Sunday, August 19, 2007

“Let’s Prove the Americans Wrong”

Pat Condell has another video up, this one focused on the 9-11 protest in Brussels, among other things.

“Peace to everyone, especially to the Mayor of Brussels, and his Muslim constituents who keep him in office… for the time being.”

Hat tip: Yorkshire Miner.

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Profitsbeard said...

Do not let anyone place their intolerant ideological cuckoo's eggs in your overly "compassionate" nest.

Let's hope this guy is right that a popular uprising is growing in Europe against the slo-mo invasion of the continent and the Islamo-demographic replacement of its liberal inhabitants with brutal theocratic tyranny.

Zarxos said...

I completetly agree with this guy up to the end. Trying to eliminate religion is actually a main cause of Europe's present dilemma, and should not be touted as a solution. The death of Christianity has left a gaping hole in Europe that is currently being filled by Islam. Trying to eliminate religion altogether would be a foolish course of action.

Unknown said...

I think everyone should take a gander at all his YouTube video's.

John said...

I am an American and a Catholic. I deeply appreciate the text in regards to the current state of Islamic Europe. As a Catholic I am aware of how to convert the world incorrectly..... Our religion is slow to change its recipe but will continue to evolve some of the ingredients. I really like French baking French bread, Danish baking Danish bread, Afghans baking Afghan bread and Italians baking Italian bread.

This not an issue of aggression but a product of neglect. We all want to be friendly but we all know those people who barrow something and then make you feel bad when ask for it back. Caution some people do not return the merchandise once barrowed. As a matter of fact they may take over your oven.

Our lecture misses a core element of Government and that is the human. At the core of all humans is a sprit, soul or something greater then thyself. Call it intelligent design or God. Religion is our God expressed in physical terms. It's clear that a civilization that does not reinforce this space of human existence has never survived. Behind every great civilization is usually a religion or active God acknowledgement and expression. And the loss of this element is usually one of the final steps. This element and freedom are really the two requirements to the recipe.... like flour and water of the above mentioned bread. Everything else has to do with taste. To neglect this aspect could cause the end that bread.

America has enjoyed for centuries the best and brightest from Europe and the world; who come here for our way of life. I love Europe and all of its bread. Please keep the recipe strong and fresh; enjoy every bite. Think about that the next time you enjoy YOUR bread at YOUR table. Thank you for your efforts to clarify a situation of neglect. I am proud of my American Heritage and your standing UP to be heard.

Everything has change, but nothing has changed.