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The Islamization of the Malmö Festival

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated several pieces to compile a report about cultural enrichment at the approaching annual festival in Malmö:

The first piece is from the eminent Swedish blog Every Kinda People on August 8, 2009.

The Islamization of the Malmö Festival — Islamic Fashion Show

Malmö FashionThe Malmö Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2009. It is celebrated by moving the festival one step towards Islamization.

Under the guise of being a fashion show, Mahmoud Aldebe’s daughter, Iman Moni Aldebe, participates in the project “Islamic fashion show“ (also called “European Islamic Fashion Show” on the Malmö Festival’s homepage) on August 17, 2009.

It’s notable that her father, Mahmoud Aldebe, made himself notorious back in April 2006 when he, as chairman of the Swedish Muslim Federation, went around with a letter (pdf link to the letter) to the political parties of the Swedish Riksdag [parliament] and demanded that Sharia law be introduced in Sweden.

The description of the Islamic Fashion Show in the program magazine (paper version) is strange, to say the least.:

“The Islamic Fashion Show is a colorful utopia of a society that does not focus on differences,” say Karolina Brock and Iman Al Debe […]

“What distinguishes your initiative from other fashion events?”

“One difference may be that we start with Muslim clothing codes, and then take it a step further by highlighting the creative and playful.”

Source: Malmö Festival program Journal 2009, page 18

A comment on the blog:

“A society that does not focus on differences” should not carry out the kind of promotional activities for identity politics that an “Islamic fashion show” certainly is.

But more important is to pay attention to how an attempt is made to try to normalize our relationship with a political uniform with a very strong (negative) symbolic value.

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Malmö Fashion 1The blog Politiskt inkorrekt wrote in January 2009 about Iman Aldebe’s Islamization through fashion. Politically incorrect also writes about Mahmoud Aldebe.

Nima Daryamadj writes about Mahmoud Aldebe on her blog.

The Design Group Fuldesign [UglyDesign] made a Swedish Costume with hijab that was exhibited in the Designgalleriet February 19 to March 7.

“Congratulations to Sweden — Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah. We celebrate [Midsummer?] clothed of course in our Sweden hijab,” the originators exclaimed.

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Islamic Fashion Show at the Moresque Palace in the People’s Park of Malmö, according to the Festival’s homepage:

Malmö Fashion 4

One whole evening in the sign of fashion! Fashion Shows with alternative Muslim fashions, selected local designers, and male fashion.

Clothing exchanges, lectures, and talks!

The Moresque Palace is open all night, so one has only to drop by. Some of the clothes shown are also for sale — including Venezia that sells veils and shawls, and Fine Liner Junkie, Sagen, Diagnosis, and several others that also sell clothes and other things.

This evening’s clothing exchange has the theme VINTAGE / DESIGN and here both girls and boys are welcome to exchange their old clothes for something new. Submissions for the clothing exchange start at the Moresque Palace entrance 16:00-17:30, and the exchanging starts around 18:00. It then goes on throughout the evening with a couple of breaks for kit-sorting.

Malmö Fashion 2
Photo: Cosby

European Islamic Fashion Show

The designer Iman Aldebe and stylist Karolina Brock are inspired by the Muslim style and take it a step further. The clothes are tailored to the Muslim clothing codes: that is hair, neck, calves and wrists are usually covered — while Aldebe and Brock would like to emphasize that these codes are very individual and subject to variation by the wearer of the clothes.

Pure All-Male Fashion Show!

Directed by Malena Sjöstedt from Dance or Die, on show are the modern men’s shifting expressions. It is an urban street fashion with a focus on ethnicity, diversity, durability, unisex, and queer.

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ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Correction, Nima is a guy and not a gal.

xoggoth said...

The whole idea of a Muslim fashion shows sounds like a contradiction. Either you want others, including other stranger males, to pay attention to the physical appearance of women or you don't.

One can understand, sort of, why the religious make these rules for themselves but what is really stupid is when they observe the letter of them and ignore the supposed purpose.

What next? Did the prophet specifically say you couldn't have transparent nipple windows in a burkah? No? That's ok then.

Czechmade said...

Ex-muslim show might be more interesting. The design of one thousand "ex" on the clothing might be very spiritual-sexy.

Fresh freedom is the best one.

But maybe being on the run, those ex-muslims also need some the stupid West, which betrays them every day.

spackle said...

On a purely aesthetic level. That is one UGLY broad! Damm! Judging by her clothes and Roy Orbison glasses she is anything but a fasionista even by Islamic standards. Her old man must have had to trade an entire farm to marry her off. Yuck!


Pro-islamismus is creeping on us lika an inescapable scabies bringing about a much delayed itching. Couturist Iman Al Debe, with a high potential muslim father as strategist in the background, is a dangerous chick. She might be able to introduce the idea that "muslim couture" is chick, resulting in also many/most stupid and still infidel western females will be running around in veils. The Moresque and the Barbaresque and the Sheik on the White Horse have allways mystified and tempted the ignorant masses. Allahu Akbar.
Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf ein! Es ruh'n Schäfchen und Vögelein. Garten und Wiese verstummt, Auch nicht ein Bienchen mehr summt ... nur Allah ist wach, und arbeitet fleissig im Hintergrund.