uncovered such a vast quantity of information and facts about jewish personalities, relationships, relations, interactivity, collaborations, deeds, activities etc, etc in Sweden but Ahmed Rami.

Ahmed Rami might in religious/political matters be a (complete) crack-head [knäpp-skalle] and he certainly must be read with great discernment but as a not-jewish, not moderate muslim and certainly anti-jewish documenter of the Jewry
, jewish activities and even Sionism in Sweden, he is match-less!

- commended (s)he who should be commended -