Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yet Another Koran Desecrated

As rumors about the most recent desecration of the Islamic holy book reached the Muslim street, angry crowds rampaged through the downtown areas of several major cities, breaking shop windows, burning cars and rubbish bins, and chasing hapless Jews down side streets. Embassies were set ablaze in…

No, wait! Sorry! Wrong story!

I was reading from some old copy left over from the Koran-flushing hoax of several years ago. Here’s the correct account of this latest atrocity:

When the news of the most recent desecration of a Koran — which was hollowed out and used to smuggle heroin — reached the Muslim street, believers all over the world reacted by…

…doing absolutely nothing.

Maybe that’s because the heroin was being smuggled into Indonesia by Muslims. The Sky News article doesn’t name the smugglers or identify their religion, but the lack of Islamic outrage tells us that they are almost certainly Muslims:

Indonesian Smugglers ‘Hid Heroin in Koran’

A man and his mother-in-law have been arrested for attempting to smuggle thousands of pounds worth of heroin concealed within a copy of the Koran.

Custom officials at Jakarta’s international airport seized the book, the religious text of Islam, as it arrived by DHL express mail delivery from Cambodia on Tuesday.

Their suspicions were raised when a routine X-ray of the parcel exposed a series of holes in the book.

A closer inspection revealed 60 grams of heroin secreted in four small plastic bags near its front and back covers.
- - - - - - - - -
Police valued the hoard at 600 million rupiah, or £35,000.

Maman Sulaeman, head of customs at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, said an Indonesian man was arrested soon after the discovery.

“He claimed that he was just a courier and that he did not know the contents of the package,” Mr Sulaeman said.

The suspect’s mother-in-law, thought to be an accomplice, was also apprehended.

The pair, from Jakarta, are now being held by the Indonesian National Police.

Under the country’s tough narcotics law, they could be sentenced to death if found guilty of attempted drugs smuggling.

Hey, there’s nothing un-Islamic about all this! The Prophet himself said it’s perfectly OK to smuggle heroin in a Koran.

It says so somewhere in the hadith; I’m sure I can find it…

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.


ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I'm sure big shots like mullah krekar or king abdullah would think it is perfectly ok to desecrate the quran to smuggle heroin if it is just mahoundians who do it and the money is used to jihad or otherwise promotes islams growth into dar al-harb. On the other hand, if kafirs does the same all hellbreaks loose and we will see embassy and flag burnings and massacres and stuff.

PatriotUSA said...

Imagine the howling of mussies around the globe, the stench of buring cars and tires if anyone other than mussies had done this. If a Christian or a Jew was caught doing this crime and they were Americans, you can bet Obama would not solicit help from Bill Clinton.

Yet all is quiet in the Muslim world, for now.

laine said...

Hey, Muslims are allowed to kill Muslims in the thousands with impunity. This does not offend the war lord or his followers. Nary a single rioter shows up on the Arab street to protest.

Muslim sects are allowed to blow up each others' mosques. Can you imagine the number of Korans that must be showering down like confetti from those blasts?

So Koran as drug mule? As someone pointed out above, so long as it is a Muslim who did it, the prophet and his followers are not offended.

But a teddy bear named Mohammed, now that's grounds for invasion.