Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taught to Hate the Police

Cultural Enrichment News

Zonka has translated another article about the situation in Vollsmose. He includes this explanatory note:

As a follow-up to the story about the shootings in Vollsmose, have interviewed one of the Enrichers, who is telling a tale that should send shivers down our collective spine.

I believe he is exaggerating somewhat and laying it on a bit thick to paint himself and the Vollsmose immigrants in a better light, but there is no mistaking the main message. There definitely is hate between the immigrants and the police (and the Danes in general), and they are arming themselves and preparing for the upcoming fight (which the other side [our side] is unfortunately neglecting)…

The translated article:

Children in Vollsmose taught to hate the police

In Vollsmose the mistrust of the police has grown to a level higher than hate. Even the children are being taught to hate the police. The car burnings on Thursday and the gunshots were only the warm-up, according to the 29-year-old Malkit.

Vollsmose: Malkit sits in the corner furthest back in the small bar in Odense. While he tells me about the incidents on Thursday in Vollsmose, he looks nervously around to make sure nobody is watching him talking to me,

Because he was there that night. Just as he has been there before. Just as he always is there.

Fundamental Police-hate

It was around 11pm when he got the call on Thursday evening. “The shootings are on” was the message, and he had to hurry from his apartment in Egeparken.

This is how it is. Even though Malkit studies at the university and stays away from crime, the solidarity between him and the other residents of Vollsmose is unbreakable.

“We help each other. That’s actually what started the whole thing on Thursday,” says Malkit.

The cars were already burning when he ran towards Bøgeparken, and when he arrived everything was chaos.

“It was absolutely crazy. You have to understand that there is a fundamental hate towards the police; trust is at an absolute minimum,” says Malkit.

An hour previously people had congregated around an wrecked hit-and-run-driver. They knew the driver of the BMW and wanted to help him.

Malkit says that many of those present didn’t understand why the police, who had chased the driver, didn’t call an ambulance.

Arms Race in Vollsmose
- - - - - - - - -
“It is not true that it [the ambulance] couldn’t come in,” says Malkit, and shakes his head so that his long black hair falls down into his eyes.

“There weren’t that many present at the moment. But when the police used pepper-spray against those that were closest to the car, the trouble began, and the rest of us were notified,” says Malkit, and fixes his hair behind his ears.

This time the disturbances were over by 1am, but Malkit predicts that it will end with a “bang”.

“We have weapons in Vollsmose. Plenty of weapons. Machineguns, explosives, guns and all the weapons, you can’t even imagine. It is only a matter of time. When the police open fire, Vollsmose opens fire, and then chaos and ghetto conditions will reign,” he says.

Until then several of the neighborhood’s young men are training in the use of hand weapons.

“Every Friday they go to Agedrup and practice. Sometimes behind Vollsmose. They want to defend themselves against racism and Nazism,” he explains.

In particular, racism is the reason for the deep hatred against the police, Malkit believes.

“Everybody in Vollsmose hates the police. Young and old. Parents even teach their kids that the police are evil,” he says.

“It is because they misuse their authority and behave in a racist fashion towards us.”

Malkit looks over his shoulder and stubs out his cigarette in the ashtray.

“I have already said too much.”

Malkit wishes to remain anonymous, fearing the reaction from his support base, and thus Malkit is not his real name.

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spackle said...
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spackle said...

"They want to defend themselves against racism and Nazism,” he explains."

Ah yes, those invisible Nazis once again . After all, we hear stories of enrichers being beaten everyday. Their mothers and sisters being gang raped and their Mosques being desecrated. I wonder what their reaction would be if those things ACTUALLY took place instead of in their paranoid schizophrenic brains.

Talk about mass hysteria! Back in the day the Nazis would kill something like twenty civilians for every German killed. Now one white male beating up a minority is equivalent to a million assaults. The mindset of the enrichers reminds me of what led to the Rwandan massacre. It is like a bad recipe. Take one part uneducated, superstitious and tribal people. Add another part of a Religion bent on world domination. Toss in a healthy dose of Misogyny (especially towards white woman). Throw them into a do-gooder Western nation. Bake at 550 degrees for 50 or more years, and BOOM! You have one very nasty cake.

Homophobic Horse said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the weapons came from former Yugoslavia, and possibly by extension, Iran.

El said...

go danes, wipe your streets clean of these animals.

Czechmade said...

Pooor people, they should rush home and ask for asylum. Problem solved.

Imagine refugee camps in their homelands.

I guess those nasty policemen totally destroyed their rare islamic sense of honour. Their lives are ruined, no honour, no oxygen. The guns are a therapy and medicine to these desolated sensitive souls.