Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Italian Police Block Mosque’s Construction

Construction work on a mosque being built next to an ancient church in Rome has been halted by the police. However, it looks like the stoppage is temporary, and based on a technical violation of the building permit. Or maybe a failure to bribe the right official…?

Anyway, according to Adnkronos International:

Police in Rome have halted the construction of a new controversial mosque because of irregularities with building laws.

“Certain rooms were being enlarged and a partition wall knocked down without authorisation”, police officer Carlo Buttarello was quoted as saying by Rome-daily, Il Messaggero.

But Rome’s city council manager for security, Jean-Leonard Touadi, said the stoppage was temporary, and it “just needs for regulations to be respected”, for work to resume.

The site for the planned mosque whose opening was scheduled for 7 September, is adjacent to the Roman Catholic Church of San Vito in Rome’s multi-ethnic Esquilino neighbourhood.

The mosque’s location next to a Christian site and concern with Islamic extremism associated with some Muslim centres in other parts of Italy including Milan has incensed those opposed to its construction.

But Touadi dismissed the criticism.

“Rome, the city which hosts the Vatican and the largest mosque in Europe… cannot and must not fear a new place of worship which instead must be guaranteed”, he was quoted as saying by Il Messaggero.

Ah yes, we must guarantee the new place of worship — and our own dhimmitude as well.

The mosque is being constructed to serve Rome’s growing Bangladeshi community:
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“The premises on Via San Vito 12, right next to the Church of San Vito are being refurbished in these days in time for the opening on 7 September,” Mustafa Kamal who heads the Hil Ful Fuzul Social Organization Onlus, which is supervising the mosque’s construction, told Adnkronos International (AKI).

Sheikh Ubeidulhaqq, a prominent Muslim cleric who serves as prayer leader or imam of the Beit al-Mukarram mosque in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, is expected to attend the inauguration ceremony.

The Mosque’s opening will take place on a Friday, Islam’s traditional day of prayer.

The Hil Ful Fuzul Social Organization Onlus which operates as a non-governmental non-profit organisation, was formed in May this year to help Muslim immigrants in Rome, especially in the city’s Piazza Vittorio area, where the new Mosque will be located.

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kepiblanc said...

A newly arrived Moroccan immigrant in the Italian village of Valaperta di Casatenovo, near Lecco, could not stand the statue of the Virgin Mary in a niche opposite the house which had been assigned to him. The immigrant’s Muslim faith forbids the depiction of humans. Every morning the poor man was confronted with the statue of the Madonna – an intolerable affront to his deeply-felt religious convictions. Consequently, yesterday morning the immigrant filled up the niche with concrete. Two elderly ladies were able to save the statue of the Holy Virgin, but two statues of little angels surrounding the Madonna were walled in by the zealous Moroccan.

The Madonna of Valaperta di Casatenovo had been in the niche since the 1850s. The statue was a popular place where the villagers came to pray.

(Hat tip: Paul Belien) said...

"Rome, the city which hosts the Vatican and the largest mosque in Europe…"

Damn you Touadi ! I'm afraid Police will lose again, as usually, this mosque will be soon next to the church, that's the way things rule in Italy...

Do you know who was the first that allowing the construction of the FIRST mosque in Europe ? Giulio Andreotti. A catholic !

And the FIRST mega mosque has been erected right in ROME ! Pope VI, Montini didn't agree so much such an idea, there were discussions and delays caused by the height of the minaret, Saudi Arabia wanted it higher than the Vatican (up to 80 mt), but finally they got up and accepted a minaret of 39,20 mt ... only.

It was King Feissal, in 1966 that insisted by the italian politicians to let him build a mosque in Italy, next to the Vatican (isn't perhabs their old dream... Rome ?!) to establish better relations between Saudi Arabia and Italy...

Nobody knows how Andreotti convinced the reluctant Pope Montini to allow the construction of that mega-mosque in Rome...
The italian politicians kept secret the saudi plan for years, to not irritate the Vatican.

The ground (300mt2) for the first mosque in Italy, and in Europe, was a GIFT of Rome's maire (of course leftist). The costs have been supported 80% by Saudi Arabia, the rest by Egipt, Marocco, Jordan, Kuwait, United Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Mauritania, Senegal, Sudan, Turkey.

The first stone, 11th of dec. 1984, finished in 1995.
What about a gift from Saudi Arabia to Italy, at least 1 mt, for the construction of a chapel next to the black stone in Mecca ???.

Andreotti said: "What's the problem to build a mosque in Rome... there are so few muslim here..."

Well, we are in 2007, in Italy only there are now THOUSANDS of mosques, and tens of millions of muslims.

I suggest to our readers the book of Oriana Fallaci "The Force of Reason", so you will understand much better what really happens in Italy.
There is no more Reason in Italiarabia.

Salam aleikum ! said...

Ref. Madonna of Valaperta di Casatenovo see the pictures here:

22 agosto 2007
Non sopporta la statua della madonna davanti a casa, marocchino musulmano la mura!

Profitsbeard said...

"It's only a tiny hole in the dam, what's the big deal?"

Forgetting that the entire pressure of the whole Muslim Ummah is behind each chink in the West's dams, gushing in more and more "refugees", "students", guest workers", ad nauseam.

Islam is not compatible with secular democracies/republics.

Every small breach is widened as the Saudi money pours in.

Every mosque is a hole in the seawall of the EU.

There are now thousands.

To paraphrase a Frenchman:

"After mosques, the Deluge."