Friday, August 10, 2007

An Open Letter to Fellow Europeans

The British writer Paul Weston, whose work has appeared frequently at Gates of Vienna, sent us this letter today and asked us to publish it.

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An Open Letter to Europeans
by Paul Weston

It had to happen. It was just a matter of when. Writers on sites such as Gates of Vienna have spent years detailing the totalitarian impulses of the European Union and the associated apparatchiks riding on their coat tails.

And now it is out in the open. A peaceful democratic protest, organised by people with no trace of historically violent behaviour, is banned because the Mayor of Brussels, a Mr Freddy Thielemans, believes he cannot guarantee the safety of the public, and perhaps more pertinently, does not wish to upset the delicate sensibilities of Brussels’s large resident Muslim community.

What a sense of relief! Those hours spent researching, reading and writing up on the European Union and it’s dastardly plans for its “community” of citizens were not in vain. No matter how right we may have thought we were, there was always that nagging doubt in the back of one’s mind that perhaps it was all too fantastical to be true; is it really possible that white Western European leaders (unelected, but surely that too could not be true, after all we live in a democracy, do we not?) were intent on betraying and sacrificing their own people, all half a billion of them, in their pursuit of power and a seat at the never ending trough of financial swill?

The EUSSRBut now the face of Europe’s totalitarian New Order has exposed itself in all of its slippery, devious, treacherous, lying, naked ambition. If they are prepared to deny free speech and freedom to demonstrate, then what else will they deny us? Could those scarcely believable tales, spun across the “right wing” web sites, making outrageous claims that the EU wanted to incorporate old Christian Europe into a new Islamic entity called Eurabia possibly be true?

And if that is the case, what of the threat of arrest by Europol, (whose headquarters is rather fittingly the ex-Gestapo headquarters) followed by transportation and trial before Eurojust, with both organisations taking precedence over and above the judicial and police departments of national countries? Can it really be the case that such an arrest can take place for mere criticism of an EU institution, a criticism subsequently identified as a criminal act of xenophobic hatred?
- - - - - - - - - -
1984These must just be rumours; it is too Orwellian, too Big Brotherish to possibly be true. But these plans are already in the EU pipeline, waiting for the day to come, and come it will before the next two years are out, after which the EU will have total control of its subject peoples. No more elections, no more sovereignty, no nation states, no freedom, just an imminent minority status of jizyah-paying Dhimmitude.

Will you be able to leave the EU? I doubt it. A gigantic experiment in “social justice” coupled with an ageing population will require an ever-increasing tax burden on its working population. If you think you will be able to jump ship and leg it to Australia then think again, buddy boy; without the taxpayer the EU will implode. They need your tax euros, and you ain’t going nowhere.

As is often the case in history, world-changing events spring from nowhere. If the mayor of Brussels had given his approval to the 11th September demonstration, it is likely that a few thousand would have turned up, waved a few flags and gone home again. The media would have ignored it and the EU would continue on its merry way to full totalitarian rule.

But now the gloves are off. By showing his totalitarian hand before the EU has total power, mayor Thielemans has allowed us a vision of our future, and that vision is of jackboots, flags, gulags, servitude, secret police, religious police, and “mental institutions” for those not toeing the political/religious line.

We may be unable to stop the EU doing anything it wishes to do in a couple of years time — the internet will be blocked, dissidents imprisoned and telephones tapped — but we can do something about it now.

And that something is to be in Brussels on Sep 11th. This may be your one and only chance to make an impression on our EU masters before they make your protest impossible.

By outlawing a democratic demonstration, mayor Thielemans has laid down a marker that will be studied closely by the Brussels politicians. He has slapped our face with his glove, issued a challenge, fired the FIRST shot in a new war. If you run away and hide after the opening salvo then we are finished as a people, a culture, a race and a civilisation.

Don’t let Thielemans and his EU cronies’ notch up a victory after just one act of aggression. Do your duty. Book that ticket for Brussels. In years to come we may well look back and note that 10th August 2007 saw the beginnings of resistance or the beginning of the end.


AWOL Civilization said...

"Unable to guarantee public security" is an old ruse for preventing demonstrations. A nice addition to the EU anti-free-speech arsenal.

It would be interesting to know where European and international human rights groups (such as Amnesty) stand on these raw attacks on freedom of expression. Have any of these groups protested the recent hate-crime campaigns? I don't recall hearing so much as a peep from them.

David M said...

Trackbacked by The Thunder Run - Web Reconnaissance for 08/10/2007
A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

openplaza said...

is it really possible that white Western European leaders (unelected, but surely that too could not be true, after all we live in a democracy, do we not?) were intent on betraying and sacrificing their own people, all half a billion of them, in their pursuit of power and a seat at the never ending trough of financial swill?

