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Antifa: Not Welcome in Rosengård

The alliance of Islam and the Left — which I call the Demonic Convergence — is only a temporary one. The compound formed by combining Social Marxists with Mohammedans is inherently unstable, and will break down under the slightest environmental stress.

The radical Left in Europe is using Islam as its battering ram against what remains of European democracy. Presumably the lefties think — to the extent that they think at all — that when last redoubts of European civilization are a smoking ruin, they will somehow be able to push the Muslims to one side as they get on with the business of creating a Socialist utopia.

If I had to place a bet, however, I’d bet on the Islamists. They are more ruthless and more brutal, and are willing to die for their cause. The “anti-fascist” forces are effete punks who are accustomed to the tacit support of the Social Democratic state, and they perhaps do not realize how pitiful and helpless they will be if they succeed in their aims and actually overthrow that state.

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The rift between Antifa and the Muslims seems to have opened up earlier than expected in Sweden. The Demonic Convergence is well on the path to destroying Sweden, but it’s still got a ways to go before the job is done. So last night’s violent encounter between AFA (Antifascistisk Aktion) and the “youths” they ostensibly intended to help comes as a bit of a surprise, and provides a grim foretaste of what is to come.

Regular readers will remember Rosengård, an all-immigrant suburban ghetto in Malmö in southern Sweden. I had the opportunity to visit Rosengård back in May, and became familiar with the area in which last night’s ruction occurred. In this video you’ll see the blackhoods of Antifa being culturally enriched by the immigrant youths from the tower blocks in the background:

I admit to a certain frisson of satisfaction at seeing those young thugs place well-aimed kicks on Antifa backsides. But still, this is not something that we really want to see — the “youths” make no particular distinction between the AFA goons and the rest of the Swedes. Kuffar are kuffar, and you can expect the same youths to put the boot in with Svensson as soon as the opportunity arises.

This article in the The Local has more information about this little instance of cultural enrichment, although it very carefully avoids identifying either the political or the ethnic aspects of the encounter. To the Swedish media, the masked Antifa goons are “activists”, and the violent young Muslims are “residents of Rosengård”:
- - - - - - - - -
Residents Thwart Rosengård Street Festival

A street festival held in the Rosengård district of Malmö deteriorated into a fight on Saturday evening as activists were forced out by area residents.

The “Reclaim Rosengård” street festival, which was conceived as a protest against the social conditions in Rosengård, didn’t exactly go according to organizers’ plans. The event was supposed to get underway at 8pm on Saturday, but after about 15 minutes the activists who had gathered to participate were pushed out by Rosengård residents.

The activists’ floats with music were also barred from entering the predominantly immigrant neighbourhood.

“There were quite a few who had gathered, not only young people, but also a lot of parents. I think that patience has run out among the residents of Rosengård,” said municipal district representative Inger Leite to the TT news agency.

According to Leite, the Rosengård residents had made it clear previously that they didn’t want people to feel they had the right to come and speak to the residents who live there.

Instead, the activists gathered in front of a nearby petrol station where they threw stones, bottled, and burning objects at police cars.

By 2am Sunday morning, the disturbances remained in full swing. Several small fires were burning, including a hedge near the petrol station which had also had its windows broken.

Thirty minutes later, most of those involved had gone home and the situation had calmed down.

Other than a few small fires and the damage to the petrol station, no other serious incidents were reported, according to Skåne police spokesperson Lars-Håkan Lindholm.

No one was injured during the night’s disturbance and no arrests have been made.

Hat tips: TB for The Local, Steen for the video.


Athos said...

The alliance of Islam and the Left — which I call the Demonic Convergence ...

Yes, Baron, good. I have a different designation: the "twin pincers of the primitive sacred," building on the seminal work of René Girard (a faithful son of the Church), anthropologically speaking.

How is the Scimitar "paganism" when it purports to be monotheistic? It lives on human sacrifice, tho' it won't call it that. It needs certifiable victims to regenerate its vitality, and its more violent proponents see such victims as sub-human - the tell-tale sign of what Girard calls "the primitive sacred."

The neo-pagans of the West are also part of the sacred, but will not call or see the genocide of abortion "human sacrifice," tho, of course, it is (always look at the structure of behavior, not its ostensible, voiced themes, Girard notes). And the worse examples of western paganism are present too. Best

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Presumably it is not enough to know what you are fighting against, you have to know what you are fighting for.

