Friday, August 14, 2009

Reactions to the Birmingham Riots

Last weekend I posted about the confrontation between “anti-fascists” and anti-Islamization protesters in the city center of Birmingham in the English Midlands.

A British reader sent us some comments posted with two articles in The Birmingham Post about the riots. The reaction of Birmingham locals to violence of the Cultural Enrichers — and the blatant mendacity of the MSM — is scathing:

A commenter on the links to a local newspaper says:

Salma Yaqoob (Birmingham, Sparkbrook Ward, Respect Party) incited Muslims (and others) to violence in Birmingham on Saturday. I don’t know if you have seen the videos/film of Yaqoob raising her fists and screaming remarks at the mainly Muslim crowd. Almost immediately after this, the Muslim men began to riot and physically assault various Birmingham shoppers. The ‘BNP’, at that time, was at the other end of the city. She appears towards the end of this BBC video.

This commenter was actually there, and says:

One of the Islamist speakers, on Saturday night, began foaming and frothing about how some people had dared to say that ‘Islam is a wicked religion’. Then hundreds of Muslim men rampaged through the streets attacking innocent passers-by. That was a good way of showing non-Muslims that Islam is not wicked, wasn’t it? There is more of this. You often see this placard: ‘Behead those who say Islam is evil and violent.’ Most of the riots, acts of violence and ‘wickedness’ carried out by Islamists over the years, in Europe, have been ‘responses’ to non-Muslims saying that ‘Islam is wicked and violent’. I don’t think that these Islamists get the irony of their ‘responses’ to these criticisms.

Finally, a Mr. Walsh says:
- - - - - - - - -
So this is the truth of why i was nearly beaten up last Saturday whilst shopping with my wife. I was confronted by a dozen or so asian youths who accused me of being BNP, and started to bear down on me, luckily my wife came around the corner and they dispersed.

I am not BNP, i and my wife after finishing work, were innocent late night shoppers caught up in the middle of this violence.

Why are this UAF group allowed to march when all they stand for are violence and racism. I have heard of the National Front and the BNP, but i have never seen either side behave the way these thugs acted.

We were so disturbed i told one officer about the confrontation and was told “don’t be a part of the problem”! While walking back to the car we saw a young white youth apparently unconscious on the floor, police by his side, with a group of youths holding UAF banners sniggering and pointing at the young lads predicament.

At no time did i see any BNP or National Front banners or literature, so who were these thugs protesting against?

This seemed like a motiveless race related riot against any white person they saw.

Councillor Yaqoob should be banned for her incitement in this event of public disorder.

It seems as though Councillor Yaqoob is inciting much of the violence. Anyhow, read the comments on the two articles for yourself, they tell a very different story to the one the BBC and national MSM do.

The first is an apology from a member of the EDL but the comments following seem to suggest that UNITE AGAINST FASCISM are becoming a very extreme left wing organisation. And funded by the Labour, Conservative and the Liberals.


Anonymous said...

Appropos of this


The Dutch blogger "Snouck Hurgronje" quotes from my 2004 article at FrontPage Magazine, "How to Oppose Liberal Intolerance," culminating in this:

In order for the desired state of equality to be attained, we, the unfairly dominant group, must be condemned, excluded, and dragged down, while the Other must be celebrated, included, and raised up.

Then he continues:

In Europe today this means that the police are contemplating cracking down on the local citizenry which is getting restless as a result of its suffering at the hands of Muslim criminals.

Dutch police, after years of ignoring Muslim crime against the Dutch, crack down on the Dutch for threatening Muslims

Something similar in Birmingham?

Unknown said...

From a comment by another poster at the Guardian's cif blog 12 August demonstrating their abhorrence of the United against Fascism (surely this organisation should be UIF - United in Fascism)

Quote: "UAF are repulsive -- if you surf the net, you will get a more or less balanced view of what happened in the demo in Birmingham : The footie lads went in, and carried out making their ( albeit directionless, confused knee jerk ) point known through incoherent chanting and waved their ( ambiguous, but non threatening ) banners about.

