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The Swedish Mohammed Crisis, Jew-Hatred, and Anti-Semitism

The following is from Mrutyuanjai Mishra’s blog, translated from the Danish by TB:

The Swedish Mohammed crisis, Jew-Hatred, and Anti-Semitism

By Mrutyuanjai Mishra

Those who want to understand the anti-Semitism of today should read the story about a fine young journalist from The Wall Street Journal, Daniel Pearl. Daniel Pearl was a correspondent in Mumbai when he was lured to Karachi where he was kidnapped and later murdered. The Islamists videotaped the decapitation and forced him to say:

“My father is Jewish, my mother is Jewish and I am Jewish”

Daniel Pearl left a pregnant girlfriend and never lived to see his own child.

The well-known French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy has written a much-discussed book, Who Killed Daniel Pearl? The book should be mandatory reading if one wants to understand the connection between Islamism and anti-Semitism today. And I can contribute by saying that if one wants to know the connection between anti-Semitism and the extreme left, one should read the Swedish paper Aftonbladet.

The man who was responsible for the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl is Omar Sheikh, an Islamist born and raised in Great Britain who had been a student at nothing less than the elite London School of Economics. And he was not the only one from his family to have studied at the country’s finest universities. Despite that he chose to become a member of a jihadist organization.

On November 28, 2008 when India experienced its 9/11, the Islamists had as their specific and declared goal to kill as many Westerners as possible. Indian police released documentation to the world by publicizing the conversations between the terrorists and their leaders, but out of PC considerations not even The New York Times would report on the statements whose message was that everybody who was not Muslim should be killed.

The Daily Telegraph and the Huffington Post later reported that a Jewish rabbi and his wife and other Jews present in a local Jewish cultural center in Mumbai were killed. But they were not only killed, they were also tortured. The terrorist attack in Mumbai will not only be remembered as an attack against the Indian democracy which brought India and Pakistan to the brink of war. It will also be remembered as a terrible anti-Semitic attack on Jews.

What is the overall reason for these Islamists’ anger towards Jews? The best answer to that question was given by the American commentator Thomas Friedman in The New York Times, who on the 4th of July 2007 wrote:
- - - - - - - - -
“The Islamic understanding of itself is that it is the most perfect and complete expression of the Monotheistic message, and the Quran is God’s last and most perfect word. Said in another way, Young Muslims are brought up with the notion that Islam is God 3.0, Christianity is God 2.0 and Judaism is God 1.0. Hinduism and all other religions are God 0.0”

Hindus and other polytheists cannot even reach dhimmi status in Islamic societies.

Now politically correct Sweden has got their own international case to deal with. In the middle of the Swedish EU-leadership the country has found itself in the world’s spotlight, and the discussion has exploded here in the North after a scandalous newspaper article in Aftonbladet written by Donald Boström on August 18, 2009, in which he, without any documentation, accused Israel of stealing organs from Palestinians.

The strong reaction from Israel is to be expected. It was in the heart of Europe that six million Jews were killed and their culture almost eradicated by the Nazis. But people do not get the idea of attacking a whole ethnic group in a single day’s time span. It always starts small.

In Europe it has again become acceptable to initiate smear campaigns against Jews and Israel — without documentation, that is. Understandably, Israel protests, and all should do the same.

I find it incredibly hard to understand this smear campaign against the Jews in Europe. Is it even possible today to get your high school diploma without having read Sigmund Freund, Karl Marx, and Albert Einstein? Einstein is not easy to understand, but everybody knows that he changed science just as much as Karl Marx changed sociology and Freund changed our views on sex and psychology.

What is common to these three is that they were all Jews. Just as one third of the Americans who have been given the Nobel Prize in science have a Jewish background. Compared to other minorities, the Jews are the one group to have the highest rate of University education. I think that we should respect the Jews as the industrious and science-loving people they are.

