Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quote of the Day

From the Brussels Journal:

SIOE 9-11“Perhaps the Belgian politicians and judiciary assume that if the people are no longer allowed to state the truth, the truth will cease to be the truth and become the lie. But it does not work that way. From now on people will simply keep their opinions to themselves, but they will become more strongly convinced of the things they know to be a fact and they will regard their politicians and their judges as the guardians of lies.”

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Profitsbeard said...
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Profitsbeard said...

Baron & Dymphna-

I let my anger at this madness give a non-PG 13 reply at first.

Here's the Family-Oriented version:

The EU politicos are going to need industrial-strength kneepads.

This mass-kowtowing could be the basis of an entire new Continental manufacturing base:

Grovelmatic, the only knee-protection guaranteed for 10,000 craven obeisances.

They should change the name of Brussels to Hara-Kiri-Berg.