Who is he talking about? Merkel? Sarkozy? Barroso? Brown? I have posted this summary of the European power centres in an earlier post, I till post it here again:

Let’s look the Political structures on EU level. There is first the European Council. The European Council has no executive or legislative power. It meets primarily to define direction and the policy agenda, formally it "shall provide the Union with the necessary impetus for its development"..(quote Maastricht treaty) It comprises of the heads of state or government of the Union's member states along with the President of the European Commission.

So wouldn’t that be a nice point to start looking at the whole picture? As far as I can see, Sarkozy, Merkel, Brown and Barroso don’t look like Euroabia advocates. Or do they? And what evidence is there to support this view? Sarkozy is hated by the “Youth” and French muslim population for his rough stances and don’t forget that even though he is a Catholic, he has Jewish ancestors. And Merkel? So far I didn’t hear anything from her, that could make me think she is an advocate of Eurabia. In contrary. Lately she took many tough positions on Islam, and she is known to be against a Turkish membership. Barosso was probably the highest EU official backing the Danish Moo-cartoonists in contrast to Gordon Brown, who looks to me the biggest dhimmie of them all, if you would want to call him like this. And Britain is the staunchest supporter of a Turkish EU membership of the EU 3. Does this make any sense? Not to me.

Then there is the European Commission which is the executive branch of the European Union. The President of the European Commission is Jose Manuel Barroso which was appointed by the European Council (remember). Each member state sends then their own appointed Commissioners which then in turn have to be approved by the European Parliament. There is not much what Barroso can do, if he doesn’t like his team members. But they are appointed by elected Governments.

Now again we have to ask ourselves, how and since when are they actively pursuing a policy which is described by the Eurabia idea? I mean there is a camera every day on them. Barroso cannot even hang out on a friend’s yacht, without facing questions, and Verheugen was caught promoting his Affair, who happened to work in his department. I mean think about it. If this guy is not even able to do something like this, how could be possibly pursue a hidden agenda.

Now where exactly are these “unelected” officials in place?
One could argue, that the comission is not dorectly elected. Well, not even in the US every official is elected. They are the same way appointed by the Executive, and then confirmed by the Congress. It works more or less the same on both sides of the Atlantic.

openplaza said...

I had another look at the Eurabia entry on Wikipedia. Bat Ye’or is quoted there:
The Arabs set the conditions for this association: ( association=Eurabia, her quotes in italic, my statements in regular letters)

-A European policy that would be independent from, and opposed to that of the United States
That was always the case, or when had Europe, or better, the European nations, no independent policy? But on the common goals such as defeating the evil empire, they sailed nicely through history, TOGETHER. Now there was the war in Iraq. But I think things got again better with Sarkozy and Merkel in office. And there is no reason to believe an Schröder/Chirac era could come back any soon.

-The recognition by Europe of a Palestinian people, and the creation of a Palestinian state
As far as I can see, the USA has pretty much the same position on this issue.

-European support for the PLO
The PLO, now Fatah, enjoys support from the USA and the EU. The US just recently shipped tons of weapons to Fatah.

-The designation of Yasser Arafat as the sole and exclusive representative of that Palestinian people
Well one could argue, that the role of Carter and Clinton helped significantly to get him to the status he enjoyed.

-The delegitimizing of the State of Israel, both historically and politically, its shrinking into non-viable borders, and the arabization of Jerusalem.
Besides some stupid comments coming from the left side, political Europe is still firmly behind Israel. Even Chirac state lately, that if Iran would do something stupid, it could expect a nuclear rain. And I doubt that Tony Blairs mission in Jerusalem has anything to do with arabization?

Now is the US partner of Europe, as it seems to take mostly the same position?

Anonymous said...

If anybody's interested, this has also been posted at A Tangled Web, where it is getting very different sorts of comments than here. It would seem some don't want to believe the awful truth.

kepiblanc said...

Germany's Udo Ulfkotte has started a PETITION, and privately I mailed this to the mayor of Brussels:

As a Danish citizen I hereby want to express my utmost gratitude for your decision of banning a public demonstration in Brussels on September 11.Th.
Your decision is an invaluable help for the anti-EU movement and organizations here in Denmark. Forbidding peaceful demonstrations and suppressing freedom of speech makes it absolutely clear what the EU stands for.

Thank you. Your generous help is greatly appreciated

Unknown said...

2 openplaza:

Are you aware that EuroMed means giving to the countries that borders mediterranean in Nort Africa and Asia the 4 fundamentals rights of UE (freedom of circulation of people, goods, capitals and services. The only thing they wont have is a seat in European parliament))?
Do you understand what that means?

