Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cultural Enrichment in Flanders

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Flemish correspondent Y_not has translated three cultural enrichment news stories. The first two concern incidents in Brussels, and the third involves an enriched encounter on public transportation in Mechelen.

First, the two articles about riots in Brussels. From De Standaard:

Collision between youth and police in Anderlecht [municipality in Brussels]

Wednesday August 26, 2009

ANDERLECHT — Close to the metro station Aumale in Anderlecht last Wednesday there was a collision between a group of twenty young people and the police. The incident occurred around 17.00 hours, when agents of the Federal Police were checking the identities of two people following a violent robbery that had occurred.

These checks led to a gathering of about twenty young people. They insulted the officers and pelted them with projectiles. The agents called for backup and police dogs from the federal police.

The police then wanted to determine the identity of some of these youngsters. A 25-year-old man grabbed one officer and also hit two others several times, while he tried to rob them of their weapons. He was bitten in the thigh by a police dog, carried to the hospital, and then put in jail.

Eventually the officers left the scene of the incident under a rain of projectiles. A policeman was hit in the neck.

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Here’s another source with the same article but a different title: “Youth in Anderlecht expel police with projectiles”.

From Het Laatste Nieuws:
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Heavy riots between youth and police in Anderlecht and Molenbeek

Thursday August 27, 2009

During the riots last night in the Brussels municipality of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, the police of the Brussels Area West arrested two youths. This was reported by the Brussels public prosecutor today.

The two, 18 and 21 years old, were administratively detained, not suspected of any crime. They have been released. The police of the southern zone Brussels (Anderlecht / Sint-Gillis / Vorst) meanwhile reported that on their territory last night no incidents took place, contrary to what was previously reported. [Note: this is not about the riot described in the above article; that happened the day before.]

Metro Station Aumale

Wednesday in Anderlecht, at the Aumale metro station, there were indeed collisions between the police and youths as agents wanted to arrest some pickpockets. During the night a subway escalator was set on fire with a Molotov cocktail. This morning there were several media reports of new incidents in the territory of Anderlecht, but the local police denied that any incidents occurred.

Tires on fire

In neighboring Sint-Jans-Molenbeek the police had a restless night, especially around the Ribaucourtstraat. It began at 22.15 when a police car got a brick through the windshield. It became really serious about 23.30 hours. Young people had set fire to tires, and when the firemen arrived, they were pelted with rocks. The police reacted and were soon confronted with a hundred youngsters.

Some of them crawled over the fence of a building, penetrated the courtyard, and set two cars on fire. Four other cars were also damaged, in addition to four doors.

Passersby attacked with pepper spray

Two passersby, who asked a group of youngsters what was going on, were attacked with pepper spray and received several kicks and blows. Their attackers also went off with the wallet of one of the victims.

The Brussels West police were strengthened by other local police zones of the Brussels Capital-Ixelles and by two water-cars of the federal police. At 2.15 am there were three charges by the police, then calm gradually returned. At 3 am agents noticed at the Zwarte Vijversplein fifteen young people who looked like rioters. On seeing the police they ran away, but the officers managed to arrest two young people. The 18-year-old Abdelkader and the 21-year-old Salih were administratively detained and released after several hours.

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Here’s another source (a shorter article which does not mention the above two names).

[Note: we all know what it means when the MSM talks about young people, youngsters, etc., especially in that neighborhood.]

One last small article from De Morgen:

Woman (21) hits elderly woman on bus in Mechelen

The local police in Mechelen have arrested a 21-year-old immigrant woman after an incident on a bus. She had hit an elderly woman several times.

The young woman from Kontich stepped on the bus without paying. When the driver wanted to call her back, she pretended she did not hear him. A 71-year-old female from Mechelen who was also on the bus wanted to alert her that the driver called her. This caused a minor altercation between the two women, and then the young woman struck a few blows to the elderly woman.

The victim suffered only several minor injuries in the face.

Y_not adds these thoughts:

Note the fact that there were “only” several injuries to the woman’s face.

It touches me deeply that elderly persons, who worked their entire lives, are literally hit in the face by mass-immigration in Europe. Not only that, a lot of these elderly persons are frequently the victims of pickpockets and robberies, often with severe injuries as a consequence.

In July there was a report about four elderly people between 70 and 90 years old (!) severely beaten up during and after robberies.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.


thll said...

The solution is simple - one harsh response designed to teach a hard lesson.

thll said...

"It touches me deeply that elderly persons, who worked their entire lives, are literally hit in the face by mass-immigration in Europe. Not only that, a lot of these elderly persons are frequently the victims of pickpockets and robberies, often with severe injuries as a consequence."

I know it sounds callous, but this is what these people have been voting for all these years. And I fear many will continue voting for it.

Free Hal said...

Hi thll,

I agree. People make their own history.

It's true European electorates have never voted for large scale immigration. But they haven't seriously indicated that they will vote against it either.

And now that the reality is coming to light, I see precious little search for solutions, as opposed to whining at the politicians who led them into it in the first place.

Those of us who see the problem in its unvarnished glory are most likely to steer clear of the symptoms.

So these stories occasionally touch me just a little less deeply than other readers!

Best wishes,


laine said...

It's true that Europeans are now starting to reap what they've sown by voting for it.

Even with the obstacle of a media co-opted by the left and suppressing everything related to immigration, people have their own eyes and ears. In the secrecy of the voter's booth, they could have thrown out the most strident communist enablers of colonization disguised as immigration and voted in Geert Wilders and more Pim Fortuyn type of politicians as these appeared. Instead, they continued their lazy voting for incumbents "I recognize that name, I'm still getting my state lollipops, must be good".

Those now old calculated that they could grab their redistributed loot before the whole Ponzi scheme collapsed and the immigration bill came due, but now find that the process has been accelerated to the point that their own twilight years are threatened.

So sad. You were bad citizens. You sucked at the teat of big government rather than take responsibility for yourselves and are now being elbowed aside by younger foreigners even more shameless than you. You wanted to play Lady Bountiful for people you did not bother to get to know. Multiculturalism apparently means ignorance of all cultures including your own and automatic obsequiousness to foreign cultures while denigrating your own.

So here's a question for leftist brainiacs. Why is immigration traffic all from the "marvelous" foreign cultures to your home, the one with the "crappy" culture? Why are no leftists moving to their socialist paradises, instead of remaking our society into a crazy quilt of failed foreign cultural practices?

How does sheer common sense get steam- rollered out of the majority in European schools and half the population in American schools? Why is public education so good at turning out fools who cannot think for themselves?

Free Hal said...

Hi laine,

This is why it's long past time for lamenting the awfulness of a situation which is largely self-inflicted.

The need now isn't to decry the situation, but to work out how to solve it. The less we do so, the more internecine the results will be.

Best wishes,