Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Rage to Come

Coming on the heels of the Danish Hells Angels articles, Lene Espersen’s remarks, and last weekend’s events in Birmingham, the following report adds to the ominous atmosphere of our times. One can sense that the storm clouds are gathering in Europe, and there’s an occasional flash of lightning and a low grumble of thunder. But no deluge, though, not just yet.

Some kind of trouble is on the way, but it is not yet evident when it will come and what form it will take.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a report on the looming civil unrest in Germany. He draws on the writings of Udo Ulfkotte, and includes a couple of graphics:

Because the “War-map” of Ulfkotte is only on the web as a small jpg, I made a larger version of it, the “Atlas of Rage”:

Atlas of Rage

Also a graph from the report Being Muslim in Germany, that shows how many Muslims there are in Germany (most recent estimate) and of what background:

Germany — Muslim population graph

VH follows with a translation of a review of Udo Ulfkotte’s book Caution: Civil War! from BuchTest:

Caution: Civil war!

What simmers long will finally become rage

By Felix Struening

Paris. Copenhagen. Athens. The people of these European cities already know what civil war-like situations look like, mostly triggered by Muslim immigrants. The police and authorities are helpless against the marauding masses and often also are held on a short leash by Gutmensch-politicians. The economic crisis is gravely adding to the already simmering clash, and social tensions. Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, a controversial writer and one of the most prominent terrorism experts and opponents of Islam in Germany, strongly warns in his new book Caution: Civil War! (Vorsicht Bürgerkrieg!) about the risk of an escalation. [Although there is an enormous media and advertising blockade, the book in the meanwhile has become a bestseller in Germany.]

In his arguments he brings out the big guns, and fulminates in clear polemics against Islam and German Politics: “The political, economic and ethnic crash that in the 21st century is spreading like a shroud over the world might overshadow the 20th Century version.”

The financial crisis as a starter and amplifier

In first part of Caution: Civil war!, the current financial crisis and the resulting expected social tensions are a prelude. As with his previous books, Udo Ulfkotte often bases his argumentation on documents and insights which usually only come before the eyes of a handful people: the secret plans of the Federal Government, the Armed Forces and secret services. Many of his sources, however, are also accessible to the public, as the author argues, and he therefore offers (additional) links to all 857 footnotes of the book on a dedicated website.

Udo Ulfkotte naturally begins his book with threat scenarios, and shows why the government and secret services have long been preparing to respond to uprisings — if necessary even with military means. The book has an enclosed foldable map that shows 150 residential districts where riots are feared in the near future. In the Federal Ministry of the Interior that map is unofficially called the Atlas of Rage [bmp file]. And yet while in public view the effective deployment of the armed forces in Germany is being discussed, this reason alone already offers ample ammunition for (domestic) city-battles.

Europe versus Islam

What the financial crisis will ultimately lead to is the strengthening of the already existing internal conflicts between the left wing and right wing, and between immigrants and natives. And with these issues the author is dealing with the subject he is dedicated to, and about which he is totally informed. With the help of countless newspaper articles and series of events, he demonstrates that the integration of Muslims in Europe has failed.

Udo Ulfkotte speaks openly of what weighs heavy on the heart of many Europeans — or better still — on their stomachs: many Muslim immigrants are, due to their low educational level and high unemployment rate, a burden on our welfare state and have such an above-average crime rate that of the much-praised cultural enrichment nothing remains but social debts.

But anyone speaks out as clearly as this will immediately be pushed in a right-wing corner by the media and politicians, so that they do not need to address the reality that emerges from statistics and studies. Even when this comes from their own studies, such as the report Muslims in Germany, issued at the end of 2007 by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, which mainly shows the resistance to integration. Or perhaps the report latest study [pdf, 10Mb] of the same ministry [Department for Migration and Refugees], “Muslimisches leben in Deutschland” [Muslim life in Germany], conducted at the behest of the Islam Konferenz [an organization for the dialogue between the German State and Muslims], in which it was suddenly discovered that there are over one million more Muslims living in Germany than previously thought. [The older estimate was between 2.1 and 2.3 million plus 1.7 to 2 million (p.78), but seems to be between 3.8 and 4.3 million — which makes the percentage Muslims in Germany between 4.6% and 5.2% (pp.80, 81, 84)].

