Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Have Seen the Future — And it is Islamic

“We were not allowed to be greeted in the same way as Muslim teachers, not with the word salaam, peace, because non-Muslims cannot know what peace is.”

The MuezzinThis is a reminder that even though Islam means “peace”, there is no peace for infidels. By definition, the condition known as “peace” cannot exist except among Muslims.

The article below is further evidence that Islam is not the problem in Europe and the rest of the West. The problem is the pre-emptive surrender of our own elites to Islamic zealots.

Another example of this trend is the recent policy adopted by British municipal swimming pools which forces even non-Muslim women to wear the burkini during officially-designated Muslim swimming sessions.

There’s no need for Muslim conquest, colonization, intimidation, or infiltration when we simply walk out of our own culture and hand the keys over to Islam.

The woman in this story was forced by the terms of her employment to teach her pupils that Christianity would be abolished. Half of the school’s teachers are non-Muslims, so one presumes that they all follow the same line, otherwise they would be unable to keep their jobs.

If this is the kind of dhimmi behavior that Muslims can induce in their host countries when they are less than 10% of the population, imagine what conditions will be like when they comprise 20% — or 50%.

Are teaching jobs that hard to find in the Netherlands? Or do people really no longer care about such things?

According to NIS:

‘Apartheid at Islamic Schools’

AMSTERDAM, 18/08/09 — Orthodox Islamic schools treat Dutch teachers who are not Muslims as inferior beings. They have to have their meals separately and cannot be greeted in the same way as Muslims, says a former teacher at the As Siddieq school in Amsterdam.

Hennie Metsemakers was suspended by the school a year and a half ago because she spoke of religions other than Islam in the lessons. “I had drawn a timeline and shown the most important events of a number of beliefs on it.” Not only was that forbidden, but she was also ordered to teach the children that Christianity would be abolished, she told Het Parool newspaper.
- - - - - - - - -
A few years ago, a number of teachers had already left the As Siddieq school due to the extremely orthodox attitude of its management. According to Metsemakers, the board has meanwhile succeeded in imposing the orthodox signature on all staff members, even though half the team consists of non-Muslim teachers.

Non-Muslim teachers at As Siddieqschool and other schools are treated kindly, but not as full-value colleagues. Metsemakers had gone to work at the school full of integration ideals. “The leadership was attentive and nice, but turned out to have a hidden agenda. In the breaks, we had to eat separately. We were not allowed to be greeted in the same way as Muslim teachers, not with the word salaam, peace, because non-Muslims cannot know what peace is.”

According to Metsemakers, the school wants to teach children that they are not allowed to be friends with non-believers. “Only Muslims can after all be good people.”

Metsemakers has meanwhile warned the Education Inspectorate about the school. The As Siddieq is subsidised by the Dutch government.

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Papa Whiskey said...

IIRC, the Muslim greeting for infidels is "Peace be upon those who are rightly guided" -- that is, Muslims. No peace for kuffars.

Thrasymachus said...

This is a lovely example of selective theology, to permit our enrichers to discriminate against us when they see fit.

I remember reading quite an authoratative theological tract which stated that the As-Salamu Alaykum greeting is not actually directed to the individual, but rather to the guardian angel muslims believe accompany each human being (regardless of faith).

BeltainAmerica said...

The real reason we are handing the keys to Islam as you put it is frankly progressive values and more importantly feminism.

As these special interest groups lead mostly by women and their mangina lap dogs get more and more powerful they constantly champion and ally with other minority groups in the Western countries this includes Islam. By adding yet more minority groups they gain more numbers for their own interests and promise the new ones things in return.

They unite in their common hatred of Western Men and especially white men. Yet to call it what it is just gets you a lable as a racist.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

This kind of gullibility from a seemingly educated person is the very thing that is dragging Europe to its knees, there is no excuse for this teachers collaboration - being in Holland this person must have been aware of Geert Wilders warnings concerning Islam.

babs said...

