Monday, August 27, 2007

Action and Reaction in Italy

Update: Vera has pointed out in the comments that it is UNRWA that is the pal of the Palestinians, and not UNHCR. I stand corrected.

D’oh! Stupid acronyms!

Here are two unconnected stories from Italy that illustrate the different ways that Islam affects the Italian people.

The first is a Reuters story about a recent firebomb attack on a mosque in Milan. Notice that it was “vandals” who did the attacking. If Muslims firebombed a church or a synagogue, What would they be? “Activists”? Or maybe “militants”? How about “separatists”? Or even “insurgents”?

Vandals burn imam’s car outside Milan mosque

Centro Islamico di MilanoVandals set fire to a Muslim cleric’s car outside a Milan mosque in what appears to be a religiously-motivated attack following months of threats.

The overnight car fire shattered some of the building’s windows and blacked its outer wall, but no one was injured, said Moroccan-born Hamid Zariate, the acting deputy director of the Islamic centre in Segrate, east of Milan’s city centre.

The building houses the larger cultural centre and mosque where about 700 people gather for prayers, he said.

Zariate told Reuters that he saw one of the vandals at about midnight, hurling what could have been a petrol bomb. The vandal sped away in a vehicle driven by another person, he said.

“At midnight I heard the first blast, and looked out of the window and saw my car on fire … The car exploded, there was nothing left of it,” Zariate, 24, said.

Police declined comment. Italian media reported that police had not ruled out any possibilities yet — including that the blast may have been accidental.

Zariate said he did not believe vandals targeted him specifically since he had only arrived at the centre several weeks ago.

“There’s no reason for anyone to be against me specifically because I’m new. I don’t know anybody,” he said.

“So, it’s not against me. It’s against the mosque, and I think it’s due to forms of xenophobia, forms of ideological-religious racism.”

And here’s an interesting idea:
- - - - - - - - -
Three politicians are pushing a bill that would create a national registry for imams with no criminal records, in an attempt to weed out fundamentalists.

Some politicians have called on police to keep a closer eye on imams practising in Italy.

Wouldn’t this law be unconstititutional, a racist hate-law, under the European Union? Why, it’s obviously the same as the Nuremberg laws!

AFAAs a matter of interest, the Milan chapter of Antifa has taken notice of the firebombing of the mosque. Yes, it’s the same Antifa, an Italian branch of Antifascist Action, the AFA. The same logo, the same red-and-black themed paintings, posters, and decorative merchandise spread throughout the site.

How likely would it be for Antifa to march on behalf of a firebombed church?

Religion is the opiate of the masses, except, of course, when that religion is Islam. Then it’s the friend of the international proletariat.

The second story concerns a Nigerian Christian who is trying to avoid deportation to his homeland, where he would face death by stoning:

Italy: Nigerian Christian facing stoning prays he can stay

A young Nigerian Christian man, Felix Eugenne is anxiously awaiting a decision on 3 September from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) on whether he can remain in Italy. He is facing deportation to Nigeria and death by stoning for having sex outside wedlock with a Muslim woman.

Magistrates in Nigeria sentenced Eugenne, 27, to death by stoning preceeded by public flogging. His crime was to have had sex with his girlfriend Fatimah, who is a Muslim: a double offence in Niger state, where Islamic law is in force.

Nigeria’s constitution upholds the secularism of the state and its legal system. But in Niger state and 11 other states, mainly in the Muslim majority north, Islamic law is applied.


Eugenne was imprisoned and given 21 public lashes for several days. He had been sentenced to 21 public lashes for 21 days before death by stoning, but says he managed to escape when his mullah-jailer left his cell unlocked one day.

The mullah had his throat slit in a public square as an “exemplary” punishment, Eugenne said. He managed to flee Nigeria and reach Italy aboard a container ship in April 1994.

If Mr. Eugenne’s only hope is the UNHCR — which exists almost entirely to give aid and comfort to Hamas in the Palestinian “refugee camps” — then his fate hangs on a slender thread indeed. Perhaps the Italian office of the UNHCR is not so slavishly devoted to the Islamist cause.

Italy, like most other European countries, has no difficulty importing and sustaining massive numbers of Muslim refugees. Yet when confronted with a single Christian refugee escaping from the murderous blandishments of the mullahs, why, it’s… deportation time!

Don’t make no sense.

Hat tips: Steen and insubria.


npabga said...

If I understand correctly, Felix Eugenne is now in Italy, but Italy has surrendered its sovereignty over to the UN? So Italy is not able to make a decision on whom it is allowed to deport and not deport? If so, that is disgusting. Hooray Unelected One World Government!

Kirk Parker said...

What pathetically incompetent journalism! (Not that I'm surprised; it's Reuters, after all.) In the opening paragraph, they include the flambouyant teaser "following months of threats."

But is there any discussion of previous threats in what follows? Not at all; there's the arrest of an Imam charged with running a terrorist training school, and mention of a proposed bill regarding registration of imams, but not the slightest hint of any previous threats (against Muslims, as the opener clearly implies, or even by Muslims.)

So I suppose we should conclude that, once again, they're just making it up. Anyone from Italy that can fill in the missing blanks for us?

Vera said...

UNHCR certainly does not exist to give aid and comfort to Hamas in the Palestinian “refugee camps”. That's what UNRWA is for. :)