Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"An Urgent Appeal for help from Regime Change Iran"

We received the following plea this evening:

I am writing you with this urgent appeal because you have contributed to our work in support of the Iranian pro-democracy movement in the past.

Our website has been shut down due to lack of funds.

As you know, our website suspended its reports several months ago in order to regroup, with hopes of coming back bigger and better than ever. Even without posting new articles our site has been regularly receiving thousands of visitors seeking our “hard to find reports”.

Until we can pay our past due expenses of over $1,000 the website will remain closed.

There has never been a time when the Iranian pro-democracy movement needed our support more with help getting its message out to the western world.

Over the past few months, we have been working on redesigning our website with hopes of launching a major new internet campaign in support of the pro-democracy forces inside of Iran. If we receive sufficient funding we will implement the redesigns and resume our reports.

But unfortunately, without your financial support this will not be possible.

We need the help of you, our supporters, in order to keep our website up and running.

If you can once again help us through this emergency it would be greatly appreciated.

Gary Metz aka DoctorZin

You may send a contribution through Paypal by following the links here:

Then click on the “Send Money” tab.
You will be asked for an email address. Use
Then just follow the instructions.
Paypal now accepts credit card donations.

Thank you.

Remembering all the kindnesses of our readers when the Baron was unemployed, I thought to ask again, this time in the name of Regime Change Iran. Tell Gary the Baron sent you!

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Unknown said...

Why don't you forward this message to the U.S. State Dept.? A thousand bucks to keep a dissident web site going? They could take it out of their lunch money...
This is what makes me sick about U.S. foreign affairs. We can drop bombs and put boots on the ground but, winning the propaganda war? No can do or, we will be getting to that shortly... In a nut shell, the U.S. State Dept. is a total failure.

Dymphna said...

cathy-- I think it's worse than a failure. It did a lot to cause the mess right after we toppled Saddam. And they did it on purpose, hoping to get John Kerry elected and their sweet little behinds in some cushy Kerry appointments.

Ken Joseph, a Christian Iraqi, watched it all up close. He blames them for much of the failure in Iraq at the start.