Friday, August 28, 2009

Leftist Lemmings

lem·ming (lmng): A member of any group following an unthinking course towards destruction [Norwegian]

— Collins Essential English Dictionary 2nd Edition 2006 (c) HarperCollins Publishers 2004, 2006

Below is a translation by our Flemish correspondent VH from the Vlaams Belang website:

Leftist Lemmings

By Benno Barnard

My annoyance with the left is steadily increasing. All those theses about society are nothing but barren leaves in a herbarium.

Many people demand my head since I wrote in a newspaper that “Inch’Allah?” by Filip Dewinter demonstrates a reasonable understanding of our multicultural mirth.

Please pray for me, I said — but the scope of Dewinter’s book does not differ significantly from the scope of documents and manifestoes that Salman Rushdie, Bernard-Henri Lévy, and Ian McEwan have published and signed, not to mention the warning words of intellectuals who have fled the Muslim world — and we feel rather let down because their message makes us far too nervous. This inclination is that Islam as a political ideology is a big black block of male aggression, pitch-dark obscurantism, and profound backwardness, aimed against everything we hold — or should hold — dear.

In the large cities of Western Europe, gays are bullied away by their Muslim neighbors, and teachers in secondary education are terrorized by Muslim boys, while girls demonstrate for headscarves, like chicken for battery cages. And these are only two examples of the increasing terror of Islam, fueled by sermons of imams and the waste that is imported via satellite dishes from the many Muslim dictatorships. Nevertheless, there are still intellectuals who insist that we must have confidence in the emancipatory strength of Islam.

But the emancipatory strength of that belief is rather limited. Intellectuals, in following Hegel, often detest facts, but the truth (the uncomfortable side effect of their library) that there is not any one country in the world with a Muslim majority where the minority may enjoy de facto equal rights — on the contrary, they are usually harassed, discriminated against, or even murdered.
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The insane situation has arisen, however, in which nasty accusations are hurled at you as an Islam-critic only because you warn that the salon, where our ancestors displayed the treasures of our liberal civilization threatens to go up in smoke; yes, the carpet is already smoldering… You are a suspect because you think it is a wise idea to call the fire fighters when it burns.

Meanwhile the gauchists [leftists] talk about Muslims in the way nannies talk about the children whose care they are entrusted with.

A certain Marc Botenga states on a leftist website the following about Ahmadinejad’s intentions regarding Israel:

As for Israel I can be quite clear: he always has compared the disappearance of Israel with the disappearance of South Africa. He says: “The Apartheid regime is gone, so why would the regime in Israel not disappear?” This is very different from wiping the country off the map.

Of course, you might also quote Ahmadinejad as an authority on gay rights.

Ah, you leftist lemmings! What self-hatred is it that makes your brains continuously produce Manichean schematics with on the one side depraved Westerners — Americans, Zionists, Islam-critics — and on the other people who are suitable because they are poor and pitiful?

A short while ago, Ella Vogelaar, a wonderfully vulgar-sounding Dutch socialist, invoked once again the fatal parallel: Geert Wilders was a Nazi, and the Moroccans of the fourth generation were similar to the Jewish refugees in the thirties.

The truth is that the Nazis hate Wilders. Last year the National Socialist Action/Autonomous National Socialists (NSA/ANS) organized a demonstration against Wilders on the Binnenhof in The Hague. In their eyes he is nothing but a “dirty Zionist”. And the Dutch People’s Union (NVU) accuses Wilders of being bent on a civil war between Muslims and Christians, while those groups according to the NVU should precisely form a united front against Zionism, Capitalism, and American Imperialism, for those are the enemies the extreme right…

Wilders and Dewinter: I believe that you cannot blame the alarm clock for ringing loudly.


laine said...

The salient point above that should be sufficient warning alone against Muslim immigration is that not a single Muslim nation out of 57 gives equal rights to non-Muslims. In fact, they all indulge in religious cleansing to a greater or lesser degree, from harassment to beheadings.

This needs to be nailed on the forehead of every fool leftist so his fellow leftists can read it until it sinks into the concrete block they use for a brain.

No one has to speculate about how Muslims will behave when they increase their numbers in a previously non-Muslim country. We have several laboratories to see the process: far gone (Egypt) to intermediate (Lebanon) to brisk beginning (dhimmi European nations).

Decatur said...

Laine is right about the concrete blocks these Leftists have as heads. Try as I might I simply cannot get past a certain point when attempting to understand precisely what it is that draws Left-wingers to support Islamists. I know women who have been active and committed feminists for over 40 years, but who still turn a blind eye to Islamic treatment of women, if I put forward an instance of oppression they retort with American oppression. This is as far as it goes, and eventually I’m met with obstinacy and a sullen silence. At this point I’m reaching for Laine’s hammer and nails!
A universal feature of Islamist supporting Leftists is their hatred of Israel and that in turn appears to be a result of a relentless hatred of the United States. Is it the success of US Capitalism & Liberty at the expense of Communism that brings them to the irrational position of supporting those who would oppress them? Did the Left expect a war weary world to embrace their winning ideology once they had defeated their former Nazi allies? I suspect they did, and when the world turned against their form of totalitarianism too, this loss became intolerable and they stepped up their tactics. As long as the United States exists as a beacon of success to Free Market Capitalism and Liberty the Left cannot claim that their opposing system is superior; hence the current US administration with its Marxist and revolutionary advisors is attempting to “fundamentally transform “America from within.
It seems that some Left-wingers will accommodate any ideology, any form of wickedness, any deception in order to achieve their own agenda which is total control (always hidden under a cloak of concern for the poor and desire for ‘fairness’). I think that there might be some truth to the claim that extreme Left-wingers are suffering from a mental disorder. I don’t mean they are mad, insane or incompetent, but like many ‘regular’ folk who have a genuine need to be constantly organized, to arrange things, to have no loose ends, these Leftists are overwhelmed with this need and they find functioning in disorder impossible. For these needy people who are really uncomfortable around disorder, total government control and Command Economics can achieve this order so much more efficiently than Free Market s and Liberty.
I am concerned that Islam with its limits on individual freedom, its simplicity, its rules, order and its worldview might have a strong appeal to controlling personalities.

Sean O'Brian said...

Unfortunately, the only female experiences that Western feminist critics and journalists attend to are those represented by middle-class and primarily white women. This is a form of cultural solipsism that enables them to support jihadism against the patriarchy without any seeming inconsistencies.

laine said...

I think one of the Left's base pathologies is narcissism. Western leftist women think their remaining petty concerns (we're over half of university undergraduates but let's not mention that, let's focus instead on Larry Sumner's nerve at stating the unpalatable truth that we're not as brilliant in advanced mathematics as men waaah! waaah!) these petty gripes are more important than those women's dilemmas who have yet to achieve basic safety of their person. It's "but enough about your risk of dying in an honor killing, let's talk about my (false) wage gap with men again".

Besides, leftism trumps feminism, gay rights etc. when push comes to shove as it always does. Feminism is wielded only against western white men and the institutions they dominated until recently. There is absolutely no desire to wield feminism against the greatest sacred cow of leftism i.e. multiculturalism. Feminists have absolutely nothing critical to say to non-white men. I think far from freeing women from burkas, die-hard western leftist women will shroud themselves in the name of multicult.