Watching Eagle said...

The Acid Law of Natural Selection Excellent article-- But don't think that 'antifa' will stop trying to help Muslims.

Concerning the 'Demonic Convergence' (I call it the "Westbusters' Alliance"), we must understand who needs to wake up, AND what must be done.

First, a quote (to illustrate the real problem)--

"The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not 'insurgents' or 'terrorists' or 'The Enemy.' They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow-- and they will win."
Michael Moore, April 14, 2004.

Reread this quote and LET IT SINK IN. Many will focus on what the Islamists are saying and doing--But what about what our own Native citizens (PC MC Leftists) are SAYING AND DOING???

Many people think that if we have a WMD attack, the PC MC Leftists will wake up, and we will 'Nuke the MME' and things will be fine for the West.

However, this thinking does NOT understand the mind of the PC MCs. There are many other quotes I could give (to Moore's), that reveal the true aims of the "Peacenik Left". But here is the truth: We patriots think that Leftists just don't get the Islamists want to tear down the West (Geopolitically and Militarily).

The fact is, the "Peacenik Left" knows and is awake to the fact that the West will fall (Geopolitically and Militarily)if the Islamists get their way -- And the Leftists thinks it is a WONDERFUL THING. The 'Peacenik Left' believes that if the West's geopolitical and military power is reduced to the level of MILK DUDS, the 'glorious workers paradise' will come into being-- sort of a "Microwave Generation Marxism".

That is, Leftists are deluded into thinking that if they HELP ISLAMISTS get what they want, the 'glorious workers paradise' will HAVE TO result-- They won't accept that the Eurabian Caliphate won't fulfill Marx's prophecies. When the Left saw 9/11, what they REALLY thought in their heart of hearts was, "Wonderful justice against Western Imperialism! We must protect non-Westerners from vicious Western vengeance."

Look at this clip

Wright's Sermon after 9/11

Listen to Wright's rant about "U.S. Terrorism" from 3:50 to 5:32!

Now to the Acid law of Natural Selection: A society that permits its native TRAITORS --those that DESIRE their society's military and geopolitical downfall-- is a society that is UNFIT to SURVIVE. Period. (Not withstanding its civilizational achievements).

To understand just how deep the 'Peacenik Left's treason is, imagine this scenario: Some aliens come from outer space to the 'Peacenik Left'.

The aliens say, 'our law is that we must nuke one of two earth cities -- either Mecca OR New York. You humans (the peaceniks) must tell us which city we will nuke. 'Neither of the above' is not acceptable."

Watching Eagle said...

In this situation, the "Peacenik Left" would tell the aliens, 'Nuke New York, NOT Mecca'!

(Do you hear that, Zenster?) There are millions and millions of PC MC Leftists who would agree-- and they control the Leftist parties in the West.

The problem of conservative is that they think that we can reason with the Lefts, 'have a civil debate. or give them the 'kid-glove treatment' and things will be fine-- They are living in the 20th. Century bubble [Westerners in the 19th. Century created a civilization so dominant that people could neglect our survival and not suffer the consequences, for the 20th. Century).

I remember when people said of the Leftists 'they are protesting the soldiers that are giving them the right to protest.' And they meant 'How good we are as a country-- no other society would allow this'.

WHAT?!? This kind of 'thinking' proves that we are unfit to survive!! Why are we not (most mercifully) DEPORTING All 'PEACENIK' LEFTISTS and revoking their citizenship (we would have done this to mass rallies fro Nazism in WW2).

Maybe we should also confiscate their property and let them 'reduce their carbon footprint' by living in countries with Shariah law.

The point is that the only West that could exist in the 2nd. half of the 21st Century is one in which PC MC 'Peacenik' Leftists would have no place. If anyone thinks that Western Civilization can survive while tolerating those who say, "Nuke New York, instead of Mecca"-- Well, you are advocating a peaceful and gradual transition to Shariah.

Check out this link:
Jihadis switch to Europe
Let me translate this article for you.