Don Miguel said...


Nice letter. I just wonder if the mayor will even get (i.e. understand) it.

Simon de Montfort said...

The elites are telling us that our high standard of living ( whatever that means any more ) depends on the 'free flow of goods' , it also depends on the 'free flow of labour', i.e., immigrants--legal, illegal, whatever

They are not going to be put off or dissuaded by a demonstration or big piles of protest letters.

I admire the effort, but it is Doomed

Anonymous said...

Our politicians are dhimmis and worse. Not only do they use the language of dhimmis, but actually assist in the destruction of Western culture and society. In effect they are Quislings.

But this idiot of a mayor does not realise, that banning the peaceful demostration by SIOE, will only make SIOE’s case stronger, and anger a great many Europeans, who are at the moment neutral.

From Wikipedia

“Quisling” - is synonymous with “traitor”, and particularly applied to politicians who appear to favour the interests of other nations or cultures over their own.

Not a day passes when our politicians do not show their true colours - yellow and black(Islam).


The development of the EU is happening at breakneck pace. If the new "NOT the constitution" constitutional treaty is signed by the various national governments, it will fundamentally change the character of Europe.

A detailed analysis of the "NOT the constitution" constitution, is really not possible in this post, but fortunately is available here

The language of the new "NOT the constitution" constitutional treaty, has deliberately been made as confusing and complex as possible, to deter anyone from working out its real aims.

Prof. Jonathan said...

Are people in Belgium so discouraged that the idea of just ingnoring the ban won't occur to them?

Like the mayor is going to arrest a bunch of people coming together for a minute of silence for 9/11?

Tear gas and billyclubs?

I think not.

The fact that people would even pay attention to such a prohibition says more about the state of mind of the EU population that the ban itself.

Jesus, people - just go out there and do what you have to do. If you have to wait for some idiot's permission to do it, you might as well stay in bed waiting for the Calif to give you the green light.

PRCalDude said...

Ignore the ban. Do it anyway. It's your homeland.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Governor of Brusseles
Mme. Véronique Paulus de Châtelet

Mayor of Brusseles:
M. Freddy Thielemans

Bombs away!

@nooil4pacifists said...

I've compared liberty in US and EU law.

Unknown said...

2 openplaza

I finally get it, the whole story of the trade that sold europeans for oil. Go there and take a look.

Unknown said...

I am goig to Brussels anyway.
Not only for SIOE but above all for our freedoom.
I urge you to go too.
I am going to send a post card to:

to the attention of mayor Freddy Thielemans
Grand Place 1
1000 Brussles

You should do the same, the more the better.

Aeneas said...

It would be interesting if we could create a counter jihad logo and produce large numbers of postcards containing this image. We could then send letters to decision makers in a way that would also increase our visibility, as the mail would have to be sorted and at least postal workers would be made aware about the counterjihad.

Anonymous said...

Have a look about what we did with this nice letter ; make sure that Mayor of Brussels + Municipal Council will read it !

Do you have a stamp and a printer or some post-cards ?

ACTION (this text in english + the action) !

ACTION (our own text in french) !

Anonymous said...

It's too late, you have already given it up to the Muslims. They are now the rulers in waiting. Only a matter of time.

There will be an exodus from Europe and we in North America will be able to watch our future unfolding on Fox News.

Aeneas said...

Yanni. To me, the actions of European rulers (I refuse to call them leaders) are deliberately trying to make the whole of Europe into an Islamic state. They are trying to mislead the people and it is up to us to frustrate their devious efforts, because the people will not meekly submit to Shari’a law once they are awakened.

Do not be so confident that America is somehow invulnerable to the same pathology that is ravaging Europe. Witness the litigation jihad of organisations like CAIR that seem to be following the European model and American leaders are letting them do this. America is just as vulnerable as Europe if not more so. The important thing is that we stand as a united front against our ruling elites and their media lackeys. Losing this struggle is not an option because that is the road to slavery and submission to totalitarianism. There are people in Europe and America who will never live a life of servitude.

Things are bad, but that is no reason for despair as that risks creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. The current bad state of affairs is yet another reason to become even more determined and to redouble our efforts to protect the cause of freedom.

openplaza said...

@ Geraldo

Euromed is a foreign relations instrument mainly to project European interests, such as democracy, stability, economic reform etc. Further more it a platform for dialog on various levels. Euromed has no legislative or executive power at all. The only thing they can do, is prepare guidelines for further cooperation and of course, a lot of talk.

While there seems something fishy about the whole thing, there is no reason to see this organisation as the secret ruler of the EU. There are many other instruments like Euromed, which are used for the same purpose in other regions. I guess Euromed creates a lot of heat, because of the proximity of the region, and because the EU declared in1995 the Mediterranean region as a region of priority.

