Thursday, August 16, 2007

Antifascist Action

AntifaI have written several recent posts about the violent hard-left group of bully boys known as “Antifascist Action”, or AFA. The organization has a variety of manifestations in Europe and the rest of the Western world, with each chapter using the same basic logo and a name translated into the local language.

Last night a reader wrote and asked about the significance of the black and red flags in the logos.

Perhaps this is suggesting too much — but do you think there is a deliberate coincidence in the using of the blatant communist Red Flag, along with the (possibly) Islamic Black Flag for the so-called Antifascist Action brigades? Entirely black flags as depicted in the graphic are associated in my mind directly with Islam and only Islam… and solid red ones are solely and universally (I believe) associated with Communism.

The red flag is without a doubt a communist symbol, but I wrote him back and told him that I thought the black flag traditionally represents the Anarchists. If you do a Google image search on “flag anarchist”, you’ll see what I mean — a variety of similar motifs using black, often combined with red. I’ve collected a medley of them below for your enjoyment.

Anarchist flags

CNT-FAIThis sort of iconography goes at least as far back as the Spanish Civil War, as evidenced by the CNT-FAI flag shown at right. This was the flag of the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo combined with the Federación Anarquista Ibérica, that is, the Communists in alliance with the Anarchists, fighting on the Republican side in the war.
- - - - - - - - -
Of course, when the CNT-FAI gained control of parts of Spain, the Communists violently suppressed their erstwhile Anarchist allies, leaving the survivors with bitter memories and an antipathy towards Stalin and the Communists. But those old quarrels have been forgotten nowadays, with the Red and the Black reunited in proletarian solidarity against all the racist hegemonic imperialistic capitalists of the Western world.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

When I went looking for more versions of the AFA logo, I noticed that the various manifestations of the group commonly refer to themselves as “Antifa”. When turned up as the domain name for the Swedish branch of AFA, it gave me the idea of looking for other chapters by typing “antifa-dot-[country suffix]” for different countries. I discovered that there are Antifa domain names and web sites for Denmark, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, and the United States, although the last one seems to be a mere placeholder for one of the German organizations.

Wikipedia has an entry for Antifa with a history and other information about the group.

The UK organization even has a free web-hosting service offered to branches of Antifa all over the world. Check out their list of hosted sites; you’ll see plenty of anarchist iconography with that universal red-and-black motif. England, Scotland, Germany, and the Netherlands seem to be particularly well-represented on this list, with Greece and Russia also in evidence.

Browsing through all this material is a sobering experience. It’s a reminder that the Left is extremely well-organized and interconnected, almost as much so as the Islamists.

The Counterjihad will simply have to play catch-up.


Dan said...

Not on topic but I thought you would be interested the Amero coin just made it’s début as a collectors item- for now.

Profitsbeard said...


I always laugh when two (or more) "anarchists" get together.

What are you getting together for?

You're anarchists, idiots!

It's like a hermits' convention.

Too stupid too realize the absurdity of their organizing for anti-organization.

I've stumbled upon some of these uber-leftoid sites over the years, and they are like National Lampoon parodies of "revolucion!" and "the people!" and the rest of such risibly anachronstic claptrap.

What they want is Power. Raw. Bloody. And hot.

To trod others down "for the downtrodden".

And to smash things for the Utopian Ideal of the Withered Away State and its Ultimate Classless Proletarian Paradise.


They need to be treated with judo.

When they charge, pull them toward you, and let them fall of their own hysterical momentum.

They need to be fought harder and smarter than they bully.

People this dangerously naive can cause "Red Brigade"/"Black September" trouble.

Being more nihilists than anything.

And sadists, to boot.

Whiskey said...

I don't think AFA is much of an issue either street-fighting or politically.

Politically their result has been in the US at least to brand Dems and those among Dems who cater to them as hard-left ideologues. People don't like their Starbucks or McDonald's trashed. They eat or drink there.

And the Black Blog and other Anarchists in the US are generally small, it takes a "big" event like the G-8 or something to bring them from all over the nation and world even to have enough significant numbers to march and intimidate. They are also white and therefore without the minority PC-shield that prevents cops from putting the baton or boot to their behinds.