The Military jihadis (due to the fact that even BHO won't give up in Afghanistan), have concluded, "We will never defeat America by War. Thus, we must switch our attention to European countries." The Islamists are more rational, open-minded, and realistic (militarily speaking) than Westerners who think that our civilization can't fail (20th. Century Bubble).

There will likely be NO WMD attack on America.

Attacks on small European countries (Denmark?) that try to resist Islamization are more likely. But even Al-Qaeda and company will figure out that they can form front groups like "Strugglers United against Western Imperialism" [SUWI} and "Alliance for Struggle Against Racism"[ASAR} which will terrorize the White Natives without WMDs, and with Leftist support.

One final point: Concerning abortion, I will write in this post an argument that I don't think has been made before. The title will be "The Daisycutter of Western Women's Rights-- Abortion on Demand".

I ask the 'pro-choice' people to respond to my argument-- I would like to ask Phyllis Chesler what is in this article badly-- for I just don't get why people haven't seen what I will write.

Zenster said...

Watching Eagle: Many people think that if we have a WMD attack, the PC MC Leftists will wake up, and we will 'Nuke the MME' and things will be fine for the West.

Please do not include me in that group. The bridge between Classical Liberalism and modern liberalism has been truly burnt and washed away. America's left is so thoroughly self-deluded whereby little remains but a civil war.

As someone who deeply loves America, it grieves me beyond words to even write such a thing. Sadly, the similarities between liberals and their Islamic thugs-for-hire are becoming far too many and far too unacceptable:

1.) Magical Thinking™ - Whether it be Muslim delusions of adequacy or the Left's belief that they can deftly snatch the reins of power out of Islam's post-jihad clutches, both are equally deluded and in equally poisonous ways.

2.) Cognitive Dissonance - Be it: "Real Communism just hasn't been done right!" or "Bush and the Jews fabricated the 9-11 atrocity so they could begin a war against Islam ... and Osama is a Lion of Islam™ for giving America a black eye!". Belief in either requires a mental block-out that eclipses rationality and the very roots of sanity itself.

3.) "All people are equal but some are more equal than others". As if the words "more" and "equal" can viably exist in such a sequence. Again, be it dhimmis or the Left's Vulture Elite™, elitism and entitlement rule the day.

Clearly, America's Left is so addicted to breathing its own exhaust that a nuclear attack may be unlikely to awaken them to the dangers of Islam or, even, their own fallacious doctrine. None of this alters how the US military has a sworn oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic".

If, under such circumstances, the Oval Office openly rejected any sort of retaliation against an Islamic terrorist WMD attack upon American soil, this could quite easily be construed by our nation's armed forces as an abject failure to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic". I would not bet a plugged nickel upon the tenure of a sitting Commander in Chief who resisted any sort of 'response in kind' to such a national catastrophe.

While BHO may have gathered unto him the requisite quantity of votes, electoral or otherwise, that in no way alters the vast number of stolidly well-armed Christian nuclear families that will not countenance an unanswered terrorist nuclear attack upon our nation. Such executive neglect just as easily could prove to be the catalyst for a civil war that looms so forebodingly on our nation's horizon.

Free Hal said...

Hi Baron,

What a fine example this video is of what you might call “Titanic humour”!

The befuddlement on those spanked, retreating Antifa faces is a fitting European emblem.

Note also the coppers’ weariness at separating two such worthless groups. I don’t rate welfare democracy’s chances of retaining the loyalty of its security people, should an alternative setup establish itself.

Best wishes,


laine said...

Both sides of what David Horowitz calls the "Unholy Alliance", the Left and Muslims think that they are using the other as a surrogate to pummel Western conservatives and institutions.

Only one of them is correct. Like the Baron, I put my money on the Muslims. The Western Left requires someone else to do their brutality for them, and the military and probably still the majority of police as well are the one group the Left has not co-opted.

Therefore, when the two scorpions wrestle, one will discover that it has no sting. Tongue lashing is no match for people who use real whips. Cutting words are no match for beheadings by scimitar.

Czechmade said...

We should create a web-site for leftist apostates and offer them some treatment.

These apostates really exist (I noticed among German commentators).

But they should be better known. Some of them have a tendency to recycle the mess in another way, but still a case-study would be good.

"Fully recovered" could be a nice novel. To spread the message.

Watching Eagle said...