Beltain - I really have to take issue with your analysis. I am a female and a staunch supporter of western culture. This idea, which has been presented here before, that western women are the ones selling us down the river is just silly. I think the last sentence in this article sums the problem up pretty well:

The As Siddieq is subsidised by the Dutch government.

Now let's review the male/female ratio of the gov't... I think you will find that it is overwhelmingly male. If the MEN wanted to stop this, shut this school down and make laws to prevent this they would have the power to do so...

There is no love lost between me and so called feminist orgs. But please note, the person that made the official complaint about this school is a female!

Henrik R Clausen said...

"I've seen the future - and it's murder."

Watching Eagle said...

A Story of Elite Camels-- and 'Poetic Justice'

People often think of Muslims as "people who ride camels and do weird things". This was a sterotype that Westerners gained when working on Arab oilfields in the mid-20th. Century, while Muslims were colonized and in shell-shock.

However, I now realize that modern European Muslims DO in fact ride 'CAMELS' today, in the 21st. Century. Think of it this way (with these metaphors):

Think of the West as a trailer on wheels. Think of the concessions to Shariah as 'Milestones'. Think of the Islamists as the camel drivers, who have rigged up a contraption of springs to make the camels feel the weight of the trailer on their backs when the pull the trailer down the road. The Camels are pulling the trailer down the road, because they are thirsty for the 'water' of the "socialist workers' paradise" foretold by Marx. Who are the CAMELS?

They are the delusional PC MC Leftists of the "governing class". They are intregal to the success of the Islamists, because the Trailer [West] could never be dragged down the road to Shariah and the Eurabian Caliphate by mere 'human arms' [millitary conquest].
Rather than blame the trailer all on the Muslims, we need to take the CAMELS [PC MC Leftists} away {drive the Leftists from power}. Otherwise, the Muslims are preparing a feast of Camel meat when they get to their destination (liquidation of the Leftists per Shariah).

The best parallel I can think of to what is happening is the White Settlers' Conquest of North America from the Native Americans. The Native Americans could have stopped the 'migrants' from conquering easily at first. However, the 'migrants' were NOT exactly an army, and they did NOT exactly fight a "war" against the Native Americans.

Native Americans lost because what was happening was outside their experience.

Likewise, Europeans have NEVER EXPERIENCED Al-hijra BEFORE. Even the first two jihads were simply by the sword, NOT by migration.

Another point: The Western Cultural Revolution [1963-1979] changed how the West would react to Al-Hijra.

Two more books I recommend reading:

Illustrated History British Empire

And secondly (especially chapters 5 and 6),

Changes in the West

The first book is a good objective look at what went on in forming the world of the 20th. Century --'the world as we know it'-- when there is so much Leftist propaganda on this subject.

The second link tells of what the West would have done mere decades ago.

I will expand on these books in another post soon.


"I am a female and a staunch supporter of western culture. This idea, which has been presented here before, that western women are the ones selling us down the river is just silly", babs said.

Not at all - not everywhere(!) - in Sweden there are 10 of these to the dozen. The leading prima-donna, by the name of Mona Muslim, is the probable next prime minister. Allahu Akbar.

Anonymous said...

This is a reminder that even though Islam means “peace”

I thought Islam means "submission".

Baron Bodissey said...

randian --

Do I have to sprinkle "/sarc" tags throughout my text?

Actually, Islam does mean "peace" because "peace" and "submission" are the same thing in Arabic.

As are "infidel" and "demon", "woman" and "sewer", "lover" and "goat"...


Rocha said...

Henrik R Clausen,

You could not be more right.

Watching Eagle,

That's exactlly the parallel i use when explaining the situation of europe (i just the case of WHOLE america) what europe would you like to be? USA and become a small indigenous white minority? Brazil and live in a mixed society? Or Peru and live in a white society deeply islamizated? Note that in all cases european culture is substituted for another. But i do not have faith in europe, europe is dead unless there's a big turn in events. I put my faith in Russia because Russia is fighting the infection (cultural marxism) that is killing us. Russia also has a imperial culture, if USA goes down and europe is paralysed with strife all we could do is to hope Russia will come and take its prize. It will be bloody and messy but i surely prefer a europe under russian tyranny than under islamic tyranny.