They are constrained in the manpower they can raise because their "deal" is not attractive. Young men want ... young women. Anarchists offer ... well they can watch some Anarchist chick bang the big guy(s). That's about it. There is no advancement in wealth/power offered.

FAR more dangerous are the various Mosque-attached groups. First they can persuade the young men that 72 virgins await after a suicide terrorist run. Secondly they are not white and are Muslim therefore immune largely from Police and other scrutiny. Next they are able to use "Lawfare" to prevent any action against them. Or even negative press coverage.

These groups are not manpower constrained, and their people are far more effective.

X said...

There's a huge irony in the colours they chose. That combination of red, black and white is also heavily associated with the nazi party. You can still find neo-nazi bars that sport red and black signs in various places. But, then, these people are all cut from the same cloth. Anarchists, nazis, communists... what's the difference?

Cybrludite said...
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Cybrludite said...

I'd love to see these "anarchists" dropped into an actual anarchy, say Mogadishu on a bad day, and watch them discover the hard truth that Hobbes was and is right about how mankind acts in a state of nature.

ugofc81 said...

Ennio Flaiano, an Italian writer once said "There are two kinds of fascists: fascists and antifascists."
This sentence caused me a "funny" episode that I tell in my blog (In Italian).

Unknown said...

Islamic Black Flag? As far as I know, the typical colour of Islam is green (e.g. the Saudis' flag etc.)

Malvezino said...

CNT (Confederación Nacional del Trabajo) and FAI (Federación Anarquista Ibérica) were both anarchist organizations, the latter a more radical one than the former.

PapaBear said...

The black flag is the battle flag of Jihad

AWOL Civilization said...

Perhaps the colors of roulette?

In any case, black and red produce a morbid combination, a feeling of impending doom.

AMDG said...

And also the colours of Falange, a semifascist party.

Darrin Hodges said...

There is also a similarity with the flag of the Khmer Rouge.

Profitsbeard said...



Nice quote of Flaiano!

Captures these weasels perfectly.

Mente Militante said...

Anti-fascist its not a synonim of Anarchy...

tho i defend a anti-capitalist union (marxism) and a social democracy
mitigate what they see as capitalism's most negative effects through the creation of a mixed economy and a welfare state. said...

wow so much ignorance.

From where springs the idea that its against anarchism ideology to organize?
Anarchism dosnt mean anti-organization but with out government.

I have never met an anarchist who wanted power raw bloody or hot! its quite the contrary they be leave government involves those things and thats what they want to get rid of.

Yes most anarchist are properly nihilists but i think you misunderstand what that means to.

You are have no examples of all your accusations so your harsh words come quite cheap

You conclusion of "manpower" is wrong, the reason anarchist seems so small in numbers is because they don't be leave in forcing their be leaves upon others and most are able to leave a anarchistic life without interference from the government.

This is also why there is not so many books on the subject as anarchist are more practitionized than theorized.

Must i mind you that the idea of anarchism springs 50years before fascism at about the same time as communism. If you don't know the difference between anarchists Nazis and communists no wonder your democracy is flawed.
Nazis is people belonging to a sudden political party the national socialists thats is and thats a fascist party.
The three "ism's" are directly contradicting in specially regarding ownership over the means of production which is the BIG question in "ism's".

Sadly you are a victim of propaganda that startet in paris 75years ago. Mogadishu dont have anarchy just because the media says so. It would be like saying they have democracy in saudi arabia.

That is an oxomoron statement. Do you know what a facism is?
In facism the individual only exists to the benefit of the state.
In all other "ism's" than anarchism they beleave the state is for the benefit of the individual.

So all other "ism's" than anarchism is facist?!?!

I sencirely urge you all to read up about "ism's" to get a better understand of democracy as well.

Daniel said...

Jesus, what a clueless bunch of politically illiterate fuckwits.

If you don't know the difference between anarchism and fascism (ie. all the difference in the world) then you probably shouldn't be allowed out on your own.