The ‘Daisycutter’ of Western women’s rights—Abortion on Demand

What I write is now directed to a puzzling question I have to put to those who consider themselves “moderates”.
Whenever the abortion issue is raised the feminists start hysterically shrieking “If abortion is banned, all of women’s rights will crumble in Western societies, and western women will be shackled with the ‘chains of patriarchy’.” This is an interesting argument from the start, in light of the ‘diverse’ concept women’s rights under the Shariah.
However, when we unpack this argument, the implications for the western concept of women’s rights are very dire. Fjordman and others have argued (correctly, I believe) that radical feminism has introduced destructive elements that Western society would be better off without. However, I am addressing the implications of this argument for moderate feminism (like the breaking of ‘glass ceilings’, etc.). The real problem of the argument is this:
It teaches that the western concept of women’s rights is SO MORALLY WEAK (many would use the term ‘morally bankrupt’) that it needs abortion-on-demand JUST TO EXIST at all. The argument is akin to “The survival of the Aryan race REQUIRES the sending of “Jews to the gas.” It facilitates the booting of the idea, because
Now to the biological implications of abortion—we have irrefutable biological evidence that a fetus is human—The real question is “When does a human become an individual, separate organism [biologically speaking]?” We may have not known this in 1973, but we do know that it is at the point of conception now—this is biology, NOT religion.
Against this backdrop, I hope everyone can see how abortion on demand could be rationally considered mass human sacrifice to preserve western women’s rights. Well, what did the Muslimas think when they heard the feminist argument?
Answer—“Your western women’s rights belong in hellfire! Our Islamic women’s rights MUST be SUPERIOR to yours, for they do NOT need ritual human sacrifice (of unborn children) to stand and exist!”
(Most non-western societies care more for the good of the tribe than for personal convenience. I agree that Western importance of the individual is a strength responsible for many of our Civilizations’ achievements. However, when carried to extremes, it has become a grave liability.)
But the final problem is how what could be (and would be) a great consensus source of pride (women’s achievements in modern Western culture) for Westerners has been spoiled by cramming abortion –on-demand up western society’s noses. This is bad because many people feel that our culture has been lowered to the savagery of jungle primitives—and it has caused deep resentment and apathy for the western concept of women’s rights.

Susan B. Anthony agreed that getting a woman to have an abortion was a terrible crime. In light of conservatives’ love for women like Janice Brown, Condi Rice, and Sarah Palin-- and their achievements-- the idea the women’s rights would wither in the west without abortion is NONSENSE.

Watching Eagle said...

Understanding of Zenster-- and his marvelous post.

Zenster, right glad am I that you are not of that group now (although many GoV readers thought so from past posts).

I commend you for showing a very great traditional strength of Americans-- you have shown that you study, learn and change your mind.

I now come to three recommendations for all readers of this blog.

1)try to understand where the poster is coming from (including geographically)

2)Think of what you can share with the writer that will inform him (or her) better.

3)Think of what you can learn from each post (broaden your perspectives and understanding).

I now remember, Zenster, that you are an immigrant from Denmark. Nothing to be ashamed of at all.

Everyone realize that even within the West, people have different backgrounds that shape their views (because things have happened differently and at different speeds to different Western countries.

I see, Zenster, that you have studied well and learned many things since coming to your new home in America. I also see that (as any Scandinavian born Westerner that loves freedom and sees what is going on, should) that you view the American level of self-reliance and resistance to Socialist authoritarianism with awe and wonder.

I appreciate your pointing these things out, and you give me renewed hope. We may yet save America if BHO's Health care catastrophe can be stopped-- which it can, even though Ramn Emmanuel and Co. are not foes to be despised.

I also will tell you that I believe your trying to get the word out to people is likely to work.

Remember that 'liberal' in America means 'Socialist' while 'liberal' in Europe (Hayek, Jefferson, etc.) means what Americans would call 'conservative'. (Hope that clears the confusion up.)

Another thing to remember, folks, is that foreign policy in America was most 'domestic' and foreign policy in Scandinavia was most 'foreign', since WW2.

I also gather that the Western Cultural Revolution [WCR] impacted America the hardest and Scandinavia the least. Understanding these facts is crucial to make the changes the are necessary for the West to survive.