Israel is accused of many things. Even the writers who strongly opposed the foolish and undocumented article in Aftonbladet accuse Israel of having turned to the right. But dear Europeans, try to imagine being surrounded by Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and even Omar Sheikh with a Pakistani background, all of whom want to eradicate Israel from the face of the earth.

During his global travels and media appearances the American president Barack Obama has been speaking to Arabs, Muslims, Eastern Europeans, Russians, and Africans. He has become a very respected politician, especially in Europe. But he has yet to talk directly to the Israelis and the Indians. The mistrust in both countries is strongly on the rise.

Obama is so busy winning the good opinion of the Muslim world that he is ready to neglect Israel. The reason that Sweden started to pressure Israel might be that they were inspired by Obama. Sweden in general and Malmö specifically have one of the fastest-growing populations of people with an immigrant background. If there is one country where Muslim immigration is changing society completely, then it is Sweden. The Swedes do not want to discuss this. In the housing complex of Rosengård, which was built to house a few thousand inhabitants, the population has now quadrupled. The ghetto is a reality. Take a trip to Rosengård. My neighbor told me that he had helped a woman who had lived in Sweden for 35 years without having learned a single Swedish word.

Sweden is by no means an ideal country. Were it not for Copenhagen, unemployment in Skåne would be far worse than it already is. Now the Swedes use the argument that they have freedom of speech. But have we forgotten the Swedish reaction during the Mohammed Crisis? The former Swedish Foreign Minister, Laila Freivald, removed the drawings from a web page. Luckily she did not get away with it and she was sacked.

It is possible that this is controversial, but it is my perception that modern anti-Semitism is on the rise, especially in those neighborhoods in Europe that house many with a Muslim background. I do not want to make any generalizations, but we have to acknowledge that the number of Nazis in Europe today is very small. They are almost non-existent. Because of the new immigration of people who watch Al Jazeera, however, immigrants have come who blame Israel for all the troubles in the Middle East.

I see the very worrying tendency in European countries that leftist-oriented parties have started pandering for Muslim votes.

Anti-Semitism, Islamism, Nazism, and Racism are all threats to a pluralistic society. The op-ed writer Flemming Bengtsson asks a very important question in Jyllands-Posten on August 27, 2009:

Why do the elites not talk about Jew-hatred?


Watchful said...
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Watchful said...
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Watchful said...

The author employs a good psychological tactic when he ends his column with a question. Of course he answered the question himself. The elites do not talk about Jew-hatred because they are pandering to their Muslim populations--which they help to increase by means of their immigration and welfare policies. Many people of "European origin" feel that they cannot afford to have children or can only afford one. But the elites, in effect, are paying Muslims to have children. Muslims appear to be quite will to live a poverty-stricken life style, as long as they can complain that they are being discriminated against. What a disgusting and disturbing state of affairs.

Regarding the reasons for Muslim anti-semitism: Robert Spencer and others have pointed out that Muslims hate Jews because their foundational religious texts tell them to hate Jews.

And they don't like Christians much better. Nonie Darwish says that, when she was growing up in Egypt, there was a saying: "After Saturday comes Sunday." And everyone, she says, knew what that meant. After the Jews are destroyed, the Ummah will then turn their attention to the Christians. (Perhaps Allah will be generous and allow some to live in a dhimmi status).

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

There's no free speech allowed in Sweden. I'm still amazed that I'm not behind bars yet or killed for that matter but that only tells as much as they consider me such a small fish to not to bother to fry. At least not yet. After sunday comes monday, so who knows? Maybe they will come for me too eventually.

Cyrus said...

As much as the prospect scares me, I would be curious to see the world after 1 year. Who would pay taxes? After all, muslims don't pay taxes in the Caliphate.

laine said...

No discussion of the new antisemitism would be complete without stipulating

1) that it rests in the bosom of the Left and the Muslims they are presently promoting in the mistaken belief that they are a tool to be used against Euro-Christian societies, then discarded and

2) Jews are now divided among themselves with a strong majority at least in the diaspora marching militantly in leftist ranks including its leadership. Their leftism trumps their residual Jewishness however they define it.

