Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Don’t Give in to Intimidation

The Fjordman Report

The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.
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This is Fjordman’s response to my posts about Brussels.

I can’t emphasize too strongly how much I value Fjordman’s contributions to this blog, even when I don’t agree with him. I don’t require everyone I respect to agree with me…

Regarding the articles about the Brussels demo, I tend to agree with SIOE, actually. You were way too negative. The Eurabians want people to be scared; you fell for their tactics.

I think we should go on the offensive. We should bombard the Brussels Mayor with emails and make it perfectly clear that he will allow that demonstration to go on whether he wants to or not. Not only should it be allowed to proceed, but the authorities should make sure that the peaceful demonstrators will be able to carry out the protest without harassment from Muslims.
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The eyes of the world will now be in this demo, and if Belgian authorities do anything to those participating, Belgium will be portrayed as a rogue state. And no, that wasn’t an empty threat. If the Brussels Mayor does not allow this demo to proceed without harassment, a large number of bloggers all over the Western world will spend every possible opportunity bombarding him and his office with emails and phone calls demanding his resignation.

Don’t give in to intimidation. Our enemies should be scared, not us. There will be too much attention for them to do anything during this demo. And yes, I support the idea that as many people as possible should carry cameras to document it if the authorities do anything improper.


Paul Weston said...
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kepiblanc said...

Gauleiter Thielemans has already done us a great favor by demonstrating (no pun intended) what the "core values" of the EU really are. No wonder the EU oligarchs go out of their way to avoid another referendum.

MartyC said...
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MartyC said...

I agree with Fjordman. The SIOE derserves our support as this demonstration will be a potential watershed, and the act of demonstrating despite the abuse of power by the mayor will send an important message to this mayor and others. The SIOE has drawn a line in the sand, and the civil disobedience that is called for must not be diminished in any way. Please sign the petition and if possible attend the demonstration. This is about free speech and justice. It is not about racism other than the racism shown by the mayor in his actions.

Exile said...


"the civil disobedience that is called for must not be diminished"

My thoughts exactly -
See here.

Conservative Swede said...


I very glad you weighed in on this. You are absolutely right, we should not let ourselves be intimidated so easily. I wrote so already 9 hours ago, but my comment got washed away in that Google server crash.

That email quoted by the Baron is very fishy and all veiled intimidation. It's not to be trusted at all. I write about it here in my blog.

Whiskey said...

As I've written before, the BEST thing politically would be a brutal, Selma-style beating of middle aged men and women by the Brussels police along with various "youths."

Believe it that Fox would have that on every newscast, every blogger would have video, and even the broadcast nets would have to run:

*Pro American 9/11 demonstrators beaten by Brussels police and Muslim youths.

The political impact would be a BOMBSHELL.

Pressure from Dems and Reps to withdraw US Ambassador from Brussels, Belgian boycotts, perhaps even US discussion of withdrawing from NATO would result from this Selma-like activity.

The EU, Belgium, and the Left cannot survive a US withdrawal from Europe as a hostile, anti-American, pro-Muslim bunch of appeasers. I'm sure a Selma-style beating in Europe as well would galvanize people to look outside government to local organizations to defend themselves.

But the political impact in America of pro-US demonstrators beaten for a 9/11 vigil days after "Truther" Muslim marches would sheer dynamite.

Call and Raise. MAKE the police beat nice, middle aged women and men for standing with America on 9/11. Use the dogs and firehoses.

See how quickly even Dems dump Europe. And therefore how quickly the Left falls in Europe.

Eris said...

So when is the Brussels mayor up for re-election?

Protests calling on citizens not to vote for him due to his putting the jackboot down on free speech might soften his tone.

Unknown said...

El Bruss is becoming a very busy place.

Ther is another scheduled to 9/11, Arabian Eurobian League wants to celebrate 9/11 terrorists attacks in El Bruss.

Is it the case that Dhimmi Thielemans is going to autorize this and then have a reason to continue banning SIOE demo?

Profitsbeard said...

Bottled water to wash tear gas out of your eyes, and a wet cloth to put over your mouth.

And signs asking:




Hope to be there on 9/11.

"MAG IK DIT ZEGGEN?" as Theo Van Gogh asked. ("May I say this?")

Captain USpace said...

GO 9/11/07 in Brussels! The police will be reluctant to be brutal, they were OK with the march. Hopefully, the mayor will realize he did his best to appease the Muslim-filled City Council, but that any rough enforcement would actually be counter-productive to the jihad cause. Because after all, the EU is ultimately tolerant of everybody, right?

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