Monday, August 17, 2009

Cultural Enrichment Straight Off the Ferry

Cultural Enrichment News

This illegal immigrant to the UK knew exactly what to do in his new homeland as soon as he dropped from under the chassis of a cross-Channel lorry. According to The Daily Star:

Migrant Raped 2 Women

An illegal immigrant who raped two women within days of arriving in Britain has been jailed.

Jarwid Armani struck in March after clinging to the underside of a lorry to cross the English Channel.

The Afghan climbed through the window of a home in Reading, Berks, and raped a mum-of-one as her shocked daughter screamed at him to stop.
- - - - - - - - -
Armani, 32, then hitch-hiked to Kenilworth, Warks, where he beat and raped a 16-year-old girl.

Armani pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and was given an indeterminate jail sentence at Warwick Crown Court.

What will happen to this guy after he serves his sentence? Will he be deported?

Or is he likely to face political persecution upon his return home?

If so, expect him to be granted asylum and to continue to reside in Britain at taxpayer expense.

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Jedilson Bonfim said...

I guess that getting the Abu Qatada VIP treatment, which should be way more outrageous to the so-far-not-outraged-in-large-enough-numbers British taxpayer than Ethiopian bogus asylum-seeker and former Guantanamo-Bay inmate Binyam Mahound's luxury-jet ride shouldn't be discarded as to what might be awarded to this dirtbag rapist as a "reward" by the NuLabour government.

Anonymous said...

This is so extravagant, it might even be funny, if we read about it 300 years from now, and all involved people were long dead.


spackle said...
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spackle said...

It just shows how animal like some of these people are. No self control for their base instincts. In his brain it was simply "Me horny, me take!". Of course the infidel whore part plays a big part. I would guess that his former s***hole countrymen told him that western woman actually "Like it". The West is a magical land of free money and zero consequences for barbarism. Hell, their men folk wont even do a dammed thing about protecting or avenging their woman and prison is a step up from Afghanistan. Truly Allah's paradise on earth.

Sometimes I think the elites who let these s***bags into their countries really dont realize how deeply ignorant, superstitious and backward these people truly are. Like the Somali who is frightened by an escalator. It is like taking someone and putting them in a time machine from a thousand years ago and transporting them to the here and now. Actually, these people would have found Rome (Circa 100 AD) a technological freakin marvel!

laine said...

It is the communist disseminated doctrine of cultural relativity (all cultures are equal) that creates this abomination. Spread by a marxist professoriate from our universities into all public education/indoctrination including the media, this pernicious lie is now common belief.

Westerners are not allowed to make value judgments about any non-whites and therefore not allowed to bar anyone from entry without being called racist.

Of course, anyone with an unwashed brain knows that there are widely different levels of civilization among cultures. For example, in Tanzania hundreds of albinos are killed annually by witch doctors for body parts ground into good luck charms. This is a "quaint" tribal custom the government does not wish to curtail for fear of general unrest (they just suspended trials for such murderers for "lack of money"). This does not and could not occur in Saskatchewan.

This albino slaughter pales in comparison (no pun intended) with the tribal butchery in Rwanda and black genocide by Muslims in Sudan.

There are countless examples of very backward cultures in the world who have now been allowed to penetrate into civilized countries like dinosaurs lumbering about and breaking invaluable things like free speech rights.

Meanwhile the (PC) shackles have been forged not for the dinosaurs but for anyone who points them out and objects to their trail of destruction.

The West needs another Prince like Reagan to wake her from her Sleeping Beauty trance caused by the Left's poison. Instead the false Prince Obama arose who kisses the Beauty from coma towards death with each touch of his toxic lips.

Anonymous said...

It is like taking someone and putting them in a time machine from a thousand years ago and transporting them to the here and now., says Spackle.

Actually, this might seem like a rethorical exaggeration, but it is not. I remember an official report from Sweden (I think ; if not, from another Scandinavian country), about the intractable problems those immigrants create in schools.

The report mentioned teachers saying that those children, and their parents, were literally backwards by a thousand years ; that it was really like trying to teach someone straight from the Middle Ages.

I'm sure Gates of Vienna mentioned the report (it's even likely I learned about it here), but I'm too lazy to search for it now.

It's funny how apartheid, so reviled for decades by generations of people in the West (including myself), looks retrospectively like a rather wise solution.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

"The report mentioned teachers saying that those children, and their parents, were literally backwards by a thousand years ; that it was really like trying to teach someone straight from the Middle Ages."

And I'm sure the authorities told the parents to these backward children that this statement from the teacher was abusive and racist-comments and that they simply could sue the school (and cash in some good money) and having the teacher fired.

Anonymous said...

Robert Marchenoir, this is the article here:

Immigrant children 'like visitors from the Middle Ages'

Edward Lud said...

Interesting, both from a general viewpoint, but also from mine in particular.

I was stabbed three times (in quick succession) by an Afghan immigrant about 18 months ago. He severed an artery in my lower back and punctured my spinal cord, resulting in numbness below my sternum which persists to this day and may be permanent.

He pleaded guilty to s.18 GBH and was given "7 years" ie. a maximum of 3.5 years.

The sentencing judge apparently felt no need to recommend his deportation. The Home Office followed suit.