Watching Eagle said...

More points:

First, let me explain one thing about the two views of the time continumm.

Simple rule of history-- a time period is determined by what kind of people are in charge, NOT by the year on the calendar.

Thus, the 21st Century in the EU (from our perspective) could have MUCH MORE in common with the 10th. Century (of the Abbasid Caliphate) than the 20th. Century-- Because the same kind of people will be running the show in Europe (If the Islamists have their way-- By Al-Hijra).

Rocha and Randian,

Russia is 16% Muslim, but its fighting age population is much more Muslim [thus the army is about 35% Muslim now, and will be 50% in 2020]. Muslims in Russia are not as radical as in the EU [Yet]-- however, that can change. Witness the situation in the Balkans over the last 15 years. In Russia, the Islamists are outlawed, so they have to work more covertly than in the West.

The problem is that the slavic fertility rates have fallen through the floor (Russia will have a smaller population than Turkey, and maybe even than Yemen, by the second half of the 21st. Century). Meanwhile, the Muslim fertility rates are such that the Muslim population of Russia is increasing steadily.

A Coup? Maybe. However, the Islamists can afford to be patient a little longer-- but not too much longer; for they are able to build up their strength and commitment, and the non-muslims in Russia get ever weaker.

Demographic Winter may not force immigration (see Japan), but it does spell the end of a country's greatness. When a society ages, it lives in the past, and fails to care as much about the future-- it cares about peace in the short term.

Watching Eagle said...

Meanwhile, the point about the First book Illustated History British Empire

as well as the second I mentioned (Chapters 5 and 6);

Is that in the West before our Cultural Revolution, there was DEEP unease towards non-Westerners
(such as the 'Yellow Peril' the 'Irish Invasion' [of Britain], etc.) even among the political Left. This was before 'Cultural Marxism' became mainstream. Probably people were a little paranoid about it (objectively).

However, consider what the British would have done in, say, the 1930's, if Muslims were in the West demanding 'harmless' concessions.

The governing class of the day would have made Arab converts ( like Walid Shobat and Nonie Darwish), renowed journalists (like Mark Steyn, Melanie Philips, and Oriana Fallaci), and Scholars (like Bat Ye'or and Bernard Lewis), HOUSEHOLD CELEBRITIES and the governing class would have hung on their EVERY WORD.

Then, both the Right and the Left would have united to take far stronger measures than even these voices would dare suggest today.

They would say "Round all these Muslims up, and GET THEM out of our Countries, NOW!!"

If you don't believe this, look at the Japanese American Internment during WW2, and read the two books in this thread.

However, the Western Cultural Revolution changed ALL THIS, and thus, our 'governing class' does NOTHING while the West slides toward SHARIAH, while the Islamists are explaining plainly to the natives what is GOING ON!!!

We must understand what an Alice in Wonderland "circus of the reality" current Western politics is. It is NOT "NORMAL"!!!!

Only by undoing the Western Cultural Revolution can the West survive Al-Hijra.

Conservative Swede said...

Baron B,

As are "infidel" and "demon", "woman" and "sewer", "lover" and "goat"...

I'd love to see a real list like this being made. Because it can, by someone knowing Arabic.

From Daniel Pipes' site:

"In the case of s-l-m, salām means peace and salāma means safety. But the root also has many meanings unconnected to this core, such as salam (a variety of acacia) sullam (ladder), sulāmā (digital bone in the hand or foot), sulaymāni (mercury chloride), aslama (to betray) … and islām (submission).

There is no connection in meaning between salām and islām, peace and submission. These are two distinct words with unrelated meetings. In brief, "Islam = submission."

Comment: Not only is it common for the same root to mean roughly the opposite, as in the case of peace and submission, but...
"Arabists amuse non-initiates with the exaggeration that every Arabic word has four meanings – a basic one, its opposite, one related to sex, and a final one referring to camels."

laine said...

