Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Apple of Allah’s Eye

Our regular tipster JD sent us a link to the website of the Toronto District School Board, whose logo bears an uncanny resemblance to you-know-what. A larger version is reproduced below:

TDSB logo

Is this merely a coincidence?
- - - - - - - - -
A careful look shows that the logo is a stylized representation of an apple either cut in half or with a bite taken out of it. The idea was presumably to symbolize the pupil’s time-honored practice of bringing an apple to his teacher. As an added bonus, the seed in the center probably represents the seeds of knowledge that are planted by dedicated teachers in the minds of their young charges, which then grows to be the tree of wisdom, bearing fruit for others to pluck, etc., etc.

It’s interesting, however, that the apple in the design is a green apple, and will likely give the teacher a stomach-ache.

And the result seems to look remarkably similar to the well-known symbol of the Religion of Peace.

But that’s just my overworked paranoid Islamophobe imagination. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


JohnLobenstein said...

Your are not paranoid. Your thought is quite appropriate and justified. Your paranoia is based on reason, history, and facts.

It is not the result of an overactive imagination or gross twisting of logic or misrepresentation of facts used to manufacture 'a poor victim'.

MariaS said...

Hi - I am shocked. It is not your over-worked imagination. This is a clear case of Stealth Jihad. I have linked your post to my blog. Thank you for noticing.


PatriotUSA said...

Maria S has it down. This is Stealth Jihad and that it what I immediately thought of when I saw this. There is reason for paranoia and that this comes out of Toronto, Canada is another thing that put my guard up.

If they wanted to use an apple an RED apple or Golden color would have been more appropriate. We have a green apple tree and we do not eat them except when used for pies, apple sauce and other goodies. I know there are edible green apples but this is pretty suspicious. Whether it is intentional or not, this smacks of dhimmi stoogery and should be changed to something not so provovative.

WAKE UP said...

No no folks, you're handling this wrong. Stay paranoid, but treat this as an apple. Ridicule works wonders.

Conservative Swede said...

Looks like a delicious Granny Smith and nothing like Jihad.

Yes, Baron, you are being paranoid here. But it's valid. Not as paranoia, but as a well-presented blog post.

There's nothing suspicious with a green apple. I'm sure they tried with a red apple first, but that would make it look exactly like a sickle... :-)

Bert said...

A thousand jihad's against the infidels at the Toronto District School board for dishonouring the symbol of islam. Burn the school board buildings down !!! Protest !!!

Unknown said...

It's just an apple.