The footie lads were walled in by cops, and thus almost none of them felt the wrath of the baying mobs, due to the walls of cops around them.

No -- the blows and kicks and punches and rocks and fists and sticks were reserved for lone and vulnerable skinny young white kids and older pot bellied men caught on their own by baying, hooting, shrieking, gurning feral mobs of Asians, blacks and UAF white studenty thugs urging them on from the side lines.

Wow, very tough, for baying feral mobs of up to ten or twenty burly lads, ganging up on lone old men and young skinny white kids caught on their own.

The UAF are a disgrace, and are no better than the sinister white racist gangs of the 70's.

If anyone looks really bad here -- it's really not the Casual marchers and the EDL.

Just as people haven't forgotten those photos of NF soccer thugs from the 70's, then I tell you now, people are not going to forget the images of gangs of burly lads thrashing lone skinny, weak looking white teenagers and decrepit old men.

Disgraceful. Shameful.

UAF need to be exposed for what they truly are.

But don't hold your breath" Endquote

Conservative Swede said...

1. Here's the site of the Respect party in Birmingham. See "Gorgeous" Galloway posing together with mob instigator Salma Vaqoob.

2. Look at the first two pictures here. The guy in the green T-shirt being beaten unconscious. Here is a video clip of when it happens. Notice how quickly they operate, how many they are, and how soon they are all gone. The whole thing happens in the first 8 seconds of the clip. In that time they have jumped on his head, as shown in the first picture above. And it's virtually impossible for a bystander to understand what happened.

3. English football supporters are the only ones standing up against this. I guess it has something to do with how they are the only ones still singing the following song, really meaning it:

Rule Britannia!
Britannia rule the waves
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.
Rule Britannia!
Britannia rule the waves.
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves

As for the rest of the population, they either despise the song, or (such as David Cameron and his followers) feel uneasy about taking it literally. Thus: they have overcome their resistance to becoming slaves. Very open-minded indeed.

heroyalwhyness said...

The UAF is funded by a government desperate to maintain power and unions.
Key supporters can be found here

This YouTubed BBC video illustrates the groups involved as well as Muslim Councillor, Salma Yaqoob who is taped inciting the riot with "OUR STREETS".

Homophobic Horse said...

On Laban Tall's site I commented:

"The UAF is not a spontaneous movement, it is a state sponsored low level terorrist organisation, it will later become like the KLA, i.e. endorsed by the Western establishment, secret service agents will propagandize on its behalf in the media, they will be armed with Iranian weapons, and given free reign on murdering "political opponents"."

It an OTT assessment? Since the Yugoslavia atrocity, I just dunno what our elites our capable of.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The police are contemplating cracking down on the local citizenry

Isn't this completely in line with El Ingles' script about how civil War might possibly begin in Europe?

soothsayer said...

This is the English Defence League's side of the story:

English Defence League protest against Mulsim Extremists Birmingham August 8th - The Truth!

English Defence League Protest Against Muslim Extremism. As you will clearly see this Demo was a peaceful Non racist demo. The problem is the United against facism whipped up the local Black and Asian commuinty into believing there was a BNP/National front march. Why did they do this? Basically they tricked the local community into violence to aid their cause.

Not one EDL member was involved in the disturbances into the night infact every photo I have seen in the press are of Asian youths attacking single white people.

Somehow the headlines the next day were focusing on the Right wing racist group called the English defence league. Do me a favour!

After watching this vid you will see what you read in the press is what certain people want you to read!

Standing up against islamic extremism.

Afonso Henriques said...

What happened according to the MSM that Conservative Swede linked to:

"It was just one of the sickening scenes photographed when a riot erupted in a city centre after Right-wing protesters clashed with anti-fascist demonstrators"

"Police knew both demonstrations were planned and let them go ahead as a sign of 'a healthy democracy'."

