Monday, August 27, 2007

An Ironic Rondellhund

Lars Vilks has evidenced a true Scandinavian grit in the face of attempted intimidation during the Modoggie crisis. The attempts to cow him into submission only stimulate him to produce more Modoggies, which he then posts on his blog. He shows every sign of continuing in this manner until his own government arrests him for hets mot folkgrupp.

Ironically, Mr. Vilks does not recognize the authority of the Swedish government, for he has declared himself the leader of a sovereign state known as Ladonia. In a further irony, his politics seem to be quite traditionally left-socialist, as Conservative Swede points out:

Wow, this is the first time, in this millennium, that I can remember that I started feeling proud of my country. The media is actually publishing the modoggy. Neat. Credits mainly to Lars Vilks, the Theo van Gogh of Sweden.

Vilks is provocative rather than clever. Which is demonstrated by the fact that he’s a fan of Michael Moore, to the degree that Vilks granted Moore honorary citizenship of his country Ladonia.

There’s nothing more hated by the left by an apostate from Socialism, so Lars Vilks would be well-advised to watch his back.
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A Swede disguised as a ModoggieMr. Vilks has produced his own ironic Modoggie drawing, only this one is not really a Modoggie. Our Swedish correspondent LN has helpfully translated the explanation of the latest Rondellhund, posted today on Mr. Vilks’ blog and shown at right in a smaller version.

Vilks writes: Dagens teckning visar för omväxlings skulle en svensk. Denne har tagit på sig lösskägg och turban med tofs samt maskerat sig till profeten Muhammed som rondellhund.

LN’s translation: “For the sake of variety, today’s drawing shows a Swede. He has put on a false beard and a turban with a tassel and has laid on makeup and disguised himself to look like the Prophet Mohammed being a rondell-doggie.”

As a follow-up, will there be Mohammed disguised as a Swede disguised as a Rondellhund? Another kind of animal disguised as a dog with the head of Mohammed? Mohammed disguised as Christ disguised as a pig?

The possibilities for overwrought postmodern irony abound.

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Profitsbeard said...

Whatever rattles their cage, Mr. Vilk.

The cage being intolerant Islam.

The bars being the Koran.

Muslims are the first and worst victims of Mohammad.

(However, we're all coming in a close second in the infidel world.)

Islam delende est.

X said...

Vilks most be loving all this attention.

Unknown said...

It seems one of those cases you start loosing when you start watching your back.

R. Hartman said...

I checked Lars' blog but couldn't find an email link. Maybe he reads the coments here. I've got a link for him:

Tushar Saxena said...

Baron, a Reason magazine's post included a bit about Vilks drawing an anti-semitic sketch of an inflated rat "swollen with capitalism ready to devour some villages" those of palestinians. If this is true, can we continue to support Lars Vilks?

Baron Bodissey said...

Tushar --

Read some of the earlier posts (I can't remember which; the links are at the bottom of the post). Vilks drew that picture in response to a specific challenge, from a woman who is probably one of those people who thinks the whole affair as a Zionist plot.

She said he wouldn't dare insult the Jews the way he insulted Mohammed.

If I remember correctly, it was a sow, and not a rat that he drew. The challenger specifically dared him to draw a "Jewish sow".

Our Swedish readers can correct me if I'm remembering this wrong.

Vilks is a deliberate provoker, and when people are ready to be insulted, he seems only too happy to oblige them.

Marcus_R said...
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