Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Antifascistisk Aktion

In his essay last night Michiel Mans wrote about his experiences in the Netherlands with the violent left-wing group known as Antifascist Action (Antifascistische Actie).

AFA SverigeSweden has its own version of the same group, with the same name (translated into Swedish), Antifascistisk Aktion. Its members dress in the same style, use the same tactics, and even have an identical logo. If they were of the Right instead of the Left, the elites in Europe would be very publicly alarmed at this transnational conspiracy; the group would be hounded by Interpol, arrested during public demonstrations, and officially banned.

But, since they’re leftists, they can do as they please, with the tacit support of the government. In Sweden their function is to use violence and harassment to intimidate anyone who strays outside of the accepted politically correct boundaries.

As Fjordman has written:

Antifascistisk AktionAntifascistisk Aktion in Sweden, a group that supposedly fights against “racists,” openly brag about numerous physical attacks against persons with their full name and address published on their website. According to AFA, this is done in order to fight against global capitalism and for a classless society. They subscribe to an ideology that killed one hundred million people during a few generations, and they are the good guys. Those who object to being turned into a minority in their own country through mass immigration are the bad guys.

This afternoon a reader in Sweden sent me his account of AFA’s participation in Pride Week, Stockholm’s annual gay celebration:
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Sweden in a Nutshell

AFA-PrideAt the very end of the Pride parade there marched some twenty black-clothed and masked young representatives of the violence- and terror-organization AFA. Adjacent to them marched policemen dressed in civilian clothes and some fifteen police cars brought up the rear.

This makes explicit something that was already obvious: the Antifascists are the goon squads for the left-wing Multicultural power structure in various European countries. These bully boys act as the Brownshirts for the EU political establishment, squelching dissent and marginalizing those who disagree with the dominant ideology.

There’s a bitter irony in the fact that these street punks are the Sturmabteilung of the EU’s version of National Socialism. Do you suppose it’s lost on the members of the AFA?


turn said...

Just a matter of time. American blood will be spilled in Europe over European idealogues once more.

Flanders Fields said...

Turn, you may be correct. Our ideology will make it worth spilling - after we have eradicated the same ideology espoused by Europeans which is present to a very significant degree in the US.

All of us are learning to fight against entrenched leftism, the activist progressives and other anti-American and anti-Western totalitarian minded scoundrels. Be glad that some in Europe at least recognize their problem. That can be difficult due to the amount of control which the state and media exert to prevent recognition of problems.

Give those who attempt to open their eyes and minds and break away from leftist dogma an opportunity to do so. They were raised in a culture of anti-Americanism in which historic American involvement was minimized or was explained away as being something which America did strictly out of greed and self-interest. The state and universities teach it well and it is not everyone who can see through it. The same teaching goes on in American schools, media and with some government officials and candidates, so you know what I mean.

OMMAG said...

Not this time friends.
"Never Again" now means that we'll keep our boys home and let the fools stew in their own juices.

What Europe needs is a good complete humping at the pleasure of the socialists. It's the only thing that will smarten them up.

Anonymous said...

PGP, did n't you listen? It's going on in your house too..Wait till the last of the old-school politicians in your country are being replaced with the loonies who have been brainwashed in your pc treehugging universities...I think the divides will run straight through all the known cultural groups.
It's going to be a long, hard fight, if you ask me.

Yorkshireminer said...

Do they wear Brown Shirts?

turn said...

We have a few things going for us in the US that most of Europe doesn't--a Wild West and very well-reasoned blogosphere and very popular talk radio.

Sean Hannity is just finishing his weekday show as I write this and I know that millions and millions of overeducated leftwing former morons like myself now see the world and American politics more clearly.

When Europe calls out in pain we'll be there.

Whiskey said...

How dangerous is AFA? In the long run I think not very dangerous. They seem like the Black Bloq here in the USA. Very limited.

