Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pakistan Objects to the Modoggies

First Iran. Now Pakistan.

Will rioting in the streets and the burning of Swedish flags be next? The APP reports:

Pakistan condemns publication of offensive sketch in Swedish journal

The Prophet as a RondellhundPakistan on Thursday condemned in strongest terms the publication of a blasphemous sketch of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a Swedish newspaper ‘Nerikes Allehanda’ in Örebro city. Sweden’s Chargé d’Affaires was summoned to the Foreign Office by Additional Secretary (Europe) and strong protest was lodged with him, a Foreign Office press release said.

The Swedish Chargé d’Affaires was told that the publication of sketch had caused grave affront to the religious sentiments of Muslims.

“The government of Pakistan expects greater sensitivity on part of Swedish government on this issue,” the Swedish diplomat was told.

The Chargé d’Affaires said the Swedish government fully shared the views of Muslim community and termed the publication as unfortunate. [emphasis added]

Pakistan will also hold consultations with the Organization for Islamic Conference (OIC) to determine the future course of action against the repetition of such provocative publications in future.

Pakistan will continue to work with like-minded countries in the United Nations to find ways of addressing the recurring issue of defaming Islam and its sacred personalities.

Regrettably, the tendency among some Europeans to mix the freedom of expression with an outright and deliberate insult to 1.3 billion Muslims in the world is on the rise.

If you believe this account, the official Swedish government line has changed. It now agrees with the “Muslim community” and regrets the publication of the Modoggies. Is this the first sign of a full capitulation?
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Lars Vilks, of course, is unrepentant. He seems totally insensitive to the 313 quintillion Muslims on the planet who are furious with him, and turns out a new drawing of a Modoggie every time someone complains.

The Prophet as a Rondellhund demonstratorOn his Tuesday blog post, as a response to last week’s demonstration in Örebro, Mr. Vilks drew this latest incarnation of Mohammed as a roundabout dog.

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated the caption under the new drawing: “The Rondelldoggie Mohammed the Prophet has been impressed by the interest in demonstrations and is now running his own campaign called The Good Will.”

It’s good to see a Modoggie taking an interest in political activism. Maybe it will serve to raise his profile in the MSM.

It’s also good to see Mr. Vilks labeling his signs in English — it saves our translators some work.

Hat tips: CG and LN.

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carpenter said...

If you believe this account, the official Swedish government line has changed. It now agrees with the “Muslim community” and regrets the publication of the Modoggies. Is this the first sign of a full capitulation?

According to Cecilia Julin, the Swedish foreign ministry's head of press & info, the Pakistani government's press release contains disinformation. From Nerikes Allehanda :
"Sweden's foreign ministry claims there's several relevant false facts in the press release sent by Pakistan's government after the meeting. For instance, it reads that Lennart Holst is sorry for the publication
"That is incorrect" says the foreign ministry's head of press & info Cecilia Julin
"Our charge d'affaires described the Swedish freedom of speech- & press and that there's no censorship in Sweden. He has never said that the Swedish government shares the [Muslims'] view about the protest, but he said that he was sorry if the puclication had hurt Muslims
If I remember it correctly; Denmark's prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen also said that he was sorry (the Danish/Swedish term for that is beklaga) that the Muslims had been upset during the last year's Cartoon jihad. But he never agreed with the rioting Muslims.
Say whatever you want about Swedish officials' reactions to this, but they do not agree with the Muslim community on this Mohammed affair (not yet, anyway..)

AAS said...

Every time I try to comment on your crab, I found myself obliged no to do, because as I stated before, it is mere crab, written by people who know nothing and speak of nothing.
But I defied myself this time, while I still hold the belief that are really stirpped of your mind, or simply, a fanatic ignorant. The motto you placed on your blog actually closes any door for a reasonable argument. The war is waged only by you and your likes. It is not us who waged it, and it is not us who annihilated whole ethnic groups. It is not us who killed more than one million Muslims in the Bosnian war. You brag everywhere by your Western values and freedom of exprerssion, just to justify your hatred and grudge against Muslims, clearly indicated in the poor coined phrase Modoggies. What do you know about the prophet Muhammad? What do you know about Islam? You can't draw, say, a preisdent of any state in such a way.Why? Because it will be libel you stupid asshole. And The Prophet Muhammad is more than a preisdent to us, which is something some one like you might not understand. Of all the prophets of God, only our prophet is depicted in such a way by your sick cartoonists, which I will not call artists, because this is not art, this is just libel, nothing more or less.