Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sharia for Bosnia?

At a time when the United States government is pushing for a dissolution of the Republika Srpska into the larger Bosnian state, it’s important to remember what’s at stake in Bosnia. If the Republika Srpska were abolished, Orthodox Christian Serbs would have to live under a Muslim-dominated state.

And if Reiss-ul-Ulema Mustafa Ceric has his way, the law of the Bosnian state will be based on sharia. For the Serbs in Bosnia, it will effectively mean a return to Ottoman days.

According to AKI:

Bosnia: Muslim Spiritual Leader Urges More Sharia Law

Sarajevo, 17 August (AKI) — Bosnia’s Muslim spiritual leader, Reiss-ul-Ulema Mustafa Ceric, has drawn strong criticism from moderate Muslims and from Bosnian Serbs, after he called for Islamic Sharia law to be incorporated into the Bosnian constitution.

Ceric made the controversial suggestion when he conducted Bosnia’s first Sharia mass wedding on Saturday in the central city of Zenica. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi reportedly paid for the weddings for the 20 couples and some 500 guests.

“In this exceptional place, in the exceptional city of Zenica, we are witnessing a magnificent event,” Ceric said. “I hope this is only the beginning and that we will have many such occasions in the years to come,” he added.

Ceric is no stranger to controversy, and his pronouncements often trigger a heated reaction.

In May, while visiting a Muslim community in Serbia’s Muslim-majority Sandzak region bordering Montenegro, Ceric said “no force could separate” Muslims in Serbia from those in Bosnia, which he has described as a homeland for Muslims.

Strict Sharia law drastically reduces the rights of women, allows polygamy for men, forbids marrying non-Muslims and sanctions cruel penalties including stoning.

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik reacted angrily to Ceric’s remarks, saying he was deliberately ignoring the presence of Serbs and Croats in Muslim-majority Bosnia.

Serbs are mainly Orthdox while Croats are Catholic Christians.
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Ceric’s pronouncement concealed a Muslim drive to dominate the whole country, Dodik claimed.

Ceric’s statements drew sharp criticism from moderate Muslims.

One commentator on the daily 24 hours website wrote: “Nothing else could be expected from Ceric.”

He is known for glorifying the Ottoman invaders who ruled the Balkans for six centuries, converting local population to Islam.

During 50 years of Communist rule, Bosnian Muslims practised a moderate form of Islam, or declared themselves atheists.

But radical forms of Islam began to take root in the country after thousands of fighters from Muslim countries, especially North Africa, arrived to fight on the side of local Muslims in the 1992-1995 civil war

The good news is that the Republika Srpska will not go gentle into that good night, no matter how much Hillary Clinton twists Serbian arms. Bosnian Serbs have no intention of living under Muslim rule, and both Serbia and Russia have indicated that they will back their Orthodox cousins up.

We live in interesting times.

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.


Homophobic Horse said...

The thing about the collapse of Yugoslavia is that, though the roots of the conflict were old, the causes were contemporary. Such causes include:

1. The myth of a moderate multicultural Islam.

2. The multicultural paradigm in general which stipulates that ethno states (into which Bosnia collapsed) are inherently "Nazi".

3. The scumbag politicians who fervently and fanatically believe in both the above, i.e. the entire Western establishment with no exceptions. Notorious example of whom would be Warren Zimmerman.

Lastly a note on Radovan Karadzic. He is the Geert Wilders of the Balkans. When Geert Wilders is elected he will face the same challenges as Karadzic.

Bedrich said...
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Bedrich said...

Just let the Canadians come. We Danes are a small pople in a small country that has lost a lot of wars, and we're not afraid to lose one more. Bring'em one those Mounties..

Watching Eagle said...

Earth to Westies: WAKE UP!!

Well, here we go again. I agree that the Serbs will resist-- I feel sympathy for them. Things have changed a lot in the past 15 years-- with Saudi and Turkish money and influence, and all.

Russia has the problem of its army being 35% Muslim (due to severe Demographic Winter), and the army will be 50% Muslim by 2020.

