Friday, August 14, 2009

Enrichers Attack Danish Police in Vollsmose

Cultural Enrichment News

According to my Danish contacts, we are entering a new phase in our march towards the multicultural paradise. Acting independently, Zonka and Kepiblanc have translated articles about a series of cultural enrichment incidents in the Vollsmose suburb of Odense.

The earliest article avoided any mention of ethnicity, so I asked Zonka if the perpetrators were definitely Enrichers. He said:

I would say there’s a 99+% chance that they were: it’s the M.O. of the Enrichers, it’s a suburb made up almost entirely of Enrichers (think Rosengård), and I have no doubt that Ritzau would have been screaming loudly if ethnic Danes or other Westeners were behind the attack.

So it’s bordering the impossible that it wasn’t Enrichers.

Kepiblanc supplies a little context:

As a special service to readers of Gates of Vienna who probably don’t know how to decode Danish media-speak:

Vollsmose is one of our largest no-go areas, situated just outside Odense (the birthplace of author Hans Christian Andersen). A BMW-driver means a young Muslim in a stolen car, driving insanely fast, ignoring traffic lights, all traffic regulations, and with the car’s boom-box at full volume. “Bystanders” means the ever-present mob of riff-raff, namely his countless brothers, first and second cousins, uncles and assorted scumbags. “Investigating” means asking a few polite questions (don’t want to upset anyone’s feelings, do we…?) knowing very well that no answers will be given, after which the case is archived with no further ado.

The first article, from yesterday’s Jyllands-Posten, was translated by Zonka:

Throwing bottles at the police in Vollsmose

A group of policemen from Fyn had to hastily put an injured driver into their patrol car, when bottles and other projectiles were thrown at them in the Odense suburb Vollsmose.

A police patrol attempted to stop a car that caught their suspicion, but the driver escaped. At first he managed to outrun the police, but the officers found him shortly thereafter, as he had an accident in a roundabout at Vollsmose Allé. The driver was unconscious for a bit, but before the ambulance arrived, people in the area started congregating and attacking the police with whatever was at hand.

Thus the driver was taken outside the area and transferred to the ambulance at a safe distance from the disturbance. No officers were harmed, according to the first reports.

The trouble didn’t stop there: the Enrichers escalated from bottles to bullets.

As Zonka says, “The story gets even better — now any lingering doubts about whether these guys were Enrichers has vaporized in my mind.

Kepiblanc has translated an article from today’s edition the tabloid BT:
- - - - - - - - -
100 people tried to stop ambulance

Live rounds fired at police in Vollsmose

Live rounds were flying past local policemen in Vollsmose, while trying to assist colleges after a traffic incident.

The situation became nasty last night in the Vollsmose suburb Odense when a 19-year old BMW-driver tried to escape the police and then crashed his car. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, the mood was so nasty that some 100 bystanders tried to block the ambulance.

“Finally, the police had to get the driver out of the car and into a patrol car in order to drive him over to the ambulance,” says Chief Inspector Hans Frederiksen of the Funen Police to BT.

It escalated to vandalism, and around midnight four cars at the parking lot were set ablaze, including the wrecked car.

10 bullets fired at the police

When two policemen from the Vollsmose precinct arrived, ten shots were fired at them, possibly from an automatic rifle. The shots were fired from a green area some 50 meters away.

“One of our colleagues could actually see the muzzle fire and hear the rounds flying past. This means close proximity, and the shots were surely aimed at the policemen,” says the chief inspector.

Rounds located

This morning the police are present in force in order to investigate and find out who fired the rounds. Police dogs have found five cartridges.

Meanwhile the remains of cars set ablaze during the night are being removed. A total of six vehicles are completely incinerated and another one is totally wrecked.

And here’s another article, this one from today’s Jyllands-Posten, as translated by Zonka:

Gunshots against police officers in Vollsmose

Police had to withdraw from the Odense suburb Vollsmose late Thursday evening, after a driver who was chased by the police ended up in an accident.

It happened around 21:30.

Up to 100 people prevented an ambulance from reaching the place, and Fyens Police reports that several patrol cars were hit by bottles and stones.

The situation, according to Fyens Stiftstidende [local newspaper], was so bad that the officers had to transport the car driver in the patrol car and drive to a nearby road where he could be transferred into an ambulance.

Not in critical condition

“He was taken to the hospital and his condition is not critical. We know who he is, so we have something that we need to talk to him about. But he is not under arrest,” says the duty-chief Hans Frederiksen to

As the disturbances took form, cobblestones were torn up, and around midnight four cars were set ablaze at the parking lot at Bøgeparken as well as a hedge on Bodvej.

Shot at the police

At 23:00 two officers from the local police in Vollsmose arrived, and when one officer stepped out of the patrol car, 8-10 rounds were fired from a area of greenery at a distance of approximately 50 meters — likely from an automatic weapon.

“None of the shots hit the officers, but it was close. They could see the gunfire from the weapons and feel the bullets flying by,” says the duty-chief to Ritzau.

According to Fyens Police the situation ended at 02:00

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.


El said...

i'm still trying to formulate my thoughts on this. it's a complete rejection of the authority of the danish state. it is borderline insurrection.

vikings, the time for action fast approaches. say the word and i will be there to organize the resistance!

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I'm so sick of all this. Evereywhere where you find mahoundians you find this kind of situation. I may not have the abilities of a Rambo or of a Kwai Chang Caine but still, I want to do something. I want to boot this scum out of our civilisation!!

Anonymous said...

"A police patrol attempted to stop a car that caught their suspicion, but the driver escaped. At first he managed to outrun the police, but the officers found him shortly thereafter, as he had an accident in a roundabout."

This is the very scenario that has been played in France for years, and most recently in Bagnolet.

If one were paranoid enough, one would think that all young Muslims in Europe get some subversive guerilla training from the same sources. Such is the similarity.

Even the escalation to live bullets being shot at the police seems to be happening roughly at the same time in both countries.

The least one can reasonably think is that there is some emulation going on internationally, through TV and Internet news.

laine said...

This is the brain of a Muslim male - prevent an ambulance from coming for another Muslim male who has injured himself while running from the police.

Pretty soon now a European policeman will be killed by a rock or bullet. Will that make them start treating Muslims like any other lawbreakers instead of letting them get away with everything short of murder?

By the broken windows theory, if you allow petty and property crimes to go unpunished, you get an escalation in the seriousness of crime. We are definitely seeing this in the case of Muslims who are becoming more and more blatant in their contempt for Western laws and law enforcement officers.

These swaggering young toughs have been inculcated by their parents and imams with the idea that infidels as inferiors cannot rule a Muslim and they act accordingly.

It is insane to keep importing people with this attitude who have no intention of integrating and every intention of draining and threatening host societies into submission to Allah.

nb said...

i so the news covereg on this thing.
thay filmed a bunch of arab man arguing with the police general of odense, after the insedent.
any way it seem to be an act of simpety with the french muslims.
a week ago a muslim ascept the police with a pizza delivery motercicel in france.
he crashted only when he got to his gheto.
then his mob got angry at the police and burned 40 cars, a bus, and some other thing.
in 2005 in france they burned a 1000 vihecels.
and in respons other muslims burned some smaler amounts all over europe.
the frace are used to this, unlike the danes.

nb said...

sury, 9000 vihecels

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a job for BOPE or Sombra Negra.