Saturday, August 22, 2009

Educational Enrichment

According to official statistics, immigrants to Vienna in record numbers are taking advantage of educational opportunities offered by the Austrian state.

Our Austrian correspondent ESW has translated an article from the print edition of Die Presse, July 23, 2009, page 10:

Migrant Coaching: Ninety percent attend courses

Whether the new educational offerings are effective, remains unclear, as are its evaluation methods.

In the first half of 2009, ninety percent of those who have immigrated to Vienna since October 2008 have taken advantage of the city’s advisory services as well as educational courses. These numbers document the migrants’ increasing interest in taking advantage of support during their first months in their new home — Vienna. However, that’s as yet the most conclusive statement extracted from the data presented by Vienna’s integration secretary, Sandra Frauenberger. (SPÖ)

The problem is: It is not possible to tell how many of the 3,000 “clients” taking advantage of the new courses — which, according to Frauenberger are “a success” — have really learned something they find useful in their daily lives.
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The city offers those with a settlement permit not only coaching on an individual basis, but also health and German language courses. There are no precise evaluation methods regarding the effectiveness of these courses; at least, Frauenberger is maintaining a low profile in replying to a question on whether the attendants will be interviewed about the courses: “That might be a possibility.”

It is a fact, however, that the majority of “New Viennese” appear to be greatly interested in further education. Two thirds of those polled want to continue their education in Austria, fourteen percent already have a university degree, while twenty-eight percent finished high school. That nineteen percent of those polled “do not want to work at all” is a result that screams for follow-up action. Frauenberger has to concede the point.

Notice the highlighted section: a full nineteen percent of those who attend the classes do not even intend to work. That is, a fifth of immigrants to Vienna avail themselves of state-financed education as guests of the Austrian nation, and yet they have no plans to do anything afterwards except live on welfare benefits, funded by the Austrian taxpayer.

A system this perverse is unstable and cannot persist. Something has to give.


One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

"...a fifth of immigrants to Vienna...have no plans to do anything...except live on welfare benefits, funded by the Austrian taxpayer."

Indeed, this is entirely consistent with the Muslims modus operandi for the past 1,400 years: Muslims are PARASITES.
And they are, indeed, as has been commented here on GoV many times, an opportunistic infection. Certainly my parents generation would have instantly seen this policy of virtually unlimited welfare for aliens who admit that they will sponge off of the system but never contribute to it, for the absolute lunacy that it is.

laine said...

The permanent Welfare Muslims are actually still waging jihad in the laziest most dilatory way, that's not to say it isn't effective. They help drain the resources of the host state while buffing their nails and impregnating their (many) wives, resources that are not available for defense of the host state against the more active jihadis.

Thus even the slugs of Islam contribute to its expansion.