"a reminder that even though Islam means “peace”, there is no peace for infidels. By definition, the condition known as “peace” cannot exist except among Muslims".

And even for Muslims, it is the peace of submission to Allah and sharia (donning a hood of ignorance and shackles to free will fashioned 1400 years ago).

For us infidels, it is dar al-Harb (Land of War) until we are vanquished and then our choices are conversion to the brain eating ideology, serfdom to the same or death.

"we simply walk out of our own culture and hand the keys over to Islam". That's a brilliant distillation and word picture of the twilight of western civilization, Baron.

Batb should not take justified criticism of European women so personally. "Now let's review the male/female ratio of the gov't... I think you will find that it is overwhelmingly male. If the MEN wanted to stop this, shut this school down and make laws to prevent this they would have the power to do so...". For decades, the ratio of women to men in European government has been much higher than in the United States. Sweden has already been mentioned. Spain has a majority female cabinet.

Try as they might, women cannot escape their biologic nature. Women's Lib is mere decades old but women's nurturing quality and drive to pair bond to be looked after is millions of years old. It is the most progressive women who vote for and are themselves largely nanny type politicians who institute "nurturing" programs by the state that are now supposed to substitute for the family that the socialists have devalued and damaged. Feministas are under the illusion that they are now independent of men but in fact they still have a drive to be looked after should they fail. Obama is their new boyfriend who will never let them down like the other men in their life have (so they imagine). Single women were another demographic that went to Obama not Hillary and put him over the top against McCain.

Conservative women who are paradoxically both more self-reliant and more likely to conserve a healthy family situation when it comes to raising children are unfortunately in the minority. Those are just the sad facts. More women than men vote leftist. That's true in Canada and Europe as well as the United States.

A conservative woman should not feel any need to stick up for her foolish sisters on the left or pretend that they do not outnumber her or are not doing real damage.

A native prof at an American university was once told by a young white woman that she envied him his culture and that she had "none". He said when a nation's women lose faith, those people are surely lost. Certainly it's playing out that way with the plunging birth rate and constantly complaining liberal women in Eurochristian founded nations. They cannot find a single good thing to say about their own culture. Look at Hillary, making the same blame America tour as her master Obama.


"A native prof at an American university was once told by a young white woman that she envied him his culture and that she had "none"."
- - - - -
"I think that is what makes many Swedes so jealous of immigrant communities. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that binds you together.
And what have we? We have Midsummer's Eve and such geeky stuff."
- Mona Sahlin in a speech to the Turkish Youth League Euro Turk, March 2002.

"If two equally qualified persons apply for a job at a workplace with few immigrants, the one who is named Mohammed shall get the job."
- The former Minister of Immigration, Mona Sahlin, in an interview in Göteborgs-Posten October 22, 2000.

"The Swedes must be integrated into the "new Sweden", the "former Sweden" will never come back."
- Mona Sahlin in the P1-morning, Swedish Radio P1, May 17, 2001.

"I did not join the Social Democrats, I joined Olof Palme. He gave words for the anger I felt over the Vietnam War and he brought THE WORLD to Sweden."
- On the road - about dreams, anger and desire, Stockholm: The Social Democrats 2007, page 45

"This right-wing government is satanic and evil, that does not raise the ceiling, the standards, of the unemploiment benefits."
- Mona Sahlin, in the Swedish Radio P1, November 11, 2008.
- - - - -
This dear female, Mona Sahlin aka Mona Muslim, could become Prime Minister of Sweden at the election in 2010.
Gud Bevare Fosterlandet!

John Sobieski said...

AI, why do the people vote for such an evil woman? Of course I could ask the same about Obama. The west is committing cultural suicide and many apparently do not care.

Rocha said...

Watching Eagle,

Russian fertility rate increased in the last years maybe the only one to do so in the west. So russians are now just slighty below replacement level. Muslins in Russia are also at least for now in very specific regions. So they are fighting the infection. If this is enought to prevent the death of Russia as we know it i do not know yet but at least there the situation is improving not worsening.

Sean O'Brian said...