Then there is IEMed (institut Europeu de la mediterrania) which is a think tank sponsored manly by the Spanish state and the city of Barcelona.

Now I don’t know how much influence there organisation have, or in what direction they are moving. I am sure, they employ many leftwingers (like all organisations of this type) who get to write about their crazy ideas, but that doesn’t mean, that they get what they want.

Maybe it is time to look at these organisations in detail, write about their actions and open the eyes of the Europeans public, instead of constantly hammering on the EU and their ongoing conspiracy.

If we dont like something about our home, should we first try to change it, or should destroy the whole house rightaway?

Unknown said...

2 openplaza - just for a begining
The Euromed Process rolls onward. The latest outpouring from the hallowed halls of the EU bears the ignominious title:

European Parliament resolution of 10 May 2007 on reforms in the Arab world: What strategy should the European Union adopt? (2006/2172(INI))

Having read the document, which is lengthy and contains all the usual preamble of “whereas”, “considering”, and “with respect to” and the usual disclaimers, we found two paragraphs that highlight the working milieu that is Euromed:

The European Parliament, [1] Is convinced that Arab identity is by no means incompatible with the notion of modernity or with the initiation of serious reforms; considers that the feeling of impotence which underlies the “Arab malaise” can be overcome through a renewed partnership based on understanding, mutual confidence, respect for social and cultural practices and credibility; recalls that the westernisation of Arab societies is not the most appropriate route to this end and that the notions of democracy, human rights and the rule of law are fundamental and universal values which innumerable Muslim authorities and governments have declared to be compatible with Islam;

“The westernisation of Arab societies is not the most appropriate route to this end”. Nor is the islamisation of Europe! Clearly, not recommending the first, must lead to the non-recommendation of the other.
They don’t westernise, we don’t islamise. The two are not compatible. And anyone in the EU who believes that they are, or believes the statements made by these “innumerable muslim states”, is being sadly misled. The reforms that we consider necessary have been discusssed for decades without any result being achieved. What could possibly be the reason for believing that the Arab world will bring about these changes now?

The EU grudgingly accepts, however, that there are differences between our perception of a free society and that of the Arab world. Take a look at paragraph 5.

The European Parliament, [5] Considers that, while it is extremely important that the Euro-Arab relationship include consideration of the vital need to combat terrorism, it is vital for the effectiveness and substance of that relationship that the fight against terrorism does not overshadow or hold back a host of other topics of common interest, such as economic and social development, employment, sustainable development, proper public administration, the fight against corruption, the development and consolidation of a strong and genuine civil society as the promoter of advances in terms of the democratic system and of tolerance, the fight for gender equality, full respect for, and non-discrimination in respect of, different sexual orientations, conservation of the global cultural heritage, inter-cultural dialogue, good governance, free and fair media, political participation and the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms, freedom of conscience and religious freedom, freedom of expression and association, the rejection of torture and the abolition of the death penalty, and the rejection of intolerance and fundamentalism, with a view to creating a genuine area of shared peace and prosperity;

Looking at that little “to do” list, the prospects of an early solution to the “Arab malaise” seem a long way off.

There is, however, one paragraph in the preamble that holds out a little hope for us sceptics:

[…] whereas the Arab movement, as conceived by its founding fathers, is a project which has included the secularisation of societies among its objectives [Really? This is news! Ed.]; whereas the current paths of political Islam do not always appear to be providing appropriate answers to the problems of political reform; concerned that the deadlocks in political reform are fuelling radical Islamism and its rhetoric of hatred towards Jews; and whereas the moderation of Islamism depends on both the stability of the institutional framework in which they evolve and the opportunities which the latter offers to influence policy-making.

Which one, among all of the leftist idealists in the EU, was sharp enough to spot that little point of debate and how did they manage to get it put into the declaration? Wonders never cease.

To see the entire document, follow the link below:

FreeSpeech said...

WIf you run away and hide after the opening salvo then we are finished as a people, a culture, a race and a civilisation."

race ? Are you nuts?

Anonymous said...

Yes... This is an very big mistake made by the author. We've deleted this word in the action we propose :

Halal Pig International

and it would be a good thing if you, people of this site, delete it.

Captain USpace said...

This cowardly dhimmi Mayor is a despicable and porcine traitor.

Might 200,000 March in Brussels 9/11/07 Against Islamification BECAUSE Mayor Has Forbid It?

Everybody please sign the petition!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
screw your great great grandchildren

give the gift of dhimmitude
why preserve your culture

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
put an END to free speech

to discuss immigrant crime
shall be against the law