Friday, August 28, 2009

Removing Those Stubborn Glenn Beck Stains

Since a reincarnation of the Fairness Doctrine has proved politically impossible at this point, the Obama administration and its allies on the Left are resorting to alternate methods of silencing dissent.

The preferred game plan seems to be modeled on Cuba. Enforcement under Castro involves the Communist Party, the Central Committee, neighborhood brigades, and block wardens. Similarly, under the Messiah, the forces looking to crush the opponents of the regime include the new Czars, the DNC, the local party machines, the ACLU, ACORN, and other “community activist” groups, and the netroots.

These various groups have recently been coordinating a campaign to pressure advertisers to withdraw their sponsorship of Glenn Beck’s television show. They’ve been fairly successful: a number of sponsors have pulled their commercials from the slot. One of them is Clorox, and an Irish reader wrote to the company to express her concern. When she forwarded us the response from Clorox, here’s what she said about it:

I sent an email to Clorox because I was worried about the boycotting of Glenn Beck. I agreed with them that thy are in a very dangerous situation when it comes to politics. I also asked them to keep the same standard when it came to morning shows. The following is what I received.

And here’s what Clorox replied (needless to say, this is not our reader’s real name and address). The comma splices are and misused semicolons are, alas, in the original:

From: Clorox Consumer Services
To: Bridget O’Mara
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 2:25 PM
Subject: Reference Number: 58XXXXX
Clorox logo
August 28, 2009
Mrs. Bridget O’Mara
16 Cuchulain Street
Limerick, Ireland
Reference Number: 58XXXXX

Dear Mrs. O’Mara,

This is in response to your recent communication regarding Clorox Company advertising. Thank you for contacting us, we very much appreciate hearing from consumers as The Clorox Company remains committed to quality broadcasting. We pride ourselves in being a responsible advertiser and have established long-standing and strict standards for the selection of television programming. Per our standards, we do not advertise in programs that display exploitive sex or violence; treat ethnic, religious or political groups in a disparaging manner; present facts inaccurately or distort them to blatantly partisan advantage; and treat individuals or groups in a demeaning manner.

Clorox holds true to our advertising standards and we hold true to our nation’s heritage of free expression of political opinions. However, consistent with our standards, we do not want to be associated with inflammatory speech used by either liberal or conservative talk show hosts. After a comprehensive review of political talks shows across the spectrum, at this time we have made a decision not to advertise on political talk shows.
- - - - - - - - -
Today’s television programming environment is extremely challenging for responsible advertisers. However, The Clorox Company will continue to exercise special care in all program and station selection. We do not want to support programming that is in conflict with our programming standards.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.

Vicky Bullock
Consumer Response Representative
Consumer Services

To let us know what you think about your experience emailing our company, please click on the following link to complete an online satisfaction survey.

Now, before you all complain to me that this is not really an Islam-related incident, and Clorox is not really a dhimmi company: yes, I know that’s true. But this kind of behavior — the rapid cave-in to pressure groups — is also typical of Islamized corporations.

Besides, it was fun to make the graphic, and I couldn’t resist.

We don’t have a television, so I can’t tell how accurate Ms. Bullock’s assertion is. Have they really pulled their ads from all political shows? How about that Estrogen Central program with Whoopi Goldberg (I can’t remember the name of it)?

I’d be interested to find out how comprehensive the Clorox policy is. My intuition says that it will somehow end up being mostly the right-wing talk shows that are affected.

I’ll bet Chris Matthews’ leg keeps right on tingling even when the Clorox commercial comes on.


Cobra said...

The American people are waking up to the red menace in the WH.
Glenn is doing a fantastic job in exposing the Obama bolshies.
He is probably the best talk show host at this moment.
I am really worried for his safety, by the way.
The average Joe does not (yet) fully understand how dangerous this admin. is.
Unfortunately, the industry has made the decision to go the fascist way, by allying itself with the devil for a few quick bucks.
Their end is very clear to me, they will be eaten, as it happened in all revolutions.

Takuan Seiyo said...

Actually, no national brand advertisers on Beck, not a single one, even though it’s become the highest rated cable show in its time slot. I counted them on a recent program: three advertisers for gold bullion with appeal so grossly manipulative that one is actually dissuaded from buying gold, a cornpone Liberty Medical, and something named Easy Water. The rest were in-house Fox promos,, and some GOP shills trying to ride on the coattails of revulsion to Obamerica. But the GOP had sold out the American people alsmost as thoroughly as the retard progressives have. Without its revolting doings there would have been no BHO to drive in the rest of the nails.

It’s not just the progressives and big unions who are sick. Big-business, big-banks, big-capital capitalism is just as sick, though of a different illness. That precisely is our misfortune: betrayed on both sides.
Beck has made some progress toward exposing this, and we are all indebted to him. But unless the little people stand up to the corporate whores and their (primarily GOP) go-fers as much as they stand up to Marxist tunnelers, we won’t see either much improvement or major brand advertising on FNC.

Anonymous said...

I mean no disrespect here, but I'm more worried about the safety of those folks who are showing up at the town halls than I am about Beck's personal safety.
We've already seen some of the "little people" getting stomped and shoved and punched by SEIU goons at some of these events.
Just as we saw the same thing happen to Americans at anti-illegal alien and pro Israel rallies.
For the left, violence and intimidation at the street level are the first tools out of the box.
No question Beck's doing a great thing. And may god help him to continue to do so.
At this point he's invaluable.
But i think there is also no question that b hussein's gangbangers will unleash their hostility and violence upon those 'little people" long before those gangbangers go after beck in any physical way.
That said, it might be nice if American males started showing up at these events to sort of watch over their fellow citizen attendees who are senior citizens and women.
I'm just sayin...

American Democrat said...

I suppose the silver lining is that they plan to boycott all political talk shows.

In spite of that, I am still upset with how the Leftists are censoring free speech and honest dissent.

Robohobo said...

Here you go:

The Sequence by J.R. Nyquist detailing, as you say, "the forces looking to crush the opponents of the regime include the new Czars, the DNC, the local party machines, the ACLU, ACORN, and other “community activist” groups, and the netroots." They are here and they are working overtime.

xlbrl said...

Let us remember that the Saudi oil billions are buying major universities through chairs and departments. This is a multi-dimensional effort.

Takuan Seiyo said...

I do not agree with Nyquist's theory that Russia, KGB etc. are still behind this, and for this reason would not describe the situation as a sequence but rather as a ring, a network. And it is an international network, still loosely connected except in the intellectual sense, but it's autonomous of Russia even if inspired by Lenin. In the same sense, the jihadis arising in various places are autonomous of Al Qaeda but inspired by its deeds.

One element in the American ring that both Nyquist and Beck missed is the financing. Old style American reds got their money from the Kremlin. The new ones get theirs from Soros, the Tides Foundation, the Donuts and other money funneling outlets of the Stephen Bings and Marion Sandlers of America. It’s these people’s money that put the Apollo Alliance , for instance, into orbit and kept it aloft until BHO, Pelosi & Co. in Uncle Sam’s garb opened the taxpayer’s purse.