Georgia too.

Conservative Swede said...

The examples above from Rocha and Sean show the brilliance of nationally organized mythological narratives -- in this case Orthodox Christianity, but it could be a non-Christian narrative as well.

When e.g. the Georgian patriarch announces that he will personally baptized new babies from child-rich families, the Georgian people happily engage in copulation.

If the Pope would declare something similar it would just feed the destructive population explosion in Africa and elsewhere in the Third World.

Yet another example of how Orthodox Christianity works, while Western Christianity doesn't.

Key to a functional mythological narrative is: i) that it's organized nationally around an ethnic group, and ii) that they hold on to it.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Don't forget that Mona Muslim was recently in Israel appeasing Hamas. I hope the blog starts to expose Mrs Muslim next year as it is election year here next fall and she might be our next PM thus travelling around meeting other big shots like Mullah Obamaham, Gordon Brown, Sarkozy, Merkel and such. She is a disgrace for her country and I'm ashamed to call her swede.

Watching Eagle said...


The fertility rate has gone in Russia has done from native Spain's to the Native French, in the past few years.

some data

However, the Muslim population of Russia has a much healthier fertility rate, and will grow from 23 Million to 40 Million in 25 years. (Using the BLack American Population in USA from 1980 to now gives this calculation).

Probably the Russian gov't will empower Muslim fertility rates at least as much as the Slavic rates, maybe more. I don't believe that the Russian government will stop depopulation as soon as they say. However, at some point the Muslim expansion may stop the overall decline-- but how is that good.

By the Way, I am NOT a "Russophobe". I am describing what is, not how I want it to be. For the record, Russian Women had a fertility rate comparable to that of Yemen in the early 1900's. That is why Russia played such a large role in 20th. Century history.

More to the point, check out this Link

Islam in UK numbers

PC = Political Catastrophe pointed out that there has been a rise in fertility rates in many EU countries -- Due to the growing Muslim population. It is the fertility rate of the Non-Muslim population that counts.

laine said...

Those of you expecting Russia to lead the way in some kind of demographic push back to Muslim encroachment are misled by birth rate figures in isolation. Russia is depopulating more rapidly than any western nation because of their death rate.


Please refer to the article for figures and graphs.

"A consortium headed by the World Health Organization estimated that for 2005 a woman’s risk of death in childbirth in Russia was over six times higher than in Germany or Switzerland. Moreover, mortality levels for women in their twenties (the decade in which childbearing is concentrated in contemporary Russia) have been rising, not falling, in recent decades.

...According to Human Rights Watch, over 100,000 children in Russia have been abandoned by their parents each year since 1996...suggest that in excess of 7 percent of Russia’s children are being discarded by their parents in this new era of steep sub-replacement fertility.

...According to the U.S. Census Bureau International Data Base for 2007, Russia ranked 164 out of 226 globally in overall life expectancy. Russia is below Bolivia, South America’s poorest (and least healthy) country and lower than Iraq and India, but somewhat higher than Pakistan.

...Russia also faces a related and evidently growing burden of tuberculosis. As of 2008, according to World Health Organization estimates, Russia was experiencing about 150,000 new TB infections a year. To make matters worse, almost half of Russia’s treated tubercular cases over the past decade have been the variant known as extreme drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB).

...the Russian population may well have been suffering the very highest incidence of mortality from diseases of the circulatory system that had ever been visited on a national population in the entire course of human history.

...It is not obvious that Russia will be able to recover rapidly from its health katastroika. There is an enormous amount of “negative health momentum” in the Russian situation today: with younger brothers facing worse survival prospects than older brothers, older brothers facing worse survival prospects than their fathers, and so on...

charlotte said...

Just start serving LOTS of PORK on all the menus and make sure EVERY restaurant and eating place serves pork and tell them that the dishes for preparing pork are NOT kept separate!!!!

Southern Wolf said...

Pork or no pork, they are coming for you and every non-Muslim.
In a way this has to do with Feminism, and 'reproductive choice' which has lowered the birthrate to an unsustainable level.