Friday, August 10, 2007

Sign the Petition Supporting SIOE

SIOEDr. Udo Ulfkotte of Pax Europa, one of the organizers of the 9-11 SIOE demonstration in Brussels, has started an online petition directed at Freddy Thielemans, the mayor of Brussels, demanding that permission for the demonstration be granted.

Dr. Ulfkotte says:

Stop the Islamisation of Europe.

SIOE’s message through the 4 slogans is exactly to warn against conditions such as these, where people no longer can use their freedom of expression and feel secure, but the shocking facts are that these conditions already reign at the heart of the EU. SIOE’s demonstration will of course happen, as a peaceful utterance of opinion, an utterance of opinion for which Muslims have countless times received permission to demonstrate in Brussels.

Therefore it is, of course, completely absurd to ban a peaceful demonstration because they are afraid of violent Muslim counter-demonstrators!

We kindly ask the major of Brussels to alter his decision and let the free people of Europe demonstrate for their civil rights. We want our right to have a minute of silence to commemorate the victims of 9/11!

There’s no indication that non-Europeans can’t sign the petition, too. Everyone should go over and make their voices heard.

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rickl said...


I don't know if an American's signature will help any--or even be counterproductive--but I did sign, and left the following comment:

It's generally a bad idea for governments to suppress people from expressing their views on important issues. Sooner or later, if people have no legal means to express their opinions, they will resort to other means.

I tried to be respectful while letting them know about the seriousness of the situation.

Anthony said...

I signed. If freedom of speech doesn't include being free to say controversial or offensive things, then it means nothing.

KG said...


PRCalDude said...

I signed, but it's probably past the time for signatures. American politicians don't care about petitions, and I'm guessing the Europeans don't either. It's all about the money.

Zerosumgame said...

Assuming that he is serious about having the Euro-Gestapo crack the heads of protesters if they show up, are there plans to relocate the demonstration, to say, Antwerp?

Or is that another Marxist hellhole city?

Unknown said...

Sign the petition and also send a post card to:

to the attention of mayor Freddy Thielemans
Grand Place 1
1000 Brussles

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Yorkshireminer said...

Dear Zerosumgame

No he is not serious about the European Gestapo beating the shit out of the Demo. Then he really would blot his copy book in the Eyes of the Europeans. Imagine how that would look, its Ok to beat up white but it is not alright to beat up muslims. Remember this is happening in the Capital of Europe if that happened even the MSM would have to stand up and take notice. The problem is not even about guaranteeing the safety of the Demo. Most people only associated Brussels’ with the European parliament. There are in fact four parliaments in Brussels. There is the Federal Belgium Parliament there is the Flemish parliament for the Flemish speaking part of Belgium and the Waloonian Parliament for the French speaking part of Belgium and if I remember correctly another for Brussels alone as it has a special status as Brussels is a French speaking city in a sea of Flemish speakers. Then there is the Nato HQ the Airport just on the edge and countless assorted embassies. He will certainly have more than enough personnel to protect the Demo. If you wanted to design a cock up you could not do better than use Brussels’ as a Blueprint. The real reason is that as the E.U. has ceased to be a democracy you don't have to appeal to the electorate, to get to the top of the tree, you have to be either a failed politicians who is usually moved sideways by the different parliaments of the member states or you have to serve you time, keep your nose clean, mediocrity is a must. Freddy Thielemans is just serving his time until he can pick up a nice plum job with a fat salary that would make you eyes pop. The E.U. is so corrupt you wouldn't believe it. The accounts of the E.U. have not been signed off for the last 11 years. If it had been a normal business it would have been made bankrupt years ago. Freddy Thielemans has looked at this and seen a LOSE LOSE scenario. It doesn't matter who gets beat up he is going to look bad. The win scenario in Freddy Thieleman”s eyes is ban it and therefore no possibility of trouble he gets to keep his index linked pension.

Now your other suggestion of going to Antwerp give me a break. At the last General election the Flemish Block (Flemish anti immigration party) got about 35% of the votes, I forget the exact no. and it doesn't matter. I think it was Filip De Winter who said after the election what with white flight the rising birthrate and the flood of immigration the % of votes going to his party can only go down. Imagine the reaction of the Labor coalition there sanctioning a Demonstration. They are in power there because of the Block Muslim vote. Well they will be until the Muslims are in the majority and start wanting to change things. Rotterdam by the way is in the same boat. In a few years time we will have independent hostile muslim cities sitting across Europe's two main trading arteries.

By the way I signed the Petition Yesterday

Unknown said...

2 Yorkshireminer

You may have not noticed it but it isnot in SIOE hands anymore.

I (we) will go to Brussels on 9/11 even if SIOE says not to do so.

Captain USpace said...

This dhimmi Mayor is a total coward and a despicable and porcine traitor.

Might 200,000 March in Brussels 9/11/07 Against Islamification BECAUSE Mayor Has Forbid It?

Everybody please sign the petition!

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God of the Universe says
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