Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Swedes: Write Your Wills!

Tintin in the CongoEarlier today, a reader wrote us about the controversy in Sweden over the recent republishing of Tintin in the Congo. He concluded with this speculation, about the man on Swedish radio who was complaining about Tintin:

A guess — is this Mr. Sabuni a relative, brother or something, to the minister with the same name [Nyamko Sabuni, the Minister for Integration in Sweden’s current government], trying to profile himself and rising in society to those levels where little work is very well paid?

Now he sends this follow-up:


I was right and I was wrong. Mr. Mkyabela Sabuni, a brother to the Minister for Integration, is second chairman of the National Association of AfroSwedes (!) and he has no need to profile himself to get a well-paid job — he already has got it, paid by Swedish taxpayers and deceased Swedes. The whole clan Sabuni seem to be very well taken care of by taxpayers and the deceased in combination. Two more siblings Semeke and Zela (sister) are supported from the same sources. See attached material!

What do I mean saying that deceased Swedes are paying for the Sabunis?
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All who have died in Sweden having no relatives and no beneficiaries get their assets taken care of by the Swedish State Inheritance Fund (Allmänna Arvsfonden) from which money is doled out to various so-called idealistic purposes, non-profit associations, etc. — nowadays mostly anything with a connection to immigration. It can be assumed that the deceased would turn in their graves if they knew in whose pockets their hard-earned money ended.

Swedes — never die before writing a valid will!


Conservative Swede said...

You forgot to mention Kitimbwa Sabuni.

She also has an uncle named Mkyabela Sabuni. Head of Centrum mot rasism.

Steen said...

in short on allmäna arvsfinden:

They hand out 411 mio sv. kroner ( 56 mio us.d) every year.

1200 people dies in Sweden every year without leaving relatives. 600 leave s no testament either so AA recieves their means.

You canstudy who gets the money here.

and in several exotic languages here:

Th Foundation itself is a multimillion dollar business.