Not just an Anti-Utopia — but also a Status Quo
- - - - - - - - -
Unlike the current political-intellectual critique from inside the system, such as Axel Brüggemann (“We take our politics back”) or Gabor Steingart (“The question of power”), Udo Ulfkotte does not mince words. He writes about the anger of the population and of the barbarization of society, and documents the current mood with many quotes and comments from websites. Caution: Civil war! is not the only polemic; widely respected authors like Henryk M. Broder [Critique of pure tolerance ( Kritik der reinen Toleranz ) and Hooray, we surrender!, the lust of giving in (“Hurra, wir kapitulieren!”)] are provocative writers who were subsequently attacked. The book by Ulfkotte is above all a shocking wake-up call. This will likely not make it the easy for the author, but with its clear pointer “to the top”, he will find many followers.

The book shows daily injustice in various dimensions: In German judicature there is an ever more frequent “immigrant-bonus” for offenders, either in the case of honor crimes or violence against infidels. Dominated by the old sixty-eighters’ leftist politics, police and prosecuting authorities repeatedly enforce silence about the real perpetrators of numerous crimes: those who suffer most from that are the policemen themselves. For example, during the May 1 demonstrations in Berlin they were no longer only attacked by leftists, but also by many migrants. “The rule of law is finished,” as the author concludes.


Controversial author and Islam critic

Now Udo Ulfkotte is probably one of the most controversial writers, and as a person has also repeatedly affronted in the Islam-critical scene. In 2007, as part of his co-initiated “citizens’ movement Pax Europe [which had as its motto “The Secret of freedom is courage”], he co-organized the anti-Islam demonstration in Brussels (and Cologne), but afterwards dissociated himself from his own organization.

The hardest front the author faces though is of the left-wing media landscape, and of course the Muslims themselves. In June 2008 he received thousands of death threats from the Islamic side, after a fake YouTube video appeared in which two people pretending to be Ulfkotte and his wife insulted and denounced Islam.

Also as a publisher, Udo Ulfkotte is controversial [according to the writer of this article — VH], because he withdrew his book The War In Our Cities — How Radical Islamists Undermine Germany” (Der Krieg in unseren Staedten — Wie radikale Islamisten Deutschland unterwandern) in 2003 at the demand of the Islamic Federation and numerous other Islamic organizations.

[Note: Ulfkotte himself writes about this: “Most of the forecasts I made in the book (The War In Our Cities) have been confirmed by reality, but Islamists have succeeded in forcing the publisher to quietly take it off the market in the summer of 2006, after the book had passed all legal hurdles and was selling strongly. Islamists from Birmingham and Vienna threatened a flood of law suits. (…)” — VH]

One year later, his home and office were searched, because he was suspected of breach of secrecy and bribery of police officers.

[Note: Udo Ulfkotte on his website writes about this search: “In March 2004, my home and the offices of my wife, in a different building, were searched. The allegation? Bribery of civil servants and accessory to treason. I felt like I was in a movie. Never had I offered money for information to any civil servant. The authorities had actively leaked information to me for over a decade, and their representatives had always encouraged me to publish. (…) My documentation came from the documents of intelligence services. Wire-tapped phone conversations, secret photos of Islamist meetings, manhunts, exchange of findings between European intelligence services.”

In his personal life he also endured the consequences: “Old friends started avoiding me, neighbors started to refuse to accept packages for a “criminal”, and my wife lost her means of income. A picture of her offices from the outside appeared in a yellow-journalism newspaper and made sure that the clients of her accounting service were warned not to do business with a ‘criminal’.”

