Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Talking Points for the Madrassa

KGIASupporters of the Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA) in Brooklyn organized a community meeting on Monday night at the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge to discuss the school and coordinate their efforts.

The original contents of this post have had to be removed due to legal concerns for the parties involved.


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R. Hartman said...

I think this is a 'first' for GoV, right? Self-censoring to avoid bankrupcy due to legal costs spent on defending your right to Free Speech? Someone threatened to sue you for exposing an agenda? Or for plainly telling verifyable facts?

If so, I can understand your compliance. Daniel Pipes intends to start a legal defense bail fund for those who are sued by Islamists and their Western apologists for telling the truth. CAIR already started legal intimidations against Robert Spencer, for whom David Horowitz has launced a legal defense fund. Read about it on FrontPage Magazine.

I've been contemplating leaving The NEtherlands for Florida, but found that it's almost impossible to get a Green Card if you're self-employed.

Since then I've been noticing signs that I might not really improve my situation, freedom-wise, in doing so. This is definitely another indication that the US is trying to catch up with Europe, fast.

These are bad times for libertarian and objectivist minds. And we're heading in the wrong direction: towards the cliffs. Who'll stop the lemmings?

Abu Abdullah said...

R. Hartmarn,

There may be a roundabout way to get to the US: Immigrate to Canada and then use the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to go down South. Many Canadians go South to work under NAFTA and I believe the paperwork is fairly simple.
Check this for Canadian permanent residency application processing time.

You can also try your luck with the US Diversity Visa Lottery. The probability of getting it is very low but it is more straightforward than the method above.

Baron Bodissey said...

R. Hartman --

It's not my liability that I'm worried about, but somebody else's.

They had to take down their post, so I removed my quotes & links.

Don Miguel said...

"I've been contemplating leaving The NEtherlands for Florida, but found that it's almost impossible to get a Green Card if you're self-employed."

Actually, I have two Dutch friends who have done exactly that. Start a company that hires at least one local and hire an immigration lawyer -- that's all they did. Please note that usually you first get a work visa and then at a later date apply for a green card.

R. Hartman said...

Thanks for the Green Card / Work Permit suggestions. I knew about the lottery and the business+employee(s) option, but I'm a self-employed ICT consultant, so that would be tricky.

Seeing how the US is speeding up to overtake Europe on the left makes me wonder if I should not reconsider, though. Thailand seems to be nice, but...