Meanwhile, the 'camels' (PC MC Leftists) will side with the Muslims; and NATO, the OIC, and EU will try to blackmail the Serbs.

Bosnia is on track to become an Islamic state-- as are Kosovo, Macedonia, and Albania. The EU is also thinking about admitting these countries to the EU (they may get there before Turkey does).

How does Al-Hijra operate in this situation? Well, the Islamists will target the Croats (easier target) and seek to drive them into Croatia. They will bring in "white Al-Mujiharoun"-- Yemenis, Afghanis, Egyptians, Syrians, Palestians, and of course, Turks, to Bosnia to build a 'Demographic Preponderance'.

Meanwhile, they will seek to have the EU grant "free movement of capital and people between Bosnia and the EU". That is, Bosnia is slated to become an Al-Hijra staging base for 'migrants' to pour into the EU.

Another important point-- Zenster once said that Mexican Immigration was softening the USA to the dangers of future Muslim Immigration.

I take this into the realm of culture, with the Western Cultural Revolution [1963-1979]. The problem is that the PC MC Leftists have torn down so much of traditional western culture that Western Natives are used to Western Culture being sold out.

Thus, the resistance to Islamic demands has been seriously compromised. In addition, people are used to hearing Leftist attack the West --the 'anti-war'[Anti-West} 'Peace Movement'-- that they aren't alarmed when the Muslims say the same thing.

Any strategy for victory MUST include regaining as much of the Traditional Western Culture as possible (to change the mindset of appeasement and surrender in the average young 'Native European'[White]).

If our strategy does not include this, the young people will accept Islamic demands and Western Cultural surrender as 'part of the fabric of Western Life' [Since they have never experienced anything else].

Zenster and Co.,please admit that we MUST DEAL with removing the PC MC Leftists from power (gain control of the 'Camels') NOW into order to prevent the West from going down the road to Shariah and the Eurabian Caliphate.

P.S.-- wondering about 'how to resolve this peacefully' is wrong headed-- We need to think 'how do we survive?'

P.S.S. -- Next step to Al-Hijra (In Bosnia). The Islamist 'freedom fighters' can develop front groups like ASAR--'Alliance for the Struggle Against Racism' and the Leftists will support them in Bosnia. Later they will go to France, Denmark, and Sweden - 'to help the Al-Mujiharoun'. No WMDs are necessary (or even desirable), just use small arms and blend into the population.

Anonymous said...

Russia has the problem of its army being 35% Muslim (due to severe Demographic Winter), and the army will be 50% Muslim by 2020.

With numbers like that, why hasn't the Russian army staged a military coup? I don't think they could be stopped, nor do I think that the Russian people, who are used to rule by tyrants, would really care enough (at first) to try and stop them.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

It's both creepy and worriesome that the russian army will be half muslim in just 10 years. Their gas-pipeline will run just outside Gotland and our country has no real defence against invasions frpm any country. They can just walk in and take over. Not many shots if any will be fired and very few will be killed and those casualties will almost all be on our side. I'm sure this scenario wil play out in the next decade or so, no matter if mother Russia is still christian/secular or muslim caliphate by that time. None of them could resist the golden goose just ready to be plucked anyway. They day they take Gotland, the rest of Sweden will fall soon after. Either way we will be ruled by an iron fist, either it is neo-commies or mahoundians. The people will suffer enormously anyway but the only difference is that the neo-commies will not obliterate all our cultural heritage, something I'm sure the mahoundians will LOVE to take care of. There will be large funeral pyres for art, books and records and all churches will either be bombed out or transformed to mosques.

Afonso Henriques said...

People get serious, will you? Just look your numbers right.
Russia and it's army is not 35% muslim nor will it be 50% muslim in 2020. That's pure nonsense.

And Russia is hardly a threat to European Civilisation. Really. Get away with that Russiophoby, Russia has many handicaps as it is, you don't need to imagine there's a Cold War to put Russia down. Just criticise it fairly.