In court, however, his information and sources had to remain confidential: “I had not taken into account that in a court no intelligence service will disclose its sources and processes of gaining information to become part of the public record. I alone was therefore going on trial.” Apart from that, when he did produce other documents, “the Islamists from the camouflaged fronts of the Muslim Brotherhood simply denied their content. Even when public, official reports — for example, from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Germany — confirmed my statements, those suing me denied their content and filed another lawsuit against the relevant government office. The whole exercise was getting expensive, and soon my legal costs exceeded €50,000.” This lawfare gave him the impression “that some of the claimants were cynically exploiting the opportunities offered by the German constitution while seeking at the same time to destroy that very same constitution and the state.” An interesting example he mentions is that “plaintiffs (one of them today the best known spokespeople for Muslim organizations in Germany) claimed, for instance, that they never celebrated the attacks on 9/11, although they were filmed doing so by intelligence services. They knew that members of these services would never show their faces in court.”

Furthermore, if there would have been any untrue information in his books, that had been combed line by line by government clerks, it certainly would have been used widely and openly against him. Ulfkotte: “For the record, once again: nobody accuses me of spreading untrue information in public statements or in books on the terror networks in Germany and the danger they represent to the public. On the contrary, this information is based on the truth, but is obviously perceived as being such a threat to the public that it cannot be allowed to spread. However, if you concentrate too much on the bearer of bad news, the real danger sometimes gets forgotten.”]

Other allegations attempted to undermine the credibility of the publicist. In the book Holy War in Europe two errors were discovered. However, this does not mean that the hundreds of other sources and statements are incorrect. The same might be the case with Caution: Civil War! — in the vast quantity of facts there could be one or a few errors. The basic mood of the book, however, portrays an alarming reality, whether some facts may appear exaggerated or polemical or not.

Whoever wants to impute the author with scaremongering or even racist incitement is confusing cause and effect. Integration problems in Germany and Europe mainly come from Muslims themselves, and are caused by the politics of silence. And if you can not speak out anymore, we have already given up our freedoms.

VH adds this list of at-risk neighborhoods that is said to have been compiled by the German government in response to the riots in Paris in 2005:







Hamburg-Harburg/Heimfeld Nord
Hamburg-Billstedt Siedlung Sonnenland
Hamburg-Osdorf(Osdorfer Born)


Oldenburg-Kennedy Viertel




Hannover Mittelfeld


Hildesheim-Neu Drispenstedt

Salzgitter-Ost und Westsiedlung


Berlin-Lichterfelde Süd zwischen Fahrenheit und Celsiusstr.Lichtegrade-Marienfelde, Siedlung Tischenreutherring












Göttingen-Grone Süd

Gelsenkirchen-Schalke Nord



Herne-Bickern/Unser Fritz






Krefeld-Kanesdyk früher Birkschendyk


Düsseldorf-Flingern Süd und Oberbilk

Mondheim-Berliner Viertel










Bad Godesberg








Offenbach-Lohwald Siedlung

Darmstadt-Eberstadt Süd

Aachen-Ostviertel/Rothe Erde



Flörsheim am Main

Wiesbaden-Biebrich Südost

Ingelheim-Hinter der Ohrenbrücke Rheinweg







Heidelberg-Kirchheimer Weg Im Mörgelgewann



Nürnberg-Südstadt um den Herschelplatz



Passau-Strassenzüge am Omnibusbahnhof



Schongau-Wohngebiet im Tal

Neu Ulm-Vorfeld





Watching Eagle said...

I think that they are low-balling the numbers. I had read that there are at least 3 Million Turks in Germany, and at least 5 Million Muslims in Germany. I also read in The Last Days of Europe, by Walter Laqueur, that the Muslim population in Germany is projected to Reach 7.2 Million by 2015. It appears that Germany is a prime destination for Al-Mujiharoun (Muslim settlers)-- Remember the government is trying to low-ball the number of Muslims to "prevent racism and xenophobia". There are 1.5 Million Muslims that settle in Europe every year. Any figures for a few years ago are out of date-- Just look on the streets of these cities, and you can know that Muslims are more numerous than just a few years ago.