Therefore, Zenster, you are wise to have learned what you have learned. However, realize that Scandinavians have limitations in understanding that must be overcome for the West to triumph-- and Americans also have limitations to overcome as well. You are right that Europeans need to learn all the good they can from America if they are to survive the 3rd Jihad.

Please study the resources I have mentioned to make your persuasions of people more effectual. Read Unholy Alliance [David Horowitz], The West's Last Chance (Chps. 5 and 6) [Tony Blankley] and

Al- Hijra

The last book is most important. Keep studying and keep improving.

Homophobic Horse said...

I watch this video and think: Ominous doom clouds my senses.

Some poetry courtesy of a little rock band, now defunct, called Joy Division (with instructive links):

An abyss that laughs at creation,
A circus complete with all fools,
Foundations that lasted the ages,
Then ripped apart at their roots.
Beyond all this goos is the terror,
The grip of a mercenary hand,
When savagery turns all good reason,
Theres no turning back, no last stand.

Heart and soul, one will burn.
Heart and soul, one will burn.

Zenster said...

Watching Eagle: I now remember, Zenster, that you are an immigrant from Denmark. Nothing to be ashamed of at all.

That is incorrect. I am a first generation native born American of US and Danish descent. My Danish heritage is something that I only grow even more proud of as tiny Denmark continues to tell Islam where it can stick shari'a.

I also think you may have interpreted my previous posts as saying that a WMD terrorist attack upon American soil would galvanize the Left into action.

This, also, is incorrect. While it might sway a few fence-sitters, far too many American liberals hate this country so much they fully well believe that our nation deserved the 9-11 attacks. That sort of "truther" mindset is pretty well incurable.

I also will tell you that I believe your trying to get the word out to people is likely to work.

It is where I continue to bet my money and I firmly believe that even the Baron himself may underestimate the efficacy of his work.

Here is more of my reply to you:

Watching Eagle: The problem of conservatives is that they think that we can reason with the Lefts, 'have a civil debate', or give them the 'kid-glove treatment' and things will be fine - They are living in the 20th century bubble.

Here, I am obliged to agree with you. The Left's espionage and treason both need and deserve much more aggressive presecution. Conservatives gave Islam the "kid-glove treatment" with the result being more persecution of Christians and more shari'a law. This single feature of foreign Muslim liberation and enablement should have slammed shut the door upon all further military action on behalf of Islam.

The point is that the only West that could exist in the 2nd half of the 21st Century is one in which PC MC 'Peacenik' Leftists would have no place.

Here is where Cultural Marxism's momentum has simply overwhelmed the normal societal corrections that once existed. While tolerance usually is a virtue, as Barry Goldwater said, "Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue". Much as Islam's corrosion of all Western values is being given a free pass, so is fundamental treason and betrayal by the Left being tolerated as well.

One single example of this betrayal shines forth: Dan Rather's ignoble attempt to throw an American presidential election using blatantly fabricated "evidence". I don't give a damn if it was a Republican or Democratic candidate whose aspirations to office were being thwarted in such a manner, Dan Rather should have been arrested and tried on criminal charges.

From Watching Eagle's "Jihadis switch to Europe" link:

... Al-Qaeda has labeled Britain and Europe as a bigger enemy than the United States.

This is just window dressing for a pragmatic shift over to softer targets. Neither Spain nor Britain promptly overthrew a Muslim country or two in the wake of suffering terrorist atrocities. America still remains the central threat as it is our culture, lifestyle and liberties that represent a potent antivenom to Islam's core values. Notice how America is still the "Great Satan"? SSDD.

Fascist said...

Antifa is against Neo-nazis, and muslims must understand that, enemy of my enemy is my friend. Nazis(fascists) are more involved in brutal attacks against muslims particularly from Turkey and Arab lands, Antifa however ensured safe neighbourhoods against Neo Nazis. Muslims wake up, don't fight with them, talk to them, they will listen, and with antifa, beat nazis.

sheik yer'mami said...

When the Ayatollah Khomeini came to power 30 years ago, (with the help of Socialist/Marxists) the first thing he did, (after marrying a 9-year old who then died in childbirth when she was 11) was go after his Socialist/Marxist enablers.

Most of them, if they weren't beheaded, shot or imprisoned, escaped to the West, where they still work on their Socialist utopia.

Some people never learn...