Elite leftist Jews in academia and the media industry including Hollywood openly revile Israel and sympathize with the Palestinians, using the apartheid and even the nazi smear against Israeli policies. This helps fan and justify latent anti-semitism and therefore seems inexplicable coming from nominal Jews. Do they not understand that the fire they are playing with, both leftist and Muslim does not distinguish between JINO's (Jews in Name Only) like themselves and religious Jews and will burn them in the conflagration indiscriminately?

This is surely having a depressing effect on non-Jewish support for Israel. If even Jews won't support Israel and in fact revile it...

Israel had better call in all its chips with diaspora Jews if it has any because it is in an existential crisis.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

“The Islamic understanding of itself is that it is the most perfect and complete expression of the Monotheistic message, and the Quran is God’s last and most perfect word. Said in another way, Young Muslims are brought up with the notion that Islam is God 3.0, Christianity is God 2.0 and Judaism is God 1.0. Hinduism and all other religions are God 0.0”

It's just too bad that mahoundianism is all lies. Were mahoundian kids taught the truth about their sick little brainwashing cult, they'd learn that allah (mahound's imaginary alter ego) is what anyone would get from a trip to the bathroom following a habanero- and chipotle-salsa-loaded burrito.

Watchful said...

It may have been the Baron who--regarding Muslims--said "their foundational religious texts tell them to hate Jews." I'd like to get my attributions correct. I greatly esteem the Baron, Dymphnia and Robert Spencer.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...
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In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

"I find it incredibly hard to understand this smear campaign against the Jews in Europe."

This maybe explained in the U.K. by the infiltration of domestic political groups such as C.N.D. and the Trade Unions by the security services - MI5 in the past. A policy of redefine and export domestic dissent into external distraction politics.

The groups were turned to campaign on issues such as apartheid, the environment and third world poverty taking with them the ever trendy cause of the "Palestinians".

These causes soaked up energy and resources away from domestic dissent leaving a void. Presently this space is squated on by islamic groups and usurped by issues with an Islamic dimension bringing with it anti-Semitism and a hatred for Israel.

Skalman said...

Well. The author has a good many rights in his writings, I´ll admit that. But he has two MAJOR wrongs.

Number one: "The Swedes do not want to discuss this."

Wrong. The Swedes very much want to discuss this but the medial and political ELITES doesn´t want it to be discussed. Hence calling everybody who wants to discuss it less flattering names and resorting to more or less open violence against their opponents.

Number two: "Now the Swedes use the argument that they have freedom of speech. "

Wrong. On the contrary many swedes have started to realise that they DON´T have freedom of speech anymore. The only ones still openly claiming to have freedom of speech are the ones belonging to either the elite groups or one of the minority groups demanding their "rights" thus being untouchable. The rest of us darn well knows which way things are going, and it´s not a good one. For us that is...

But docile and cowed as we may seem we still have our ancestry. So when the sh*t hits the fan it´s going to be ugly.

Afonso Henriques said...

"Totally A Priori Comment":

I had contact with this case first last night through Russia Today. They put the Swedish reporter - something Bloss-something - and an Israeli diplomat face to face and make them confront eachother. The Israeli was really pissed off.

From what I saw, the article is plausible, what shocked me. But I recognise it is being used against Israel on the basis of a political agenda. But... who cares? If that really happened to the Palestinian?

What bothered me the most was the reaction of high Israeli authorities asking the Swedish government to take out such an inoffensive article.

I guess that this time, I'm with the Palestinians...*

*Although I believe Israel has a right to exist and I don't believe there is any kind of Isareli policy that alouds for the killing and apropriation of organs of Palestinians.

Afonso Henriques said...

"a scandalous newspaper article in Aftonbladet written by Donald Boström on August 18, 2009, in which he, without any documentation, accused Israel of stealing organs from Palestinians."

