Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Cargo-Bike Imam on Food

This latest episode of Najib Amhali as the Cargo-Bike Imam was taped from a TV screen, so the quality is somewhat lower. But I know all you Cargo-Bike Imam junkies need your fix, so this will just have to do:

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As usual, our Flemish correspondent VH did the translation, and Vlad Tepes did the subtitling.

For more information on the background of this peculiar fellow, see the Cargo-Bike Imam on Religion. There are also previous episodes covering Education, Music, and Travel.

Hat tip: Paul Weston.


Free Hal said...

Hi Baron,

The Cargo Bike Imam appears to be a good example of what you might call pro-Multiculturalist "Wind-Up".

Leftwing pro-MC types do this, usually by trying to torment you with a worrying news item. You know the routine. It’s about wielding the upper hand when you have too much confidence and nothing to say.

Michael Hodges’ article in Time Out, “Is London’s Future Islamic?”, is almost certainly another example ( ), although commentators couldn’t work out if it was a proposal or satire. Neither – just “Wind Up”.

The Cargo Bike guy, being Moroccan born, is an unusual candidate for this sort of leftwing sarcasm – you can’t really call it satire. From your wiki link, , he seems to have good Dutch and does comedy for Dutch and Muslim audiences.

I envisage his “cabaret” routines tending to the collusive and self-congratulatory: “Just think how shocked the fascists would be if they were here!!!”

Best wishes,