Monday, August 27, 2007

Sweden Gets Sent to the Woodshed

It seems that the excrement has impacted the circulation device in Sweden.

The dog excrement, that is.

The Modoggies, Lars Vilks’ blasphemous drawings of the Prophet as a Rondellhund, were too much for Iran, and the mullahs have summoned Sweden’s chargé d’affaires to answer for his country’s crimes.

The Local tells the story:

A ModoggieIran summoned a Swedish diplomat to its foreign ministry on Monday to protest against a cartoon in a Swedish newspaper depicting the head of Prophet Muhammad on a dog’s body, Sweden’s foreign ministry said.

“Gunilla von Bahr, Sweden’s charge d’affaires, was summoned to the Iranian foreign ministry today where she received a protest from the Iranian government,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Anna Björkander told AFP.

The Iranian government told Von Bahr the cartoon was “offensive to Prophet Muhammad,” Björkander said, refusing to disclose any further details of the meeting.

The cartoon was drawn by Swedish artist Lars Vilks, whose series of drawings of the prophet as a dog have sparked a controversy in Sweden. Several art galleries refused to display the sketches amid fears of angry reactions from Muslims.
- - - - - - - - -
The Örebro local newspaper Nerikes Allehanda published one of the drawings on August 18 to illustrate an editorial on self-censorship and freedom of religion.

“The editorial was critical of the fact that so many had turned down Vilks’s drawings for fear of the reactions they would provoke,” Nerikes Allehanda’s chief editor Ulf Johansson told AFP.

Mr. Vilks, of course, has remained unrepentant and defiant. Fatwa or not, the more threats he receives, the more Modoggies emerge from his pen.

As regular readers know, we’ve been following the Modoggie caper since day one. The whole ridiculous process is unfolding as expected:

1. A long, slow circulation of news on the internet.
2. An appearance in the Danish MSM
3. A single appearance in the Swedish MSM
4. Multiple appearances in the Swedish MSM.
5. A protest by Swedish Muslims.
6. A protest by Iran.

I assume that the next steps will be something like this:

7. Protests by other Muslim governments.
8. Narrowly-focused rioting in selected cities of the Middle East and South Asia.
9. Sweden caves in, suppresses Vilks, and apologizes to 785 quadrillion Muslims.
9. Sweden refuses to cave, and the conflict escalates further.

What happens after that depends a lot on which fork Sweden takes at #9. If it were Denmark, there would be no doubt, because there would be no fork. But Sweden has a long history of dhimmitude, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hat tip: LGF.

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X said...

Denmark was on a path of dhimmitude too, until the motoon crisis hit.

For all the talk about people coming over the bridge to do various dastardly things to the other country, denmark and sweden are more similar than you probably realise. I think something good will come out of this now.

SC&A said...

There will no orchestrated riots this time.

Expect a pseudo-civilized 'we are hurt and we are being victimized' response.

The lefties will beat their breasts in angst as they pen cartoons of an evil Jesus torturing Muslim babies.

Utterly predictable.

ziontruth said...

All it takes for a Muslim riot is a nice and fiery Friday prayer sermon. There may not be so many riots this time, but I doubt there won't be any at all. Islam has no pope, so there's nothing to prevent one preacher among thousands from going loose.

carpenter said...

Never thought I'd say this, but I actually do hope that Muslims will riot; then Swedes might come to realize the freedomofspeechophobia of Islam, a serious debate in Sweden on Islam may occur and - Maybe - self-worth will replace self-contempt

Unknown said...

Lets all of us drawing modoggies on all the walls of Europe!

Conservative Swede said...

Wow, this is the first time, in this millenium, that I can remember that I started feeling proud of my country. The media is actually publishing the modoggy. Neat. Credits mainly to Lars Vilks, the Theo van Gogh of Sweden.

Vilks is provocative rather than clever. Which is demonstrated by the fact that he's a fan of Michael Moore, to the degree that Vilks granted Moore honorary citizenship of his country Landonia.

X said...

He also did a scribbly version of "jesus gets a blowjob" which I found pretty distasteful. Still, it blows the "he's a christian bigot" argument out of the water before it even sets sail. I personally think this will mark a turning point. Vilks is one of the left, not the right. Suddenly one of their own is being attacked. However you might describe them, the left in sweden sre still swedish at heart, still have a little bit of the mindset that descended from the old norse that says if you attack me and mine, you die.

Of course I've been wrong before... but it'd be nice to think I'm right.

kepiblanc said...

Sometimes the future isn't hard to guess: The Swedish government will apologize, condemn Lars Viks and tell the press to respect religious feelings. Ok, some "religious feelings"....

Profitsbeard said...


Mo-toons in honor of Mo-rons.

X said...

Kepiblanc: are you sure, though? These are the Sverigedemokraterna in charge now. They might be less inclined to stand down.

I hope...

kepiblanc said...

Archonix : WHAT ? - Sverigesdemokraterna in charge ? - Have I missed something ? Last I looked they weren't even in parliament. Sweden has 6 or 7 socialist parties, one of them is "Moderaterna" with Fredrik Reinfeldt as PM. Not that it matters...

X said...

Sorry, "aren't". Typo. :)

I'll just go stand in the forner for a moment...

carpenter said...

Islamic Republic News Agency:
"In the absence of Swedish ambassador to Tehran, the caretaker of the embassy was summoned to Iran's Foreign Ministry on Monday.

According to the Information and Press Bureau of the Foreign Ministry, Director General for Central and North Europe at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ali Baqeri on Monday strongly condemned printing of a blasphemous photo of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in a Swedish daily and described it as an sacrilege to religious sentiments of over one billion Muslims throughout the world.

Referring to freedom of press and media, he said such a freedom should not lead to blasphemous acts against followers of other religions.

Since in a free society, respect for other beliefs and opinions is considered as part of freedom, he called for condemnation of the move by the Swedish government.

The act might be masterminded by some groups who seek to mar ties between Sweden and other Muslim states, he said. "

I really hope there is such a conspiracy, and in that case, I strongly support it. Keep on plottin'...