"Witness Gary Nichols said: 'It started off with a group of white guys who were chanting, "England, England""

"The Right-wing protesters were from the English and Welsh Defence League, formed after British soldiers were abused by Islamic radicals at a homecoming parade in Luton earlier this year.
Their critics say they include soccer hooligans intent on inciting violence."

"The Unite Against Fascism group meanwhile is an umbrella organisation formed by the Anti-Nazi League and the National Assembly Against Racism in response to the rising electoral threat of the BNP.
On its website it urged people to join the protest to 'show these thugs their brand of vicious racism is not wanted'."

"Police were aware the Right-wing protest had been planned through social networking sites but said no formal request to march was submitted. They had however been in talks with the UAF about its demonstration."

This reporting shows us how the "cultural revolution" has sucessfully coined a good and a bad in the people's mind in which the farther for the left you go, the better you are and the worst guys are always at your right. Untill some start to think about implementing a strategy to get out of this hole, nothing will happen.

Afonso Henriques said...

Just look at Soothsayer's comment:

"Not one EDL member was involved in the disturbances into the night IN FACT EVERY PHOTO I HAVE SEEN IN THE PRESS ARE OF ASIAN YOUTHS ATTACKING SINGLE WHITE PEOPLE."

Despite, this, they also say the following:

"THE PROBLEM IS THE United against facism whipped up the local Black and Asian commuinty INTO BELIEVING THERE WAS A BNP/NATIONAL FRONT MARCH."

Would the behaviour be okay if it was a BNP/National Front march? Would that behavour even be excusable? No, it wouldn't.
Nonetheless even the people who are fighting right are thinking wrong. Worst than that behaviour is a BNP march... disgusting...

Kicked them out! If things don't change soon, Birmingham may be the new Sebrnica.

Orlando said...

There comes a point when proclaiming pacifism in the face of violent Muslim Islamists will no longer be considered the behavior of sane, strong, pro-survival peoples.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

How ironic that people we not so long ago labelled as scum of the earth, like football hooligans and Hells Angels now are the only ones standing up for their own country. Even if "our" side comes out on the winning side, Europe will never be the same again. These fractions will never give up power once they have achieved it. Still, I rather live under harsh rule from our own than is ruled by the mahoundians. The latter will literally mean hell on earth for the kuffaar who survives the wars.

Watching Eagle said...

Once again, the Leftists are the problem, because they are welcoming the Islamists amd defending them. Ever noticed that their is NO effort to use sedition laws on the Islamists

Look Here

, even when they do this--

UK Shariah Chief Judge explains things

Instead, what does the government do? Threaten the native citizens!

Gov crackdown

For those who think we can deal with the Islamists without or before dealing with Leftists, what do you think of this statement?

"Peace is not patriotic. Peace is subversive, because peace anticipates a very different world than the one in which we live-- a world where the U.S. would have no place. U.S. Patriotism is inseparable from imperial warfare and white supremacy."

--Professor Nicholas De Genova at a Columbia U. teach-in. And most other professors were concerned that he said too much of what they really believed!

Two other questions--

1)Have you studied what the 'anti-war' Left said and did during the Iraq war? And why do you think they said and did what they said?

2)What do you think the Islamists have learned from the 'anti-war' [anti-West] Left during the past 8 years? (They have closely studied EVERYTHING).

If the war has already been lost, it was lost over the War in Iraq (politically). If we don't understand the war in Iraq (politically), we will NOT win the fight with Islam.

My contention is that whatever you think about the Left, they MUST be defeated and removed from power based on the one issue of appeasement of Islamism -- because this issue is going to swallow up all other issues if the Leftists are not removed from power.

Read this book (or least read the reviews at this link)--
Unholy alliance

Paul Austin Murphy said...

My Wiki-Skit on Salma Yaqoob: