Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The AFA Attacks

Antifascistisk AktionI reported earlier today on Antifascistisk Aktion, the left-wing goon squad that violently intimidates politically incorrect people in Sweden.

Right now there’s a breaking news story about Antifascistisk Aktion... in action.

One of my contacts in Sweden alerted me to this story, which he says is all over the news there. It concerns an attack on the girlfriend of a member of the major anti-immigration political party in Sweden. My contact says that the news stories don’t mention that AFA members are the culprits, but that it is obvious.

Here’s his partial translation and précis of a news story in STHLM.

Politician’s Girlfriend Assaulted at Home

The girlfriend of the Martin Kinnunen, the chairman of the youth movement of Sverigedemokraterna [SD, the Sweden Democrats] was attacked Wednesday afternoon and tied up in her apartment in Stockholm. The assault took place after a longer period of threats.
- - - - - - - - -
Around 4:30 pm three men knocked on the door to Kinnunen’s apartment. Kinnunen wasn’t at home, and his 19-year old girlfriend opened the door. The men entered the apartment and threatened the girl with a knife, tied her up and put a gag on her using tape.

The woman was then dragged out of the apartment, where she fell and hurt herself. The three attackers fled the scene, leaving the woman lying in the stairway. A neighbor found her and alerted the police.

SÄPO (Swedish Security Police) have been informed, and if it is proven that this is an attack with a political background, SÄPO will provide the police with information.

“This is definitely a politically-motivated action,” Martin Kinnunen says. He tells of several threats and anonymous phone calls to the family the last weeks.

“A few weeks ago I reported an email to the police.”


PapaBear said...

As was noted in the prior thread, "AntiFascist Action" operates with the implicit support of the power structure. The European powers have now graduated to using their brownshirts to commit violence against dissenters. It seems unlikely that these assailants will be brought to justice (but if a victim manages to kill one in self defense, we can be assured that the full weight of the "justice" system will come down on him)

The European elites are close to the point where opponents will be "disappeared", which will trigger the start of the dirty war

Steen said...

Expressen journalist Wayne Seretis suggests, in the usual good taste, that the attack could be staged (!)

In that case SD sould have staged a hell of a lot of violence, enough for an Oscar.

KyleS. said...

"if" it is proven to have a political background?

Yeah. I'm sure the Swedish Security Police are all over this one. Even if they do catch these little Chekists it will be a slap on the wrist at best.

AWOL Civilization said...

I wonder if the fascists of AntiFascist Action will graduate to the stunts of the Weather Underground or Baader-Meinhof. This might be a way, Papa Bear, to have people "disappeared" (love that word) with the state denying its complicity. There are numerous variations, and only time will tell. I agree with your statement about triggering the dirty war. It may be just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it would be completely lost on the members of the Antifascistisk Aktion that their own behavior is actually VERY fascist:

Fascism is also typified by totalitarian attempts to impose state control over all aspects of life: political, social, cultural, and economic, by way of a strong, single-party government for enacting laws and a strong, sometimes brutal militia or police force for enforcing them.

As an aside, look at all this nonsense from MSNBC:

"Islam in Europe"

Norway: Originally believing that the guest workers would return to their native countries, mostly-Luthern Norway did not work to integrate immigrants, leading many Muslims to live in "immigrant ghettoes" and feel discriminated against. However, the government is now pushing dialogue and integration.

Oh yes -- it's Norway's fault for not integrating the immigrants.... [*roll eyes here*]

R. Hartman said...

The leftist underworld and 'overworld' are happily and openly working in concert, and nobody complains. Take the leftist GroenLinks party in The Netherlands; among it's members is Wijnand Duivendak, a convicted criminal activist, that had links to RaRa, which was responsible for the Makro fires and Shell refueling stations demolitions in the 1980's. GroenLinks also has a Senator, Britta Böhler, which sympathised with the Rote Armee Fraktion and Baader Meinhoff Gruppe, and led the defense of Volkert van der Graaf after he killed Pim Fortuyn.

De Graaf himself comes from Milieudefensie, which's president was Marianne Thieme, now leader of the Partij voor de Dieren, the Animal Party, with ties still into the radical animal activist movements. Effectively, PvdD is the left wing of the already left GroenLinks party. Thieme uses Sjoerd van der Wouw as her personal assistant. Sjoerd was Volkert's buddy, and was allowed to erase Volkert's PC's hard disk before the police started investigations, which were delayed by a day and allowed the Major of Wageningen, where Miliedefensie resides, to tip off Sjoerd.

They're all intertwined. The current Dutch government is more of a bunch of criminals than anything else, starting with PM Jan Peter Balkenende, who has totally lost the notion of being a civil servant, and only pursues his personal totalitarian agenda, damaging The Netherlands in the process. It's called high treason, and in the past, people have been shot for that. Article 99 of Dutch Civil law would grant him 15 years of imprisonment, but that's not going to happen, I'm afraid.

Cybrludite said...

Big bwave bwown-shirts gotta attack a woman. You'll note they lack the balls to have tried that when Mr. Kinnunen was home. And they had to gang up even to try that. Cowards and punks.

Devilfish said...

This shows how amazingly fascist the most fanatical anti-fascists can actually be. To go as far as attacking an innocent women, that's really low. This reminds me of the videos I saw, of the demonstration Michiel Mans wrote about in his essay. The behaviour of those left-wing extremists was just disgusting, very threatening. And ofcourse most of these cowards don't have the guts to show their face.

From what I've seen, leftist demonstrators often aren't the most passive types. The demo's at the G8 conference are a good example. Ofcourse these people are just fighting for a 'better world'... if we'd be acting like that the multiculturalists would be standing in line to speak shame of it.

PapaBear said...

Contrast the behavior of Leftists in large groups to their behavior at their March protest at Washington DC, when folks like Gathering of Eagles showed up ready and willing to be thoroughly intolerant of any attempts to deface the Vietnam memorial. The Leftists behaved themselves.

R. Hartman said...

"...these people are just fighting for a 'better world'..."
Of course. But don't seem too sure themselves. It's almost like they know that they're just a bunch of extremist criminals. Which must be why "most of these cowards don't have the guts to show their face".

When you see stuff about "Lonsdale youth", do you ever see them masked? Of course not. It's the left that hugs terrorism, and by masking themselves they give the authorities the perfect excuse not to hunt them down. Because who's going to recognise anyone on video?

It's just a scam, organised by the 'legal' parties. Duyvendak, mentioned in my previous post, has or had ties to AFA. When asked about them he claims to never have heard of AFA. A leftist activist that knows nothing about AFA? No way! The SP has also been supportive of AFA, vice versa. SP members of parliament still participate in 'pacifist' activism, lately in Scotland, having themselves arrested in the process.

We're up against an enemy that's using guerilla tactics. The AFA are more fascist then their targets. They will decide what you're allowed to say. Else they shut you up. Supported by the government, thank you.