What happened?
As I've said, my only source was a report from Russia Today last night and now this essay at Gates of Vienna. From what I saw on Russia Today, ... it was ridiculous. The Jewish diplomat very angry saying that the Palestinians are compulsive liers and the Swedish reporter saying that he didn't believe those poor Palestinians he had talk to - the victims - had formed a conspiracy against Israel.

About the evidences:
It appeared to me, through Russia Today, that there was a Palestinian man that was taken towards the Israeli military and then he appeared killed, with incistions in his body that revelled a possible removal of organs and then he was misteriously burried in a non-usual way.
Also, from Russia Today it appeared that the Swedish report was talking about one case and not an Israeli Policy.

I think that before we chose a side on this, we should really understand if the Swedish reporter is just reporting, as he says he is, or is inventing anti-Israel propaganda.

Wether we are pro-Palestinian or Pro-Israel, leftist or right wingers, I think that an answer to my prior paragraph would leave no one a right to pick a side on this.

This is pure good versus evil. Now what's the truth/evil? The organs were taken away from a Palestinian or did the Swedish reporter just invented stuff out of anti-Israeli sentiment to advance his will?

James Higham said...

I've just received another letter form the MCB and shall be posting it tomorrow. In it, they allege that the Muslims are subject to gross misunderstanding and that Sharia law is the only way forward.

Anonymous said...

Afonso : the Aftonbladet article is totally devoid of any serious facts supporting its hypothesis.

No self-respecting journalist would have written such allegations with so few supporting facts, and no self-respecting editor would have published them.

The Israeli seemingly do post-mortems when civilians are killed by their army. Organs are routinely removed during post-mortems for examination purposes. Post-mortems produce scars on bodies. Basically, when you do a post-mortem, you cut up the body.

The article contradicts itself when it describes the bullet wounds inflicted upon the Palestinian man by the Israeli army. It's absurd to suggest that, in order to steal and sell organs from Palestinians, the Israelis would first spray their bodies with bullets, from a distance, during a gun fight.

The Chinese do it with prisoners they have executed, because they can master the killing and minimize the damage.

Not a single fact is produced in the article to support the alleged link between the Jews arrested in America for organ trafficking and the alleged traffic occuring in Israel. And of course, trafficking organs for transplant does not mean that you murder people in order to steal from them. Such traffic begins when you do not respect the laws governing transplants, in order to make more money.

Basically, the Aftonbladet writer (I dare not call him a journalist) wrote : some Palestinians told me so, and it's up to you to prove that what they said is wrong.

This would violate all existing principles of the journalistic profession in any case. Regarding an article based exclusively on the allegations of one or two unknown Palestinians, whose history of faking Israeli atrocities is well-known and fully documented, it cannot be qualified as anything else than pure propaganda.

Afonso Henriques said...

Robert, thank you.
Given your comment I now firmly believe that I know where the evil is. And it is with the Swedish guy.

"the Aftonbladet writer (I dare not call him a journalist) wrote : some Palestinians told me so, and it's up to you to prove that what they said is wrong."

Well... I saw a video intreview to those Palestinians on Russia Today. And in Russia Today they passed the picture that it was one case and not an Israeli Policy.

What you said about post mortem and what the Israelis do to the Palestinians that are killed by the Israeli authorities was what made me believe that all what the Palestinians said can be incorporated into a regular procedement of the Israelis.

The only thing that seems odd is the way the man was burried.

Shame on you Bostrom!

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

The irony is that just a few years ago I thought UK had the worst sensational sewer journalism in the world with The Sun and such similar publications. Turned out I was totally wrong. I should have looked in my own backyard.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Bostom's book, "The Legacy of Islamic antisemitism", has the on its front cover, the beheading of a Jewish woman for apostasy from islam. The charge, as is common even now, was fabricatdd.

Read note attached "About the cover".

I will not say anything further.