I've thought a lot about how the real SA and Nazi Party, Communist Party, and the other allied groups grew in the post WWI era across Europe. It's been estimated that nearly a third of young German women in the post WWI era up to the Nazi take-over were prostitutes. The German Sally Bowles may be entertaining to audiences but to young German men seeking families and marriage a disaster.

Simply put the Nazis and Communists across Europe IMHO were able to recruit masses of young men by promising the opportunity of marriage and family (through economic advancement and control over women's freedom). That's why they won in so many countries, because they had decisive manpower advantages through a "better deal" for young unmarried men.

Of course the SA was shot through with homosexuals, but the rank and file was almost entirely heterosexual and the appeal was to young men with no opportunities whatsoever for marriage and family.

AFA, Black Bloq, and other groups have no ability to compete for the great mass of young men priced out of the marriage market. They can't offer economic advancement (to appeal to women) and they can't offer restriction on women's freedom (so that being the mistress of more powerful men is no longer an option). This fundamentally constrains their ability to raise manpower. They are only a threat so long as they receive police toleration and there are no opposing militias to threaten them. They are notably absent in East Germany where the NPD has a big manpower advantage and can be relied upon to battle them in the street.

Islamic groups of course promise young men unlimited concubines and polygamy from the mass of conquered European women, so that offer works for young Muslim men. However IMHO Muslims moved too soon and don't have absolute manpower advantages this generation.

AFA is very beatable and IMHO can be beat by (sadly) rightist groups. Given that the question is not rule of law but who can muster the most young men for street fights. Pathetic but that's Europe for you.

Michiel said...

In various official publications by 'scientific' institutions advising the Dutch government, lavish mention is made of extreme rightwing groups as a cause of racial and cultural tension. There is no mention what so ever about extreme leftwing groups like AFA in these publications. Leftist politicians with an AFA like background, even deny knowledge of that group. Liars.

The science used in these scientific institutions only comprises sociology and similar eh..hard sciences. In the case of the WRR, the main scientific body for the Government, not a single hard scientist could be found among those working in their science bureau. Not one. A fellow author at, D.Fender, studied the matter. No physics, math or other Beta's up there. Only sociologist, cultural anthropologists and some economists. Of course you have good ones in these groups, knowing to make good use of logic and reason. In our WRR, this is not the case. It has been politicised from the beginning, as D.Fender found out. A steady stream of publications endorsing or suggesting policies favoring the politically correct way of thinking, or lack of, comes from these NGO bodies.

Since the rest of our politicians on the whole are not too bright, or alert, this status quo and way of things, just goes on without any questions or criticism.

Vol-in-Law said...

It is quite funny how "A"FA uses all the iconography of fascism, right down to their button logo.

It's not so funny that groups like this enjoy the support of various northern European governments, traditionally liberal-democratic countries like Sweden and the Netherlands.

Unknown said...

The AFA in England are an empty barrel - and I suspect the same is true in much of the rest of Europe. They do publish names and addresses of patriots and nationalists, but it's not that difficult to find out where AFA people live and, from personal experience, they are not as fearsome as they would have us believe when they are confronted on their own doorsteps.

Martin Lindeskog said...

The so-called "anti-fascists" are a loud voice at the May Day demonstrations nowadays.

Best Premises,

Martin Lindeskog - American in spirit.
Gothenburg, Sweden

Conservative Swede said...

Baron Bodissey wrote:
"At the very end of the Pride parade there marched some twenty black-clothed and masked young representatives of the violence- and terror-organization AFA. Adjacent to them marched policemen dressed in civilian clothes and some fifteen police cars brought up the rear."

Did they actually demonstrate literally side by side? Amazing. Well, they surely demonstrated together in the same parade. Here is a picture, from the Pride parade, of the Swedish Gay Police organization marching in uniforms:

The same police that investigate the attack and attempted kidnapping of Sweden Democrat-member Martin Kinnunen's girlfriend (almost certainly committed by AFA). The police that most often close down the investigation of attacks on SD-members. The police whose representatives are found belittling the significance of such attacks in media.

The Pride parade is such a great manifestation of love, isn't it?