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

Note that it appears that at least some government officials and agencies can also see what is coming, but the government will not change its policy of importing millions more ULTRA-VIOLENT THIRD WORLD BARBARIAN THUGS.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get an English translation of this book ?


In October 2003 Gerhard Schröder(SPD) was German Chancellor. 19 MEPs of the German parliament had put a total of 50 uncomfortable questions to his government. They were all about Muslims in Germany. Schroeder's government had to respond. For that he had Udo Ulfkotte to thank. After that there were six house searches for alleged "secret treason" at Udo Ulfkotte's place.
More than five years later an investigation by the Munich public prosecutor makes it clear how much the Schröder-Government-Members had cheated in October 2003 for reasons of "political correctness".
More here in German.

Unknown said...

@ eric1234: I have been looking for it, but unfortunately, it seems there is not (yet) an English language edition of "Vorsicht Bürgerkrieg!"


What about the storm clouds gathering in the USA?

The U.S. Army is preparing itself for "shocks" in the homeland. With electric guns (Tasers) and barbed wire, armed members of the U.S. Army prepare to use force at the home front.

The "U.S. Army" in silence is getting ready for "unconventional strategic shocks"- at least this is the official language at the Pentagon. In a White Paper of the Institute for Strategic Studies of the U.S. Army it is warned that the armed forces must be prepared that "strategic violent riots might emerge in the United States", caused by an "unforeseen economic collapse" as well as "resolute opposition at home".

Along with the missions of U.S. armed forces in domestic conflicts and the fact that the U.S. Army recently has purchased protective suits, suggests that the American authorities, given the worsening economic crisis, are preparing for measures that will be taken to cordon off certain areas or even tougher actions by the state police.

By F. William Engdahl

nb said...


joe six-pack said...

I am convinced that this war is going to become much, much larger before it is over. These problems are all over the world. We ARE seeing them in the U.S. although they are not as far along as in Europe. Most likely because our Muslim population is not a large a percentage of the overall population. Islam has many issues that are of the type that wars are fought over. Sooner or later it has to reach a decisive point.

Afonso Henriques said...

So many no-go zones!!!
I mean, we have a 50 of them here in the Greater Lisbon area only. But outside of it, the no go zones are few and mainly constitute of poor neighbourhoods inhabited by drug adicts and/or gypsies.
What surprises me is the descentralisation of the no go zones throughout Germany.

We don't have much problems with muslims. Oficailly, here the no go zones in the area of Lisbon are:

"For the most part these are social habitations where the dominant population is of African ethnicity. The second most represented group is that of the Gypsies.
Most of the inhabitants work in low income jobs and recieve various social subsidies. In these neighbourhoods the police underlines the presistence of the traffic of drugs and weapons as common crimes. There are also gangs of youths especialised in the theft of wheeled veichles and robberies with resource to weapons of fire as well as forgery of documents.

But really the muslims are worst than Africans and Gypsies not in their behaviours but because they have a political support behind them.
And when I say political support I don't really mean the political support of Saudi Arabia, Iran or our own multicultural institutions, I refer rather to the indeed meta-political inherent character of it because that's a character that you can't ever simply kick out of a "good person of muslim background".

That characther is inherent to a "good person of muslim background" and you can't find an interinsical organisation, of both vallues and communities, in other Third Worlders, may them be of African, "Latin"-Native American, or any Asian extraction.

The muslims have a Civilisation that can rival to ours, and that's that greateness that makes them such a pain in the ass.

Colonialism: Muslims were the only ones to colonise Europe that are still arround. (Although I believe East Asians would be capable of that entreprise as well).

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

From the evidence it is obvious that there is a proto-civil war in Europe, it is clear to see three of the four central protagonists.

The first being the left, second the Islamists, the role of the third protagonist is less clear to define as it has concealed itself behind the politics of illusion, publicly defining itself as conservative e.g. the U.K. Conservative Party.

This "conservative" protagonist shimmers in opposition to the left and the islamists blocks but covertly supports the same "elitist" and totalitarian outcomes.

