Monday, August 20, 2007

The Autonomer Make an Appearance

Demo at the Belgian embassyI reported on Friday that SIAD (Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark) organized a demonstration on behalf of SIOE in front of the Belgian embassy in Copenhagen, to protest the denial of a permit for the 9-11 SIOE demonstration in Belgium.

I’ve just learned from SIAD’s blog that the autonomer paid a little visit to the demonstrators right after the end of the event. For readers who are not familiar with Denmark’s autonomer, here’s a summary about them from one of my earlier posts:

Ungdomshus Nu!“Autonomer” is the Danish term for a hodge-podge of anarchists, Trotskyites, radical Greens and all the other players we see in the anti-war and anti-globalist demonstrations that erupt periodically across the Western world. Here in the USA it would be International ANSWER filling the same role.

They are called autonomer because they reckon themselves to be autonomous, i.e. not part of the patriarchal capitalist warmongering fascistic country they happen to be living in. They are the true independent free-thinking progressive idealists of our time…

And how do these youths support themselves? Why, they are recipients of government welfare benefits, of course!

On the SIAD blog, Anders Gravers reports an attack on the demonstrators just after the end of last Friday’s protest:
- - - - - - - - -
After the manifestation, 7 of the participants carrying the signs went back to their cars.

Suddenly there were 15-17 autonomous [i.e., the autonomer] on bikes coming our way and they started to throw filled bottles after our group.

One bottle hit on the ground only one meter from a woman from the demonstration. It landed with such a power that it would have killed her if she was hit in the head.

Five of our group succeeded to scare the attackers away with the use of the signs as shields.

It’s shocking to realise that these autonomous are prepared to kill in order to stop democratic-minded people’s right to manifest.

This phenomenon is often seen in history.

It’s called fascist methods in order to stop utterances that do not harmonise with the fascist way of thinking.

And at the same time we have to remember that they act in harmony with [Mayor of Brussels] Freddy Thielemans’ words!

Denmark’s autonomer are a local subset — a franchise, if you will — of the pan-European “Antifascist Action” movement. One might call these people “Anarchists Without Borders”, since they make it a point to travel anywhere and everywhere to oppose racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, capitalism, globalization, etc., etc.

Because Denmark, unlike many other European countries, still has a functioning democracy with a collective sense of self-worth, the autonomer are contained by the police and the citizenry and do not amount to much. In places like Belgium and the Netherlands, however, the anarchists are crypto-brownshirts, functioning as PC enforcement squads with the tacit support of the Socialist establishment.

According to my contacts in the Low Countries, the anarchists in Belgium mean business, and can count on being given a free hand when acting against “racists” and “fascists”. Whenever conservative anti-immigration groups demonstrate, the anarchists arrive in force, and come prepared with weapons and body armor.

If you’re planning on being in Brussels to observe a moment of silence on September 11th, you might want to wear a bicycle helmet, just in case.

Hat tip: Steen.


kepiblanc said...

Baron, I don't think those "autonome" receive welfare. Our social system is crazy, but not that crazy. In order to get public welfare, you'll have to be somehow disabled - otherwise: go to work.

But it gets worse: it seems they are "kept" by the parents. Those parents have formed some organization called "Parents against Police Violence". Furthermore, most of them live in the wealthy, Muslim-free suburbs North of Copenhagen - the so-called "Café-latte-segment".

The silver lining of this is that once those scumbags are arrested and sentenced, they'll have a criminal record, meaning unemployment for the rest of their miserable lives. Probably behind bars.

Baron Bodissey said...

Kepi --

When I was in Copenhagen, somebody -- I don't remember who -- told me that the autonomer lived on government hand-outs. Maybe some kind of unemployment benefits...?

Unknown said...

It is clear like cristall that we are meeting them in Brussells.
Remember that they are the enemy and we will outnumber them.

kepiblanc said...

Well, I'm certainly no expert on bureaucrazy, but to the best of my knowledge - someone please correct me if I'm wrong - most of them can't be on taxpayers funding. Firstly, many of those "autonomes" are below 18 years of age. Secondly:
1) In order to get unemployment hand-outs one must be a paying member of some union and accept jobs when available. And there is no unemployment here - to the contrary.
2) Some of them can possibly fake some disability and get welfare, but it's risky.
3) A few could pretend to study something and collect subsidies - for a short period.
4) Some might claim "unfit for work", like most Muslims (especially Muslim women) do, and collect what we call "cash assistance". But they are not Muslims and accordingly not "protected".
5) A few might actually work.For the time being...

Still, I'm pretty sure most of those spoiled punks just go home to mom and dad, whine about "police brutality", the cruel capitalist system, how expensive it is to "realize oneself" and whatnot. And leave with a fat bundle of coarse, green banknotes.

Yorkshireminer said...

It mentions on the Siad Blogg that one of the Siad demonstrators got his rotweiler out of his car. I have never heard of this Danish word before. I hope that it is nothing obscene, like flashing, He had it on a piece of string so I assume it must be something like a Yo Yo. Anyway when he approached these vandals with his rotweiler they ran away. What ever it is, it seems to banish the dark forces better than garlic and a wooden stake

History Snark said...


I was talking to a guy once that said a crackhead tried to steal a rottweiler out of his yard. Apparently there were 2 of them in the yard, and they got tangled up in the thief's jacket. It took the owner and the police to free the thief. Poor little crackhead. So I must conclude that they're less like a yo yo, and more like nettles or brambles!

Whiskey said...

The Anarchists are not a serious threat. Beloved of the Media, but not a serious threat.

Serious threats exhibit a pattern of street violence that leaves lots of people dead in each street confrontation. That assassinates not just one but many, many, political opponents. Serious threats are comprised of massive manpower reserves, with men trained in various military backgrounds (the more serious combat they have experienced, the more dangerous they are).

This story, sorry to be blunt, illustrates the completely unserious nature of the Autonomer. If they can be run off by a relatively trivial opposing force.

Now MUSLIM gangs mix it up with the French Riot police. BOTH those groups are dangerous and very serious groups. Getting into a street battle with the CRS is my idea of a dangerous group. CRS are not pushovers, politically constrained as they may be. Car-b-Ques and so forth are demonstration of serious intent.

pela68 said...

Ahem- A rotweiler is a dog. And yes, I would run away from it if somebody sicked it on me!

Apparently, Pubs and Nightclubs in Denmark nowdays has Rotweliers and such at the Éntre, "sniffing for drugs". Thing is they also keep islamists away, since they don't want to be near a dog. A PC solution of keeping them away, since they are allways bad buissnes (They don't drink and generally harasses the females).

I read somwhere that in Kosovo, they used to hang up strands of meat from pigs to scare away islamofascists. Apparently that was the cheapest anti- terrorist barrier ever! They wouldn't go near the installations! Thus saving a lot of lifes...

More pork on MY fork!

kepiblanc said...

Pela 68, those "autonomers" aren't Muslims and accordingly not scared by dogs in general. OK, an angry rottweiler is another matter entirely....

But there are ways to handle those baby-scumbags: when they rioted in Copenhagen a few months ago, some citizens snatched one of the punks, gave him a good going-over, hosed him with water (february is pretty rough here) and removed his pants....

Yorkshireminer said...

Yes I can remember that Kepi, I had a good smile when I read it. It had all the three ingredients which satisfies most peoples Idea of justice, It was quick, cheap and seen to be done. It is a pity our courts dont work on the same principles.