Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fat Freddy

Freddy ThielemansThe British writer Paul Weston, who guest-posts here from time to time, was very angered by Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans’ decision to deny permission for the SIOE demonstration on 9-11. He vented his feelings by writing a satire about Freddy “A Peculiar Night In My Local”, which was just a little too risqué to meet Gates of Vienna’s prudish publishing standards.

It is, however, quite amusing. My favorite line:

Given his varied physical problems, I think the least we can do is to maintain that mayor Thielemans is heterosexual, no matter what evidence comes to light in the coming months.

The entire satire can be found here.

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Unknown said...

Ah, Fat Freddy, the dumbest of the Freak Brothers.

Aeneas said...

Ours is the first great political movement of the twenty first century. Words will be written about our deeds and about the courage that we will show by defying dictatorship and assembling as planned on 11 September. Whatever fortune bestows upon us in future years, those of us who go will be able to proudly say that we answered the desperate call of freedom, we had the courage of our convictions and we stood firm and resolute, together in unity and common purpose.

Great causes are not fuelled by ease and certainty but by taking risks, making sacrifices and exhibiting single-minded determination to succeed. Standing up against tyranny and oppression has never been easy or safe, why should it be any different now? It is those with courage who make history it is those that don’t who are shaped by events. It is our holy duty as Europeans to stand up for freedom and defend it when it is in peril. If we are intimidated and make excuses, inventing reasons why we should not go to Brussels in September then we deserve to be slaves. We would be abandoning our rights as Europeans and accepting inevitable servitude and debasement.

The Mayor has illustrated very clearly the direction in which we are heading here in Europe - the European elite’s hand has been tipped. Freedom itself is in peril, we must stand up to defend it or lose it forever. Those in power are terrified by our sort of grass roots, popular movement and will do everything they can to undermine it so that they can cling to their unearned power. They are not yet ready and we have unnerved them. The EU is still only pregnant with tyranny and there is still time to put the EU monster back in its box and stop this undemocratic juggernaut before it gathers the momentum to fully demolish our liberties.

Those of you who are intimidated by the rantings of the man in the Brussels mayor’s office and are thinking of staying in the relative safety of hearth and home consider the following. The powers of the European police state increase with staggering speed. This might indeed be our last chance to openly show our disgust to our rulers. If we do not make this demonstration an overwhelming success there will be consequences. There might be new laws that prevent free speech and free assembly. Our freedom of movement to assemble collectively as Europeans from different national traditions may be put in jeopardy. In fact protesting in public might be made illegal. Furthermore, there will be more time for those in power to brainwash the young and subvert the society that they are there to protect.

The eyes of the world are on us; what we do (or don’t do) in September will resonate across the new century. Defenders of liberty hear me – we must stand together and stand firm, the hopes and aspirations of future generations of Europeans are in our hands. I for one want to be able to say in years to come that I answered the call and was there when the voice of freedom was finally heard. Western civilisation needs you all.

Exile said...

Aeneas, I wish I'd said that.

My hat is off, sir.

Mother Effingby said...

Meh. Brevity is the soul of wit, or, um, width, in the case of Fat Freddie Thielemans....Neither bankable nor boinkable. Sorry, but it must be said.