The fourth and what will be the most powerful protagonist is yet to manifest itself as a coherent block, it will not in any way be in alignment with any of the other blocks or mimic any part of the established political spectrum. More likely its core value and sympathies will be from a redefined christian perspective.

The 1st Earl of Cromer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The 1st Earl of Cromer said...

I taught in Kiel-Gaarden, and I can tell you now I would not be surprised if there was trouble there.

The Turks born in Germany are only half the problem - there was always a new influx of Turks or Arabs or Kurds, invariably young men with hardly any German, who were stuck in classes to sit there either disrupting the lessons or scowling because Germany does not recognise qualifications from certain other countries - but has no qualms about inviting them over and letting them live off the state, for some reason.

There were violent fights all the time, harassment of women, disobedience of female teachers, gang clashes between Turks and Kurds which spilled on to the streets, you name it.

I remember one lesson on identity; when the kindly German teacher asked the class 'what made them German', there was uproar. Over 75% of them weren't German, and they weren't shy about making that clear - or the contempt they had for Germany and Germans, particularly the women.

Arius said...

It's now too late for Europe.

Southern Wolf said...

It will not be so easy for Germany nor Europe to remove these millions of troublesome and unassimilated Muslims as it was to remove millions of law abiding and civilizing Jews.
The boy in the picture
A case might be made that were Germans truly regretful for the Holocaust they would not have permitted entry to so many Muslims who were a primary impetus to the murder of Jews.

laine said...

Although the Left is brilliant in one thing, its propaganda communication ability, it's like an idiot savant.

What kind of feeble brain could think that it would be useful in the long run to invite in millions of violence embracing primitives who share only the Left's love of totalitarianism but use it to opposite ends, to suppress women, persecute gays etc?

Leftists obviously did not plan for assimilating these opposites because the vast numbers over a short time and the leftist invention of multicult and PC don't allow assimilation.

The same supposed feminists who are still yelling about now fictional inequality caused by white men sell out abjectly to brown men on actual medieval oppression of women. Are they secretly masochists who want to be shrouded in burkas and told what to do?

Are liberal men secret sadists who can't wait for Islam to whip the women who have emasculated them back in their place?

A conservative can only observe these sickos and weep or grind one's teeth in frustration.

Watching Eagle said...


The Leftists think that the Islamists are the GUIDES who will lead us to victory over "Western Hegemony", and that if we offer them the concessions they want, what will be ussered in is the "glorious worker's paradise" foretold by Marx. They think that nothing bad can ever happen to them.

Talk about out of touch!!! They will receive 'poetic justice' right after the Muslims establish the Eurabian Caliphate-- No one will be more SHOCKED than them.

The problem is that patriots thought "we can just live our lives and things will be fine", instead of devising an all-out plan to remove Leftists from power, including the courts, academia, the media, and by dismantling the bureaucracy.

When you study history, you can see how out-of-touch and Mal-adapted Western Civilization IS at this point.

Concerning the Burqa/ Niqab, even if it is banned in Denmark (by legislative act), Muslimas will still wear it in defiance, there will be all softs of lawsuits (backed by Leftist lawyers) against the Law, the Muslim settlers will demonstrate all over Europe [joined by Leftists] in support of the burka, and the OIC will launch UN resolutions against Denmark -- which are more scary to the elite than Nuclear attacks.

Just look at this link from France

Burka debate

See how well the Muslima played it? And look at how that guy for whatever 'human rights' group of the Left that argued FOR the burka to be legal(!)

I hope that people like Zenster will WAKE UP and realize that the PC MC LEFTISTS are the DONKEYS (and camels) of the Islamists, and must be Stopped (and removed from power) NOW(15 years ago would have been much better). Otherwise, the Islamists will get Shariah, and probably their Eurabian Caliphate, in the next 30 years in the EU.

Look at THIS tidbit:

Imposing the 'superheroine swimsuit' in the UK

Islamists HAVE found camels to carry the West down the road to Shariah-- They are the PC MC Leftists.